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M.S. Subbulakshmi


(16th September 1916 ...)
Akhila Kumar
(The writer, an M Phil in Music, is currently engaged in writing a book on divine music. After completing her two-year course in astrology from Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi, she now teaches astrology there.)

A Musical Saga

A simple, soft natured M.S. Subbulakshmi was born on a Saturday, krishna panchami, gara karna and harshana yoga, in a devdasi family. To her we credit the rise of Carnatic music, which was brought out of the cloistered doors of the devdasis to the public and gave it the respectable position it enjoys today.

She did not have any formal education in her childhood but her musical talent was evident. At the age of four or five she sang before the audience. She had an elder sister, who died pretty early and a younger brother, who died in 1986.

Both siblings too were musically talented. She got married in 1940 to Kaki Sudasivam. Though the couple does not have any children, Sudasivam has children from his first wife. However, her husband, who has ego problems with her, has eclipsed her personality.

Main features of the horoscope
1. Lagna is Libra. Two malefic planets afflict the lagna lord
Venus placed in the 10th house with yogkaraka Saturn (4th
and 5th lord) and Ketu.

2. Second lord Mars in lagna is aspected by Moon and Jupiter. Association of the 2nd lord with Jupiter in a kendra makes a person very prosperous. Here, the association of the 10th lord Moon also exists and this makes the even more person very prosperous.

3. Third lord Jupiter (retrograde) is in the 7th house with the 10th lord Moon, a friendly house and aspected by Mars and Saturn. Third lord associated with a benefic in a kendra, the person enjoys the company of relatives but the aspect of malefic planets is not good.

4. Fourth and fifth lord Saturn is placed in 10th house with the lagna lord Venus and Ketu. Association of 4th and 5th lord with the lagna lord in a kendra gives comforts, property, success, name and fame but the association of a malefic planet Ketu also foretells destruction or problems.

5. Sixth lord Jupiter in the 7th house with the Moon aspected by Saturn and Mars. 7th lord Mars is in the lagna aspected by Jupiter and the Moon.6. Eighth lord Venus is placed in the 10th with Saturn and Ketu. Eighth house is aspected by Mars, 2nd and 7th lord.

7. Ninth and 12th lord Mercury is exalted in the 12th house with the 11th lord Sun and aspected by Saturn. The lord of the 9th in the 12th house gives the tendency for philanthropic action. This combination shows that religious inclinations and association with great mystics.

8. Tenth lord Moon is in the 7th with Jupiter aspected by Mars and Saturn. The association of Jupiter with Moon shows an excellent position but the aspect of Saturn and Mars is not good.

9. Eleventh lord Sun is placed in the 12th house with an exalted 9th lord, Mercury and aspected by the 4th and 5th lord Saturn. The lord of gain in the 12th means expenditure for good causes.

Lagna is in 4th pada of Swati nakshatra, lord Rahu. Jupiter, being the navamsha lagna lord, owns the 6th house of lagna chart showing struggles in life.

1. Kendra-kona yoga occurs in the 12th house with 11th lord
Sun and the 9th and 12th lord Mercury.

2. According to Mansagari a person born in Tula lagna will be proficient in fine arts, a wealthy scholar, famous and appreciated by all for good deeds.

3. One born in harshana yoga will be very fortunate, well versed in fine arts,worshipped by all and liked by the king.

4. One born in gaya-yon nakshatra, Bharani, will be respected by the king, cheerful and loved by all.

5. Sareera Soukhya Yoga: The lagna lord, Jupiter or Venus should occupy a kendra. Results are long life, wealth and political favours.

6. According to Mansagari, if Rahu is in the 1st, 10th, and 9th from the Moon the native will be rich and spend on charitable purposes.

7. Vesi Yoga: Planets in the 2nd from Sun, other than Moon make the person fortunate, happy, virtuous and famous.

8. Buddh Aditya Yoga: When Mercury combines with the Sun the person will be intelligent, skilful, has good reputation,
personal respect, and surrounded by all comforts and happiness.

9. Gaja Kesari Yoga: Jupiter in a kendra from the ascendant or the Moon avoiding debilitation, inimical and combustion, this oga is formed. The person will be wealthy, intelligent, endowed with many laudable virtues and will please the king. The strength of the yoga depends upon the association of planets, if malefics are associated, there will be less effect.

10. Parijatha yoga: Dispositor of the lagna lord in kendras makes the person renowned and gets homage of rulers.

11. If the 5th and 8th lords conjoin then occult power is seen.Here, 5th lord Saturn and 8th lord Venus are placed in the 10th house with Ketu. This gives the person a deep interest in singing bhajans (devotional songs) and religion. This is also raj yoga.

12. Vidya Yoga: Mercury in the 6th, 8th, and 12th. Here in the chart Mercury is exalted in the 12th house. This gives good education, here music.

13. Partial Kendra Yoga: One of the sankhaya yogas when all the seven planets are in four houses. The person will be truthful,wealthy, does good to others and resorts to agriculture. Here, except, Sun and Mercury in the 12th house, all are in the kendras.

Personal Life

M.S. Subbulakshmis horoscope is a brilliant one with five planets in kendras (1, 4, 7, 10). When all the kendras become strong, the person rises in life.
She is a simple, kind and loving person with a highly philosophical outlook. See the lagna lord Venus in the 10th house, with 4th and 5th lord Saturn in Rahu/Ketu axis. The lord of purva punya (5th house) and lagna lord with another spiritual planet Ketu, gyana karaka, in the house of karma explain this aspect.

All the planets are connected with her 10th house. Venus aspecting the 10th house from Moon indicates an excellent career in the artistic field. Saturn placed in the 10th gives success in the chosen sphere and here Saturn is in the 10th house with Venus and Ketu and the same combination influences the 10th from the Moon. Venus denotes fine arts and Ketu devotion, so this gave success in devotional music.

For artistic talents the kama trikonas (3, 7, 11 houses) are also to be examined. In the rashi chart, 3rd house is Dhanu and its lord Jupiter, a benefic planet, is with another benefic, Moon. Both are placed in another kama trikona.

At the same time this combination is aspected by both Mars nd Saturn, which points to troubles, even in voice (Mars is 2nd lord). Another kama trikona lord, Sun is with the exalted Mercury in the 12th house, again pointing towards good education in artistic and spiritual fields.Classical music has always been a traditional subject and treated like sadhana by its exponents.

In the navamsha, the lagna is Meena and lagna and 10th lord Jupiter is exalted in the 5th, aspected by 2nd 9th lord, again the knowledge of shastras and spirituality gains importance. The aspect of the 6th lord Sun shows success after struggles.

Fifth lord Moon is with Venus in the 9th and aspected by Jupiter. The dasamsha lagna is Mesha with Saturn (10th and
11th lord) and Ketu in lagna. Lagna lord is in the 11th house. Here the 2nd and 7th lord Venus is in the 4th house with the exalted 9th and 12th lord, Jupiter and aspected by Mercury, the 3rd and 6th lord, from the 10th house. The 10th house receives the aspect Venus and Jupiter, indicating a successful career. The 3rd lord Mercury, aspected by Jupiter and Venus, gives a melodic and soft voice.

M.S. Subbulakshmiís mother was a famous vainika. The 3rd lord from the 4th house of mother is Jupiter and in the 4th house, aspected by Mars and Saturn. The 3rd house is aspected by Sun and Mercury. The combination of Jupiter and Moon confers a proficiency in fine arts and the aspect of Mars and Saturn denotes instrument.

Her grandmother was also a violinist, see the 4th from the 7th (for motherís mother). Venus, Saturn and Ketu are placed there. Venus gives artistic talents and with Saturn and Ketu again proficiency in instrumental music is indicated.

Her father died when she was 10 years old. The 9th lord Mercury is exalted in the 12th and conjunct with Sun and aspected by Saturn. The karaka for father, Sun, is afflicted. In the dwadasamsha, lagna lord Venus is in the 8th house and aspected by Jupiter. The 9th lord Saturn is with the Sun and aspected by Mars. All these features do not promise a long life of father.

Her elder sister died early and the younger brother died in 1986. For elder siblings, 11th house and 11th lord is to be examined. Eleventh lord Sun is with Mercury in the 12th houseand aspected by Saturn. Mercury, placed in an even sign has taken on its feminine qualities; also Saturn aspects it from an even sign and is in the company of Venus and Ketu. Majority
influences on the 11th lord are feminine. The karaka is Jupiter
and is with Moon and aspected by Mars and Saturn. The 11th house is in papkartari and the 8th lord from 11th house is Jupiter placed with the 12th lord from 11th. The malefic aspect by Mars and Saturn confirms the short span of life.

Her elder sister was also musically talented, a vainika. Fourth from 11th is Vrischika and the lord Mars is in the 3rd house, one of the kama trikona, and aspected by Jupiter and Moon.

The karaka for younger siblings, Mars is in lagna. The brother was a mridangist.Third lord, Jupiter, is placed in the 7th with the Moon and is aspected by Mars and Saturn, indicating proficiency in instrumental music.

Dreshkon lagna is Kumbha and lagna lord is placed in the 6th. This does not show a good picture for the elder sister. 11th lord Jupiter is in the 7th, in papkartari and receives the aspect of Mars. But for younger brother, 3rd lord Mars in lagna is aspected by Jupiter, which did give him reasonable longevity.

Jaimini Angle
1. Tula Lagna with Matrukaraka (MK) Mars, totally unaspected.

2. Second house does not have any planet and is aspected by Putrakaraka (PK) Jupiter and Amatyakaraka (AmK) Moon, thus imparting raj yoga.

3. Third house has no planet and is aspected by Darakaraka (DK) Sun and Atmakaraka (AK) Mercury, another raj yoga.

4. Fourth house in Rahu/Ketu axis is not aspected by any planet.

5. Fifth house does not have any planet but the house is aspected by six planets MK Mars, PK Jupiter, AmK Moon, Bhratrikaraka (BK) Venus, Gnatikaraka (GK) Saturn and also Ketu, forming afflicted raj yoga.

6. Sixth house is also empty but is aspected by AK Mercury and
DK Sun, forming raj yoga. This indicates success after struggles.

7. Seventh house has PK Jupiter and AmK Moon, forming raj yoga.

8. Eighth house is vacant but aspected by MK Mars.

9. Ninth house is unoccupied but aspected by AK Mercury and DK Sun, forming very good raj yoga.

10. Tenth house is in Rahu/Ketu axis and has GK Saturn as well as BK Venus and there is no aspect on it.

11. Eleventh house is unoccupied, but aspected by MK Mars, PK Jupiter and AmK Moon, forming raj yoga. But the house is in papkartari yoga.

12. Twelfth house has DK Sun and exalted AK Mercury, forming
raj yoga.

AK Mercury is placed in Simha, so the karakamsha lagna (KL) is Simha.

Yogas as discussed earlier
Jaimini aspects and Raj yogas

Exalted AK Mercury is placed with the DK Sun in the 12th house of expenditure and moksha. This indicates the inclination of the couple towards spirituality. AmK, Moon is placed in the second house of kama trikonas (7th house) with PK.

Jupiter. This shows a successful career and a fortunate husband.

BK Venus indicates voice, father, superiors and co-borns. It is in the 10th house with GK Saturn and Ketu. The combination of
GK with any karaka creates troubles for the karakatatwas of the other one. Here it is with BK and does not give a good picture for the longevity of father and coborns, also shows a trouble for her voice. MK Mars is placed in the lagna, a kendra, indicates property and happiness to the person as well as benefits from mother.

PK, Jupiter in the 7th with friend AmK Moon, shows education connected to profession, here music. This combination aspects the 2nd, 5th and 11th houses, indicating wealth and honour. GK in the 10th with BK and Ketu, its aspect on 5th, 8th and 2nd houses gives troubles, dignity and political fame.

DK Sun. with exalted AK in the 12th house and aspects the 3rd, 6th and 9th houses Third house is of self efforts and artistic talents 6th is the house of obstacles, struggles and competition; 9th is the house of fortune and great success, thus this raj yoga paves the way for great success after struggles.

Karakamsha lagna Simha gives an inclination towards spiritual practices. Its lord Sun, with AK Mercury and aspected by GK Saturn and Ketu, in thein the 12th house, indicates the intense spiritual longing.

Mercury is also aspected by DK Sun, MK Mars, BK Venus and AmK Moon. In Jaimini when a planet is aspected by many planets it forms raj yoga and gives great success. Venus and Moon also form raj yoga.

As four planets are in kendras, Mandook dasha alongwith Chara and Vimshottari dashas has been used.

Some Events
1. First song on stage at the age of four or five.
Vimshottari: Sun/Jupiter. Sun is the 11th lord with the exalted Mercury forming Buddh Aditya yoga and there is Gaja Kesari yoga in the 7th, kama trikona for artistic ability.

Chara: Tula/Mesha. Tula dasha gives prosperity. In Mesha artistic planets PK Jupiter and AmK and 10th lord Moon are placed, in the house of public limelight.

Mandook: Tula/Vrischika. Tula is the dasha of prosperity. Vrischika is the 2nd house of voice and its lord Mars is in lagna in Tula. From Vrischika, Rahu is placed in the 3rd giving courage to stand on stage and the ability to sing. In the 11th house AK and DK are placed, in the 6th PK and AmK are placed, thus giving ample confidence.

2. She lost her father at the age of 10. At that same age she gave her first performance. By the time she was 13, a recorded disc was already out in the market.

Vimshottari: Moon/Rahu. Moon is the tenth lord with Jupiter, third lord (third house is the eigth from eigth and so an alternative house for parents death). Rahu in the fourth house of happiness, is aspected by Saturn (unconditional maraka) and Venus (eigth lord). In dwadasamsha Moon is the third lord
by Jupiter aspected, 8th and 11th lord. This indicates danger to father.

In Moon/Jupiter she gave her first performance. Moon is her 10th lord placed in the 7th house of public with Jupiter, 3rd and 6th lord. Both are aspected by Saturn from the 10th house.

Chara: Vrischika. This is the 2nd house of wealth and earning. AmK Moon's aspect on Vrischika gave earning. In navamsha Vrischika happens to be the 4th from KL and Venus and Moon are placed in it, aspected by Jupiter.

Mandook: Makar. This is the fourth from lagna and involved in raj yoga. Fourth from this has the AmK Moon. In the 7th BK Venus, GK Saturn and Ketu are placed In the 9th DK Sun and AK Mercury, in the 10th MK Mars is placed. The 11th house of gain is aspected by its natural karaka Jupiter, AmK Moon, BK Venus, GK Saturn, Ketu. The aspect of five planets on this house was bound to bring out the excellent results connected to it.

In navamasha, Makar is the 11th house of honours and in 11th from it Venus and Moon are placed, aspected by exalted Jupiter. In dwadasamsha the 11th from Makar is aspected by many planets, thus forming raj yoga. In navamsha as well as dwadasamsha Jupiter is exalted.

3. She acted in films in the mahadasha of Moon for a decade till she met T. Sudasivam on 30th June 1936. They got married
on 10th July 1940 Moon, 10th lord, aspects lagna from the 7th house. Lagna lord Venus in 10th house, Cancer, aspects the 4th house (10th from Moon), Gaja Kesari yoga in the 7th house and all seven planets connected with her karma sthana, made her take up the celluloid world. In navamsha and dwadasamsha, Moon is in the 9th house of fortunes and is the 10th lord of rashi chart. Vimshottari: Mars/Venus/ Saturn. The two met when Mars and Jupiter, Mercury was operating. Mars is 7th lord in lagna and Jupiter is in the 7th house. Mercury, 9th lord, is aspected by 4th and 5th lord Saturn.

In navamsha Mars owns the 2nd and 9th houses, Venus 3rd and 8th and is placed in the 9th house. Saturn is with the 7th lord Mercury and aspected by Mars.

Chara: In Dhanu, Meena and Simha they met. Dhanu is aspected by DK Sun, AK Mercury, Meena is also aspected by DK and AK. Simha KL is aspected by Jupiter PK and Moon AmK from Mesha.

From pada lagna Dhanu is the 9th, Meena 12th and Simha 5th, this 5,9,12 combination explains the meeting.

Marriage in Makar/Karka/Vrischika. Marriage takes place when any rashi has associations with DK, PK. Makar is the 5th from AK, Upapada and DK. Karka is the 7th from Makar and Vrischika is aspected by PK Jupiter. In the navamsha Makar has DK in it. Vrischika is aspected by PK.

Mandook: Met in Makar/Dhanu/Kumbha and got married in Mesha/Vrischika/Dhanu. All the explanations have been given above.

4. In 1941, she gave monitory assistance to launch the magazine Kalki.

Vimshottari: Mars. Mars is the 2nd and 7th lord placed in the lagna and is aspected by the 10th lord Moon and 3rd lord and 6th lord Jupiter. Jupiter denotes charitable propositions and writings, 7th house public opinion and 10th profession and Mars is the 2nd house of business and money.

Chara: Makar. This happens to be the 5th house from AK indicating writings, authorship. In navamsha the 11th from Makar has BK Venus and AmK Moon and is aspected by PK Jupiter. The 5th from Makar is aspected by PK, both indicating a profession of writing. Mandook: Mesha, which has PK Jupiter and AmK Moon. The 3rd house of short writings is aspected by DK and AK. From Mesha the 11th house is aspected by PK, AmK, BK, GK and Ketu, indicating income. In navamsha Mesha is the 2nd from lagna, 9th from KL and is aspected by AmK Moon and BK Venus.

5. She gave concerts for Kasturba Memorial Funds from 30th July 1944 to 24th September 1944.

Vimshottari: Rahu/Jupiter. Rahu is aspected by its dispositor Saturn from the 10th, by 3rd and 6th lord Jupiter in the 7th with the 10th lord. 3rd is also seen for charities. Jupiter, too, is
aspected by Saturn and Mars. The houses involved are that of karma, charity and money. In the navamsha Rahu is in 12th house, Jupiter is exalted in the 5th house and conjunct with 10th lord. There is connection between dharma, artha, kama and moksha houses.

Chara: Kumbha/Mesha/Vrishabh. Kumbha is the dasha of philanthropic action and this happens to be the 5th from lagna, 6th from AK. Antardasha Mesha has PK Jupiter and Amk Moon and this happens to be the 3rd from Kumbha. Kumbha is aspected by its lord Saturn, Jupiter, Moon and Ketu. All thishappens from the 10th house. In navamsha Kumbha is the 12th house, aspected by exalted PK, BK and AmK. Mesha is the 9th from KL, Vrishabh is 10th from KL and these also receive the aspect of Venus, Moon and Jupiter. In dasamsha Kumbha is 11th from lagna, 2nd from AK and is aspected by PK Jupiter and BK Venus again.

6. In 1945 her film ëMeeraí came out in Tamil and Hindi version was made in 1947. This was a milestone in her career.

Vimshottari: Rahu/Jupiter. A simple classical principle is that Saturn's association with the 10th house or lord makes one shine in the chosen profession. Rahuís dispositor, Saturn, is in the 10th with Venus, the karaka for arts. Hence, fame from cinema and Jupiter indicates classicism. So a movie on the faithful Krishna devotee won her a lot of acclaim.

Chara: Kumbha, when both Tamil and Hindi versions of Meera came out. All influences of the horoscope come to the 10th house of profession and 7th house of public. There is a mutual relationship between PK Jupiter, AmK Moon, BK Venus, GK Saturn and MK Mars. In navamsha PK, BK and Amk aspect Kumbha. In dasamsha again Kumbha is aspected by PK, BK, GK and Ketu.

Mandook: Mesha/Dhanu, Karka/Makar. Mesha, 7th house, has AmK Moon and PK Jupiter. Dhanu receives the aspect of DK Sun and AK Mercury. Moreover 5th from Mesha receives the aspect of AmK, PK and MK. Karka is the 10th from lagna and 11th from AK with Venus and Saturn in it.

In navamsha Mesha is the 2nd from lagna, 9th from KL. Dhanu is the 10th from lagna. Karka has exalted PK and is aspected by BK Venus and AmK Moon. Makar receives the aspect of BK Venus, AmK Moon, AK Mercury and GK Saturn all forming excellent raj yoga.

7. President's award for Carnatic music in 1956

Vimshottari: Rahu/Venus. Rahu is in the 4th seat of power from lagna. Its dispositor Saturn, 4th and 5th lord, aspects it from the 10th house.

From Moon
It is in the 10th, from the Sun it is in the 5th (for awards from the Sun) and 7th from Venus (in the 10th). This combination also occurs in the 4th from the Moon and 11th from the Sun. In
navamsha Rahu is in the 12th from lagna. Venus and Moon in the 9th are in the 10th from Rahu, aspected by lagna and 10th lord Jupiter. In dasamsha Rahu is in the 7th aspected by Saturn and Venus is in the 4th with exalted Jupiter.

Chara: Meena/Kanya. Meena is the 7th from AK Mercury and receives the aspect of AK and DK. PK Jupiter and AmK Moon also aspect the 9th from Meena and 2nd from the lagna.

Navamsha lagna is Meena it is 8th from KL, thus indicating sudden upliftment and Kanya is the 7th from Meena and 2nd (house of wealth) from KL. In dasamsha Meena as well as Kanya receive the aspect of AmK Moon from the 10th, indicating honours related to profession.

8. Performed for the United Nations on 23rd October 1966 and
made Indian music popular in the international level. Had throat infection before the concert.

Vimshottari: Jupiter/Ketu. Gaja Kesari yoga in the 7th house aspected by the 4th and 5th lord Saturn from the 10th house in Rahu/Ketu axis. In navamsha Jupiter is exalted and aspected by Sun, Mars. Ketu is in the 6th with Saturn and Mercury, this did create health problems. But with the blessing of Paramacharya she was able to sing, Ketu represents religious persons. In dasamsha Jupiter is the 9th and 12th lord placed in the 4th, giving fame in a foreign country. It is exalted with Venus and aspected by Mercury, all benefic influences.

Chara: Mesha/Meena. Mesha has PK Jupiter and AmK Moon. Meena is the 12th from Mesha and aspected by DK Sun and AK Mercury from the 12th house of foreign connections. From the lagna, 6th house Meena is aspected by AK Mercury, denoting some health problems. Mesha is the 7th from lagna (public opinion).

Mandook: Vrishabh/Karka. Vrishabh is the 9th house from AK. From Vrishabh, the 12th has PK Jupiter and AmK Moon, hence honour in a foreign country. From Karka, the 10th has Jupiter and Moon indicating royal honours. In the same period got an honorary degree of literature.

9. First female musician to be elected President of the Madras
Music Academy in 1968.

Vimshottari: Jupiter/Venus. Gaja Kesari yoga in the 7th and Venus is placed in the 10th aspecting the 4th house of 'simhasan'. In navamsha Jupiter is exalted, Venus is in the 9th with the Moon aspected by Jupiter. In dasamsha Jupiter is exalted with Venus in the 4th and aspected by Mercury from the 10th.

Chara: Vrishabh/Kanya. Vrishabh-Kanya are 5/9 rashis. Kanya has DK and AK. In navamsha, from Vrishabh the 10th receives the aspect of exalted PK Jupiter, thus confirming the honour. In dasamsha Vrishabh has DK Sun and the 10th receives the aspect of BK and exalted PK.

Mandook: Vrishabh/Meena. It has been discussed.

10. Got 'Sangita Kalanidhi' title in 1970

Vimshottari: Jupiter/Sun. Sun is the 11th lord from lagna, 5th from Moon and Jupiter, Jupiter also in Gaja Kesari yoga.

Chara: Mithuna/ Mesha. Mithuna is the 9th from lagna, 10th from AK and other factors have already been explained in previous events. Mandook: Simha/Vrischika. Simha is the KL and 11th from lagna. Vrischika is aspected by Jupiter and AmK
Moon and in navamsha Vrischika has BK Venus and AmK

Moon aspected by PK Jupiter, DK Sun and MK Mars. The conditions have been explained.

11. Bharat Ratna on 1st March 1998.

Vimshottari: Mercury/Venus. Mercury, 9th and 12th lord, is exalted and with 11th lord Sun. It is aspected by 4th and 5th lord Saturn from the 10th. Venus is in the 10th house.

In navamsha Mercury is with Saturn in 6th from lagna and 10th from Moon and aspected by Mars (7th lord in rashi chart). In dasamsha Mercury is in the 10th, aspected by exalted Jupiter and Venus from the 4th house and by 10th and 11th lord Saturn.

Chara: Kanya/Kanya. Kanya has DK Sun and AK Mercury.

In navamsha from Kanya Jupiter is exalted in the 11th house. Kanya is the 2nd from KL. In dasamsha Kanya receives the aspect of AmK.

Mandook: Kanya/Makar. Already explained. Makar is the 5th from Kanya, from Makar the 9th and 11th have raj yoga. In dasamsha Kanya receives the aspect of AmK Moon.

12. T. Sudasivam died in October 1997

Vimshottari: Mercury/Ketu. Mercury is the 3rd and 6th lord from the 7th house and aspected by Saturn, which is with Ketu.
In navamsha, the 7th lord Mercury is in the 6th with Saturn and
Ketu. It is aspected by 2nd and 9th lord Mars, all maraka planets combined together to snatch away Sudasivam.

Mandook: Kanya/Makar. The dasha of Makar gives changes. Kanya is the 12th from lagna and 6th from the 7th house. It has DK Sun and AK Mercury in it. Any sign, which has a karaka placed in it, gives both good and bad results connected to it. In
this case, it was spouse and self as 12th house is associated with DK. In navamsha Kanya is the 7th rashi and aspected by none, so it becomes weak. Makar is the 11th rashi in which DK Sun and MK Mars are placed. Mars is aspected by GK

Saturn, Ketu and AK Mercury. Thus longevity was affected.

Chara: Kanya/Kanya. The reasons have already been discussed.

In the dasha of the 12th placed Mercury, M.S. Subbulakshmi is leading a retired life. In chara also it is Kanya dasha, the 12th from her lagna. The connection of 12th house or lord to the 10th gives withdrawal from profession and in her case, a peaceful retired life too.

Moreover, from all the features and events discussed, her life is deeply connected to the 5th, 9th and 11th dharma and karma trikonas. With these influences came about her charity activities and the devotion to the arts. Perhaps, she was born to be a philanthropist and work for the upliftment of art and the needy.

Resource Material

1. Mansagari
2. Many classics of astrology