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(28 June 1921 born at 13/02 at Warangal23Dec. 2004)


Subject: [JyotishGroup] A former Indian Prime Minister dead
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2004 18:36:37 IST

A former Indian prime minister, P.V.Narasimha Rao ( 28 June 1921 born at 13/02 at warangal with Kanya lagna 24/47 and Moon in Meena at 10/33 died today sometime after 4pm.

He was the only non Nehru-Gandhi dynasty prime minister from Congress party to complete a full five year term after a turbulent no confidence motion in July 1993 about which I had made a prediction in January issue of GENTLEMAN magazine of Bombay.

That became a famous JNM scandal of Indian politics. He has been todate, the only prime minister of India who was convicted by a court of law and later, acquitted by a higher court.

Todate, he has been the best scholar prime minister of India and linguist. He was a born orator. I have rarely met men with such sharp intelligence. I worked closely with him during my service career when he was the Chairman of the Central Government's Public Accounts Committee and I had to brief him in his private chamber in 1978-80 period.

Politicians have fast uptake which they develop because of the demands made on them day in and day out but to understand a subject which he never knew before, to understand it so fast and then to reel off most pertinent questions in the meetings of the Public Accounts Committee needs extra intellectual gifts which he had.

He had once addressed the US Senate and silenced the US critics who wanted India to sign Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty by starting his speech with a reference to an incident in the life of Mahatma Gandhi. The sychophants of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty in India made his life very uncomfortable but how he survived his difficult five year term is a miracle.

It was during his time that the story of India's economic liberalization became a reality because of which there is so much economic prosperity. Who will say all that so honestly even now when he is dead ?

He dug out the present Indian prime minister, Manmohan Singh, out of the dungeons of bureacracy, made him the Finance Minister and gave him full freedom to rescue Indian economy from its worst phase in recent memory.

His is a remarkable story of a man who had packed off his baggage and was going to his birth place when the death of Rajiv Gandhi brought the greatest opportunity to become the Prime Minister of India.
Yours sincerely,

P.V. Narsimha Rao

A. Radhika

Jolts and upsets in the career of a government servant is uncommon. In the life of a politician, it is uncommon to come across a person where such surprises are not almost a periodical occurence. Is it the feature of only Indian democracy or also of the USA and England?

We are familiar with the total ruination of the career of Sir Anthony Eden of
England who succeeded Winston Churchill but, who faded out of politics after the Suez crisis.
The youngest brother of John F Kennedy got involved in an accident and a sex scandal. From then onwards, Edward Kennedy has had to remain contented with the post of a Senator only and has been out of the race for the post of the President of the USA.

In India, in our democracy, it has not been so. Indira Gandhi swept back to power after the National Emergency of 1975, after a brief stay out of the south block, when the entire nation thought that it was the end of her career.

A career of strangest surprises in recent years has been that of P. V. Narasimha Rao who had decided to pack off to his native town in 1991 and, retire from politics but, in the middle of the year, found himself catapulted into the post of the Indian Prime Minister. What is it in his horoscope which can explain two strange twists in his career: the first his most unexpected rise and now, in 1997, a most inglorius anticlimax with total loss of power and so many court cases affecting his position and prestige, as has not happened to any Prime Minister?

The straight and direct explanation from his Kanya lagna horoscope is that his 10th house from the lagna contains the 8th lord, Mars and the 12th lord Sun. In the 10th house, both are digbali, giving a rare strength to his horoscope and both are ammunition dumps which, when they
exploded, brought his downfall.

From his Moon in Meena, the 10th lord is Jupiter in the 6th house with Saturn the 11th and the 12th lord, repeating the pattern of his career from the lagna with a difference. Here, there is no association with the 8th lord.

Authenticity of the horoscope
Some doubts have been expressed about the correctness of his horoscope. At a glance, some features that strike the eye, need not let the doubt persist.

1 . His 9th lord under the Rahu/Ketu axis is in the 8th house. A setback to fortune is the general meaning of it. Yet it has been observed that it becomes a case of a d o p t i o n .

2 . Then, his 5th lord Saturn in the 12th took him away from his native place for studies to a far off place, from Warangal to Nagpur. More important is, that while in 1977, other Congressmen lost elections in northern India, he won and came to occupy the important position of
the Chairman of the Central Public Accounts Committ e e .

3 . It happened towards the end of his Sun mahadasha, the 12th lord, and the beginning of the Moon mahadasha, both representing foreign matters that he became the External Affairs Minister under Indira Gandhi in 1980.

There can be a debate about the correctness of the degrees of his lagna but not the lagna which has to be Kanya. Born with Kanya, is the ascendant at 240 in the navamsha of Sun and with the balance Vimshottari dasha of Saturn/Sun/Rahu?

While casting the birth chart of PVN, we have also considered the adjustment of Railway Time. This could also be the reason, for variation in lagna and its degrees. We have strong reasons to accept the authenticity of this birth horoscope, since it has been directly given by him to Late Sh. Hiralal Choubhey in 1978, and later, it was passed on to Sh K N Rao.

This horoscope was cast by an Astrological Institute of Hyderabad. As we have tested this horoscope with othermajor events of his life, we have no doubts about the veracity GAJAKESARI YOGA GAJAKESARI YOGA
of this horoscope.

The former Prime Minister of India from 1991 to 1996, Narasimha Rao is popularly known as PVN or, modern Chanakya in Indian politics. Since 1995, he has become a controversial figure in Indian politics.

He is a literary person with excellent talents. He is a linguist. He studied BSc and LLB and has also translated the literary Telugu work Vaiyi Padagalu by Vishwanath Satyanarana in Hindi.

Features of the Horoscope
Lagnesh at 27040 with Sun and Mars in the 10th house shows both ambition and chances to rise high in life. Sun and Mars are closely conjunct. Mars is also the 8th lord. Lagnesh and Venus are at the same degrees.

The natural karaka for marriage, Venus has gone into 8th with Ketu. Seventh lord Jupiter is in 12th house with Saturn. Saturn and Venus being trikona lords, moving into dushsthanas, with malefics, caused problems in marriage.

The seventh house remains unaspected by any malefic or benefic planets.

The most prominent feature in this horoscope is that all planets are concentrating on 10/12 axis.

The 9th lord in 8th is responsible for a person to go in for adoption is an observation of many astrologers. We are concentrating on the career and the focus is on events of his career only. The 8th lord and 12th lord with the Sun, completely afflict the 10th house. The effect has to be in the dasha of 8th lord. The 10th again remains unaspected by any of the planet either malefic or benefic.
Some of his professional events are chronicled below.

1 . He started his political career in 1955, when he was elected as Member of the State Assembly in the dasha of Venus/Venus.

2 . He was made Minister of Law and Information in 1962, when the dasha was of Venus/Rahu. Venus is in the 8th house aspected by Jupiter, the planet of law, and Rahu is aspecting Venus from the 2nd house.

3. In 1964, he was Minister of Law and Endowments, when the dasha was of Venus/Jupiter. Jupiter is the karaka lord of endowments and law.

4. In 1967 and 1968 he was Minister of Education, in the dasha of Venus/Saturn, Saturn is with Jupiter and is also the 5th lord of education.

5. He was the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh in 1971-73, in Venus/Mercury and Venus/Ketu. Mercury, the lagnesh, and 10th lord, form a raj yoga. PVN did not enjoy much power and position in Sun's dasha which ended in 1980. Sun the 12th lord, is in 10th which is generally not favourable. Such combination would lead to disturbances or could bring a person down in the career. In this dasha, he came to central politics. In 1977, at the end of this dasha in Sun/Saturn, he was elected to the Lok Sabha for the first time. The Sun is in 10th house and Saturn in 12th house in 3/ 11 axis. In dashamansha both Saturn and Sun are debilitated. Sun is also the 8th lord of dashmansha He was again elected to the Lok Sabha in 1980, 1984, 1989 in the dasha of Moon/Moon, Moon/Saturn and
Moon/Sun respectively.

6. He was the Minister of External Affairs in 1980 -1984 when the dasha was of Moon/Moon followed by the antardasha of Mars and Rahu. Moon the 11th lord is placed in the 7th house. Mars the antardasha lord is in kendra from the dashanath, Moon, and is also placed in 10th house. In dashmansha Mars is 9th from Moon placed in 10th house. The antardasha was of Rahu which is in 2nd house, and in dashmansha Rahu is in 10th house, which is also 9th from Moon. He continued with his foreign portfolio even in the antardasha of Jupiter, which is in the 12th house and, its dispositer Moon, is the dasha lord. In dashmansha Moon and Jupiter are conjoined in the 2nd house.

7. From 1984-1988, he was the Minister of Home Affairs, Minister of Defence, Minister of Human Resource Development and Health and Family Welfare, in the dasha of the Moon/Saturn and Moon/Venus. In Moon's mahadasha, PVN lost his mother, the date of GAJAKESARI YOGA GAJAKESARI YOGA her death is not known.

8. In 1988-89, he again became the Minister of External Affairs, in Moon/Sun, the antardasha of Sun which is in the 10th house of birth chart and also 9th from Moon and placed in 10th house.

Rahu is vargottama in all the divisional charts. Rahu is being aspected by Saturn and Venus.

What happened in Sun/Mars dasha in 1975? He was not in power and was also not holding any position of power. Sun/Mars in the 12th house of Trimshamsha brought misfortunes in his life. When Mars/Sun had started, he lost the post of Presidentship of the Congress Party, then Congress Parliamentary Party. He was continously losing the posts one after the another. Apart from that, his party had also lost in elections, which always remained as single largest party in the Indian democracy. In almost all the General Elections held, Congress had always enjoyed the position of the ruling party or sat in opposition, with enormous majority.

But, in 1996 elections, the Congress party failed miserably. In Mars mahadasha he became the 8th Prime Minister of India. Mars being in the 10th house with lagnesh and the royal planet Sun. Mars again placed in 10th in dashmansha. But, from the antardasha of Saturn, he became very controversial in the Harshad Mehta episode (which rocked India's stock exchanges). Saturn is placed in the 12th house and is also the 5th and 6th lord, the house of investments and finances. Mars is aspecting 5th house, and being 8th and 3rd lord, and Saturn 5th and 6th lord in 12th, the looming disaster in his career was clear.

In dashamansha, both Saturn and Sun are debilitated. Saturn, the 5th lord, is with Jupiter, responsible for his LLB. The 3rd lord Mars with Mercury shows literary flair.

In Venus maha dasha, the placement of Venus being 5/10th lord in lagna is good. The dasha of Venus/Rahu, made a significant change, bringing him into the lime light, in 1961. (According Shri K.N. Rao Venus/Rahu and Rahu/Venus has to be dealt with very cautiously, one can either rise very high or could go very low. In this dasha he became Minister of Law and Information. Rahu/Venus are in 1/ 7 axis. Venus the antar dasha lord is in the 8th house (role of 8th house).

Lagnesh in own house although with malefics and in own navamasha, helped maintain his position in power. Mars is digbali and is a position giving planet.

Other events for verification
A widower, the lord of 7th in 12th, with the 5th and 6th lord. The karaka for marriage, Venus, is in Rahu/Ketu axis in 8th house. In Navamsha Mars in the 7th is completely ruining the happiness of the 7th house. Astrologically, the 5th house is related to love affairs and 12th house, among other things, is for pleasures of marriage.

The relation formed here lends credence to the allegations levelled against him in certain quarters that he had some extra-marital relations. In the autobiography of Vengal Rao, this issue has been discussed with details. Since this is out of the purview of this paper, we leave it here. Astrology does point that such happenings can take place in his life.

He had a very short married life, but was blessed with three sons and five daughters. In birth horoscope, the 5th lord, Saturn, is with Jupiter and in Saptamsha, Jupiter is in 5th house, in own house along with Mercury.

In Mars dasha, PVN was in a mood of retirement from politics, but the 8th lord had to play its game. It brought him back to public life from oblivion. It was as if the loser in the marathon was declared a winner by default.

The eighth house, among other things, also denotes gains from the dead and it was only the death of Rajiv Gandhi and the subsequent void which brought him back from dark and deep w o o d s .

From the middle of 1996, PVN was undergoing the dasha of Mars/Sun, the deterioration had started with his party losing majority in Lok Sabha Election, followed by the Congress Leadership and Congress Parliamentary Party, the allegation for bribing JMM for supporting his party on the floor GAJAKESARI YOGA GAJAKESARI YOGA of Lok Sabha, in the no confidence motion.

He is the first Prime Minister to seek a vote of confidence. Followed by the
St.Kitts and Lakhubai cheating case, these also led him to seek anticipatory bail. This is also the yoga for bandhana,or jail going, in the periods of the 8th and 12th lords. He is passing through the 2nd phase of his sadesati.

The trouble started for him, when it touched the natal Moon's degrees of 100 .

Can we say that the tarnished image of Congress is due to PVN? Was the loss of the party a captain's loss or did the ship itself have deep holes which allowed the water in and led to its drowning? Since the PVN was the leader, so allegations were made against him even though the party had lack of direction. To get a clearer view, we have to analyse the horoscope of Congress Party or, at least to find out whether the captain was responsible for its failures or did the ship itself had gaping holes.

us now discuss the Congress Party's horoscope so that we could get the crystal clear view. Rahuís dasha started in July, 1991. Congress came into power. Rahu is very closely conjunct with Moon. The lagna, Moon, Rahu and Ketu are at same degrees. Rahu is being aspected by debilitated Mars
(R), Jupiter (R) and Saturn (R). Rahu is badly afflicted in the 7th h o u s e .

In Rahu/Rahu, fight for the Congress leadership and Congress involvement in horse-trading is well reflected. The dasha of Rahu/Jupiter, or Jupiter/Rahu is known astrologically for enigmas. In this dasha, Congress had to pass through these problems within the party.

Few eminent veteran leaders were either expelled or had to quit the party due to differences with the party leader. Jupiter being lagnesh and 10th lord, which is also retrogade, is aspecting the mahadasha lord Rahu in the 7th house. This was the saving grace for the Congress Party, by which they were able to complete their term in the Lok Sabha.

As the antardasha of Saturn came, which is 11th and 12th lord in 6th, also retrograde, the party's position had started declining. The results in the recent General Election (1996) to Lok Sabha Congress could get only 140 seats, a very poor performance indeed.

The impact of the solar eclipse on 24th Oct, 1995 further clarifies the affliction in both the horoscopes. In PVNís case, the axis is 2nd house and in Congress horoscope the eclipse is taking place in 8th house but in 2nd from Moon. From the Moon, it is taking place in 8th house of the birth chart. In the dashamsha of PVN, eclipse is shadowing the 10th house.

What would be impact of eclipses to come in 1997 and after ?