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the prophecy of
Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati given to me 28 April 2006 comes true


This is necessary to explain that it is only my post election astrological analysis not a prediction yet a prediction.

So let me describe it in stages.

Stage One : Not interested in Tamilnadu politics

I have not followed Tamilnadu politics and have never collected the horoscopes of the important political figures of that state or even the correct horoscopes of the political parties. First time in 1989, the late Santhanam came to discuss with me the horoscopes of Karunanidhi with Karka lagna and of Jayalalitha with Mithuna. It is only now that I have some interest in the elections but because of a prejudice. If Jayalalitha loses, there will be some relief to Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati. If in these circumstances I do astrological analysis I will start with a PREJUDICED MIND and handicap myself with a biased interpretations of the horoscopes even if accurate ones are really available.

First read about what Shankarcharya Jayendra Saraswati told me.

Stage Two:
Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati

28 April 2006

On 28 April, I went to meet here in Delhi Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati after I was informed by Sri L. N. from Bangalore day before yesterday night that Swamiji would be in Delhi and I should meet him. Between 1974 and 2006, I have met him many times at different stations but in this meeting I felt that his siddhis were in bloom and focussed. Smilingly, he told me that the outcome of the Tamilnadu elections will be a government headed by DMK with the woman, Jayalalitha, was now going to face defeat.

He told me many other things which are too private to be disclosed. It was a thirty minutes meeting with me sitting alone with him.

Stage Three : Pre-poll surveys

Elections will take place in Tamilnadu and votes will be cast. Pre poll surveys called it a close fight with some chances of Jayalalitha coming back but with Karunananidhi being uncomfortably close to winning, depending on the moods of voters and eleventh hour electoral swings.

Then will come the exit polls and finally results in the second week of May.

The spiritual insight of Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati was what may not sur-prise anyone who has known him for years and closely.

This observation of mine was confirmed by someone else who has known him much
longer. I felt so happy.

Stage Four: Why our interest now ?

I was not interested in the outcome of the elections in Tamilnadu till Shankaracharya
Jayendra Saraswati was arrested by the government of Jayalalita and I wished her to lose elections. I was already prejudiced against her and so I must refrain from making any predictions about the outcome even if I got the correct horoscopes of Karunananidhi and Jayalalitha.

Stage Five : Horoscopes

What is the correct horoscope of Karunanidhi ? I dug out my old records and found that I had one with the following birth details 3 June 1924. Karunananidhi ( 3 June 1924 Thanjavur with Karka lagna with Moon in Vrisha.

This horoscope seems to be different from what many others have been using but I remember that the late Santhanan had once discussed with me in 1989 while I was still in service and could not have made any prediction on these matters publicly. Both of us agreed that this could be a correct horoscope though neither of us had any basis to be sure
about it as we had no events to verify its correctness. What predictions could he make, asked Santhanam. I told him that Karunanidhi would win and become chief minister if the horoscope was correct. He did win After that I never touched this horoscope even for any astrological research.

The exalted fifth and tenth lord in the seventh tell three stories at once: his own rise, his son's rise and his marriages.

I need to see it now for my study as I am prejudiced against Jayalalitha , not for any
prediction. (see appendix)
Jayalalitha ( 24 Feb 1948 Mysore)

Similarly, the horoscope I had of Jayalalitha was with Mithuna lagna, which a Madras based astrologer said once, was wrong. He insisted that it was Vrisha lagna. May be, being Madras based, he was right. But recently some other astrologers also said that Vrisha lagna was correct. I could not verify this horoscope as I had no events of her life nor am I interested. But the Mithuna lagna horoscope was used by Santhanam who had assured me that it was most authentic. I know that Santhanam used many wrong horoscopes, rushed with his judgements and most of his predictions went wrong.

Stage Six :Should I make a prediction ?

Should I make a prediction I wondered and as usual restrained from doing so as I do
after having been deceived at least thrice in life with the horoscopes of famous persons and celebrties. I avoid making predictions about these famous people, particularly Indian politicians and actors and actresses, as I know from experience that most of them are wrong and also know that wrong horoscopes are allowed to be circulated.

At a glance, I decided that Jayalalitha was losing and decided to keep it with me and post it after the results of Tamilnadu elections are out on 11 May as I learn.

But I decided to post to some people in Chennai and get their reaction. I decided to post to R. I. of Madras and ask for reaction. Here I am posting it . (9 May ).


It is not a prediction but just an astrological exercise, may be based on wrong data, to
see what Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati had told me so confidently (as has never happened before in so many meetings of mine in nearly thirty years).would come out correct or not.
I was happy to see his siddhis bloom, let me repeat.

Stage Seven : Exit polls

Exit polls of some surveys have come out on 9 May midnight predicting the defeat of
Jayalalitha. Sometimes exit polls have gone wrong very badly. But one of the surveys says that it was very large and therefore the chances of going wrong did not exist. That pleases me.

In the case of Tamilnadu, exit polls went wrong in 2001. Jayalalitha claims that more
women have voted in May 2006 and therefore she will romp home and retain her chief ministership. Karunanidhi on the other hand claims that his party would do better than what has been predicted by exit polls.

Stage Eight: Astrological analysis

I have seen the horoscopes of Karunanidhi (Karka lagna) for the reason explained and of Jayalalitha with Vrisha lagna, changing it from what Santhanam had given me with the assurance of it being from most reliable sources. I made detailed analysis which I am not giving here.


Ketu Mercury Ketu in Vimshottari In Chara dasha it is Mesha which has his Amatyakaraka aspecting the tenth house and Kumbha from where AK aspects the tenth house and is in turn aspected by Amatyakaraka . That favours him.

He may be a surprise winner but how long will be survive? The brief candle will burn once more. Will he cross 2008 ?

Sunrise ?

The double transit phenomenon fits in perfectly here with Jupiter and Saturn aspecting the tenth house from the lagna. But the exchange between the tenth lord Mars and the twelfth lord Mercury can also mean Karunanidhi deciding to stand down in favour of someone who can be his own son.

Importance of Putrakaraka

In Chara dasha it is Mesha dasha from where the Putrakaraka, Jupiter, aspects the tenth house and in the antardasha of Kumbha from where this putrakaraka goes into the

tenth house. What can it mean ? Has Karunanidhi already decided to entrust to his son a big post or even chief ministership itself ?


She will have Rahu Ketu Mars at the time of elections in Vimshottari. Mars becomes the twelfth lord also and is retrograde here.

Kanya Makar in Chara dasha with Amatyakaraka, Venus, falling in the third house and the tenth house under heavy affliction. The pratyantara dasha will be of Meena at the time of elections. Her Amatyakaraka is placed here.That can mean that she would win her own elections and become the Leader of Opposition which is generally a post with cabinet rank. But it is not favourable for retaining her chief ministership.

There is danger to her with Mars and Moon falling in the eighth house in Chara antar dasha. And do you see the aspect of retrograde Mars on retrograde Mercury here? Do you know what it indicates?

Anyway, May 11 is not far off. Today when I am completing this piece it is 9 May. Day after tomorrow we will know if Jayalalitha has reached the sunset of her career like her opponent Karunanidhi who is living on borrowed time, they say.

Those interested in Tamilnadu politics should collect the horoscopes of other rising leaders as they will become relevant in future, perhaps, in less than two years. What will be politics like in post Karunanidhi and post Jayalalitha Tamilnadu should interest some people at least.


One must become aware of and notice the low upbringing of astrologers in India who claim to be superior to all other astrologers when a chancy prediction or two clicks. It is what will happen even after the Tamilnadu elections. Not one of them came forward to fight the greatest battle of astrology in the Supreme Court in 2004. Yet, they talk of the great heritage of astrology and our great rishis !!

Stage ten: Futile astrology: Anti climax

It is waste of time for astrologers to keep wrestling with wrong horoscopes, wrong or
no horoscopes of political parties and predict the result of elections.

In essence, most of the so called astrological predictions about elections are guesses.

Then remember, predicting a reversal is generally safe these days when the aspirations of the voters are so many and no government can ever satisfy them. Jayalalitha had actually done very well as a chief minister is what many people who have known the working of Tamilnadu government told me and assured me. As a commentator said when the aspirations are too many a party in power is voted out. There is the history of Tamilnadu and Kerala where every five years the opposition is voted to power and party in power becomes the opposition. In such circumstances, why are astrologers wasting their time in predicting the election results ?

And the Final Stage

The results have come out. I must say that Indian psephologists have done very well
this time, all the three exit polls predicting the victory of DMK in Tamilnadu, of the left in Kerala and Bengal, and ding dong battle in Assam. The pre poll survey were erratic but the exit polls proved correct. Perhaps psephologists of India are the best in the world if you take into account of the vastness and variety of electoral process in India and the huge population..

I watched the live coverage on different television channels and once again found Prannoy Roy so analytical, lucid and insightful as before. The veteran is the Tendulkar among Indian psephologists.

SHANKARACHARYA proved right. The woman has lost. Karunanidhi has come back to power for the fifth time.

Appendix One

From: " <>
To: knrao
Subject: pranams
Date: Tue, 09 May 2006 10:20:24 IST

dear knraoji pranams
it is indeed my honor and privilege to get such a personal mail from you. my day is
made today. i was very happy seeing your mail.
you can be rest assured that it will be kept confidential.

Appendix two
From: " <>
To: knr raoji
Subject: Fwd: Re: dmk win
Date: Tue, 09 May 2006 16:43:30 IST
" <r wrote:
Date: Tue, 9 May 2006 03:33:15 -0700 (PDT)
From: " <>
Subject: Re: dmk win

hari om

i have always known you to predict correctly in major events in mundane astrology.
you are respected for it. may your prediction about the aiadmk not winning also come true which is revealed in the cnn survey too. i will be happy that you saw the right things in the chart to hold such a strong view. may god bless you with more and more success in the future too. .
may god always be with you in your predictions.
i wish you the very best.
j. r

Appendix Three
From: knrao
To: " <>
Subject: Karunanidhi horoscope
Date: Tue, 09 May 2006 19:31:42 IST

Astrological Magazine of 1980 used to show Karka lagna of Karunanidhi and so also
the late Santhanam in the Times of Astrology in 1989 which he discussed with me before predicting the victory of Karunanidhi.

I used that horoscope to arrive at my tentative conclusion though it is actually the prediction of the Acharya given to me on 28 April 2006.
Let us wait and see.

Appendix four
From: knrao
To: " <>
Subject: Jayalalitha's horoscope
Date: Tue, 09 May 2006 19:43:22 IST

I favoured Mithuna lagna for Jayalalitha as an afflcted fifth house and other factors show her not becoming a mother. If it is Vrisha the picture gets reversed and after the age of 27 .... Not knowing these facts, I cannot verify her horoscope. But for the Tamilnadu elections, I am now using Vrisha lagna and predicting her defeat.


Appendix five
From: " <>
To: knrao
Subject: Re: Jayalalitha's horoscope
Date: Thu, 11 May 2006 11:09:28 IST

dear knraoji
accept my hearty congratulations for predicting that the aiadmk will not be able to
form the government in tn.
your analysis has proved to be correct.
prayers for your health.

( Written in parts from 28 April and concluded on 11 May at 8 pm after full results of elections were reported)