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Conclusions and observations

Some conclusions and observations are being given to help readers understand the case studies being presented.

The book "The Mystery of Ketu in a horoscope" is being patterned on the model of the Mystery of Rahu in a horoscope".

1. Ketu in the 5th house denotes unorthodoxy which gets reflected in unorthodox marriage of the person concerned or one of his children, generally.

2. It is in accordance with the accepted classical principles as the 5th house represents both tradition and progeny. Many horoscopes can be seen with Ketu in the 5th house of persons whose children have had unorthodox marriages from the Indian point of view. In the caste-conscious Hindu community where we have also regional considerations, Ketu in the 5th house has to show a departure from traditions.

3. On the negative side of Ketu,Vedic Astrology, KN Rao, Vedic Astrology, Journal of Astrology, Hindu, Jyotish, Rahu, Ketu, Shani, Horoscopes, Kundali point observed was,Vedic Astrology, KN Rao, Vedic Astrology, Journal of Astrology, Hindu, Jyotish, Rahu, Ketu, Shani, Horoscopes, Kundali tendency to have extra-marital relations. It is doubtful whether now, when permissiveness has become quite widespread, such a point can be stressed.

4. An extension of permisiveness in modern world is living together, without marrying which is a common feature of Western life.

5. Professionally, Ketu in the 5th favours medical career. It can be extended to one’s children one of whom may become a doctor.

6. Ketu in the 5th gives more daughters than sons.Or the death of a child, particularly of a male child, seems to a very common occurence.

7. Debilitated Ketu in the 5th house seems to be generally good both for marriage and the birth of male children.

8. Eldest or youngest? Some points which should be tested deeply are based on the observations I had made in my book the Mystery of Rahu. Like Jupiter in the 11th house which can make one the first or the eldest child of the parents or in its sex, Rahu also does that. There is, however,Vedic Astrology, KN Rao, Vedic Astrology, Journal of Astrology, Hindu, Jyotish, Rahu, Ketu, Shani, Horoscopes, Kundali difference. Rahu can give also the position of the youngest of the siblings or the youngest in its own sex. When Rahu is in the 11th house, Ketu will be in the 5th house.

9. Nature of Education: Ketu in the 5th can give technical, semi-technical education. In the house of a benefic like Mercury, Jupiter or Venus, it can give an inclination towards fine arts, literature etc. Traditionally, Ketu in this position has been favoured for medical education.

10. Sex of children: Ketu in the 5th has not been favoured as far as children are concerned. In determining the sex of the child, Ketu inclines, it seems, to favour the birth of female children more.


In Hindu astrology the art of synthesis needs stressing and not taking the literal interpretation of a single combination.

It is to be done in two ways:

The horoscope as a whole should be examined and the synthesis done.

Then the divisional horoscopes should be examined along with the birth horoscope for total synthesis. It then becomes necessary not to work on wrong divisional horoscopes.

The observations given here are the result of examination of many horoscope. They should not be treated as dogmas. They should be taken as dependable guiding principles.

In the first part, effects of Ketu in 5th house alone are being shown through different horoscope. In the parts to follow, since a series on Ketu has been planned for the Journal, many other aspects of Ketu in different houses will be covered.

This is a research, an exploration.

It should be remembered that no one, except God can utter the final world on any aspect of human knowledge, particularly astrology.

The paper must conclude with the observation that a good Ketu in the 5th aspected by a benefic, the 5th lord or even a benefic can give extraordinary powers of intuition. I am reproducing some parts from the article of K.N. Rao, in one of the coming issues on Gajakesari Yoga, where he writes about his jyotisha guru.

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Conclusions and Observations