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Manoj Pathak

Many years back, a well-known magazine Dharmayuga, edited by Dharamveer Bharti, used to be printed from Bombay. Because of my interest in literature, I used to read various newspapers and magazines. During those days only, a reminiscent article written by the much discussed author Amrita Pritam, was published in Dharmayuga, in which she wrote about her memoirs of a Bhrigu Shastri of Hoshiarpur in Punjab. On reading that article, the desire to know and understand Bhrigu Samhita, and meet some Bhrigu Shastri became very strong. But, Perhaps, it was not acceptable to God at that time, so this desire remained dormant, but alive on sub-conscious level.

This child was born and brought up in a Brahmin family in modern environment. After getting a job, call it Samskaar or Dasha, I was drawn toward the study of Astrology and started learning it. Perhaps, it was my good fortune or destiny; only God knows better, I got Shri K.N. Rao as my Guru.

While studying, and afterwards when I started teaching Astrology, that dormant desire was again awakened. I often heard from Rao Sahib about one such Pundit, who used to give predictions on the basis of Bhrigu Samhita, and it will be proper to mention that he used to predict correctly. We have been hearing about him from Rao sahib since 1994-95, but could not meet him. Perhaps I was not running the appropriate Dasha, or simply it was not to be then. Not before, but now after learning Astrology, it is correct and proper to mention that it was not the right time. I made many efforts, but could not succeed. Eventually I impressed on my mind that if destined, then perhaps…may be…some day..…

Bhrigu Samhita is an unerring treatise created by Bhrigu Rishi, and it is a belief that it contains the birth charts and prediction of all the living beings of the universe. The article written by Amritaji and published in Dharmyuga strengthened this belief. And when a person of her caliber gives proof of the correctness of this treatise, then there remains no place for doubt. But people are people, and that too people of kali yoga, how can they accept the truth (absolute?) about anything; and if accept, then it will be in a corrupt form only. Materialism has made available many Bhrigu Samhitas now, so that even Bhrigu Rishi must have become perplexed. Therefore how can the readings according to these corrupt Samhitas be correct? This has evoked many doubts in human mind. Faith in any subject is awakened either due to the blessings of Guru, or through direct experience. So, with a desire to visit Bhrigu Samhita certified by Guru, I kept myself absorbed in astrological work.

Suddenly one day the telephone call came that we have to go to Jaipur for the public presentation of an astrological magazine. Then next day, we will proceed for Karoi, a small village in Bhilwara district to visit a Bhrigu Samhita Reader, Pt. Nathuram Ji. We finalized the programme quickly and started for Jaipur. The work, which was not being effected for years in spite of having all the means, that was being fulfilled so suddenly, just like that. This is His play and we ignorant consider ourselves the doer.

After completing our work at Jaipur, we proceeded towards Bhilwara. After six hours of tiring journey, we reached in front of a rural two-storied building in a small village of Rajasthan. The nameplate outside the house told that we are at Pt. Nathuram Ji’s door, but there was no indication on the nameplate of his being a Bhrigu Samhita Reader.

All kinds of doubts were clouding my mind, but the company of Guru was very reassuring mentally. We entered the place thinking that what has destiny in store for us. But, being an astrologer myself, I sometimes think, what is the use of knowing all this.

We took our places after introduction to Punditji. The process started. Punditji, first, saw the Janma-Patrika, and then examined both the palms of the querist and did some calculations on his state. In between the calculations, he kept on looking at the palms also. Being seated near him, I was able to look at the calculations he was doing, but couldn’t make out anything out of it. After this mathematical analysis, he took out some papers marked with numbers and kundlies drawn in a circular form. When he took out the kundli, based on the number got from the mathematical analysis, it was exactly the same as the querist’s birth chart. I was totally taken aback, that a Delhi-ite who never met this Rajasthani Pundit before, how his birth chart could be found with Punditji. On this page was marked the position of the moon and the rest of the planets. A number was also marked on this page that indicated the number of the leaf, which Punditji will take out from his box to give the Reading.

After that, Punditji took out that leaf with predictions written on it and started reading. The prediction was written in Sanskrit. Punditji was first reading in Sanskrit and simultaneously translating it in Hindi. I was being reassured of the reliability and correctness of this Shastra, but was astounded also. How could the life events of a person were ascertained ages ago, when he was not even born. Then who is the creator, He or I? Who is hidden in Bulle Shah’s coffee, in the poetry of Mayadevi, or in the voice of Kabir and Meera and is happily enchanted by His own play, and is quietly continuing this magical game of illusion.

Here, I would like to make a special mention of the event that happened with Russian friends of Rao Sahib. This Russian couple came to India to participate in a seminar. Both of them know astrology well. We, once again, went to Punditji with them. Punditji, generally, does not give a Reading after the sunset, but that day he did, and started looking at the charts of the Russian couple. The most astonishing incident happened, when he rectified an already corrected chart, by his method of calculation. He corrected the birth time by ten minutes. According to the revised time, the birth lagna changed to Capricorn from Sagittarius. Punditji took only 10 to 15 minutes for this rectification process.

Rectification of birth time is a very complicated technique, and many astrologers are not acquainted with the methods of rectification. They mislead their clients only on hearsay. But, if the time correction done by Punditji is correct, then it should reflect in the prediction also – Thinking this I kept quiet and waited for the Reading.

You are the first child of your parent", this was the first declaration of Punditji, and was absolutely correct.

"You did not have good relations with your father". And then he predicted many incidents about that Russian’s past life, which were absolutely unerring. Then he gave some predictions regarding future, which can only be tested in future.

Then Punditji started examining the wife’s kundli and made some pronouncements, on hearing which everyone sitting there was shocked, because those incidents were related with her personal life. I do not consider it ethical to mention them here, but one of his remarks astonished everyone (astrologers, because all persons present there astrologers) present there. Punditji said, "You are born from the second marriage of your mother and your father married thrice".

Being an astrologer, I can distinctly say that, although it is not impossible to discern this kind of incident in a birth chart, but is not very easy also. Only a very distinguished astrologer can make forecasts of this caliber, the average astrologer who are found in every nook and corner in the cities like fungus, cannot even think distantly to bring such minute point to notice. Someone with extra ordinary genius can only make such predictions and who else, except Bhrigu Ji Maharaja, can posses such extraordinary brilliance.

But this was not the end of striking instances yet. It appeared that today Bhrigu Maharaja was bent upon shattering the ego of ignorant astrologers who boasted of being an astrologer. When the Reading was nearing the end, Punditji said, "Bhrigu Maharaja says – that on certain date, certain day, certain paksha and after sunset this consulter will listen to this Reading with her husband and three others", which was true literally. These two foreigners were totally amazed by such forecasts and they bowed respectfully with folded hands to this treatise written by Bhrigu Maharaja.

First on hearing the analysis of my chart, then of the Russian couple and others, who accompanied us, all our doubts evaporated regarding Bhrigu Samhita. Then the question arose regarding the forecasts. Would that be as correct as the past happenings? Guruji reassured that Bhrigu Maharaja cannot make false predictions, and much authentic verification is available regarding the validity of this Shastra.

We bowed before Bhrigu Maharaja and his medium Pundit Nathuramji, and started on return journey to Delhi. All the way back, we minutely pondered over the predictions trying to coordinate them with the birth-chart, and found that if we try hard, we can decipher the astrological reasons for these incidents. But the kind of subtle prophecies, which can be made through this Shastra, no astrologer can do it that easily and so promptly.

We offered our silent homage to the composer and speaker of this Shastra. But, then again a question arose in my mind, that all those shops, which are running in the name of Bhrigu Samhita, can all of them claim to be the medium of Bhrigu Maharaja. My mind says ‘no’, and rest of you should be able to decide by your own experience.