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Shiv Raj Sharma

In the earlier part Ketu in the 5th house was discussed and, in section - II a statistical research on Rahu in the 3rd house was produced. Some of the conclusions drawn from that statistical research become applicable to Ketu in the 9th house.

Two of them can be considered here: “Since 3rd is the house of younger co-born, a malefic Rahu here does not let any other sibling be born after him. Thus he makes the person youngest in the family. Where Rahu is under benefic influences, he makes one eldest or eldest in the same sex. This study serves a very useful purpose in rectification of the horoscope and fixing of lagna by simply applying the thumb rule that Rahu in 3rd house would give any one of the following results.

1. One would be youngest in the family, or

2. Eldest, or

3. Eldest in the same sex, or

4. Youngest in the same sex. After examining the results of Rahu in the 3rd house, if we begin to examine the results of Ketu in the 9th house, we can arrive at a good synthesis.

The next step is to consider the significance of the 9th house in general and condition of Ketu particularly its exaltation/debilitation etc.

The significance of the 9th house in general

From Manasagari: Inclination towards religion, intuitive understanding of things and events, good character and inclination, pilgrimage, respect, regard, affection and confidence.

From Sarvartha Chintamani:(The spiritual side) Guru, devotion, religious austerity, charity, yoga. General indications: Father (note that the 9th house is for father), luck, grandson, kindness and sympathy, gains, thigh, mind, pleasures and maternal uncles.

Parameters which must be applied

1. Research must be done on accurate horoscopes with divisional horoscopes properly prepared. A mere glance at the birth horoscope can give fairly good idea. But it is the divisional horoscopes that clarify the area affected favourably or adversely.

2. Since the 9th house is mainly concerned with father, luck, grandchildren apart from other events, Jupiter and the Sun must be examined invariably.

3. Such two-fold analysis of Ketu in the 9th house and Jupiter and Sun is very helpful in balancing astrological analysis.

Exaltation and debilitation: Exalted in Vrischika, Moolatrikona is Dhanu, own sign is Vrischika and is debilitated in Vrisha. (BPH) Results of debilitated Ketu : Bad behaviour wrong inclinations, defective eyes, separation from the spouse, unhappiness, rough physical features but victory over enemies. (MS) Ketu leads to fulfilment of desires while Rahu gives courage. (JB)

Confirming earlier researches

As an example, a horoscope is being given here and discussed (Horoscope #9).

Rahu Mahadasha was over in 19 Dec. 1974. Jupiter mahadasha and the antardashas of the Venus, Sun and Moon ran from 1982 to 1987.

1. Applying the research on Rahu in the 3rd house, the information available is that he is the youngest child of his parents and is also younger of two brothers. The first sibling is a sister who is the eldest, next there is a brother and he is the last and youngest child of his parents.

2. The other research, father’s death, which appeared in the Tula Sankranti issue (October 1997) also applies here. His father died in 1985 in the dasha of Jupiter which is placed in the 7th house from the Sun and the antardasha of Venus which is in the 2nd house again from the Sun.

Some points for examination then will have to be:

1. Ketu's presence in the 9th house will need to be watched closely, if there is the aspect of a malefic on it. It can affect the longevity of one's father.

2. In such a case a close examination of the Sun and the 9th house from it should also be examined.

3. Then the examination of the 9th lord should also be done.

4. This should then be checked in the dwadashamsha.

In this case, Ketu in the 9th house is aspected by Mars the 6th lord. The 9th lord, Moon is exalted and is receiving the aspects of two benefics. The Sun is debilitated and receives the aspect of retrograde Jupiter. The 9th house from the Sun has two malefic aspects of Saturn and Mars though the 9th lord from the Sun, which is Mercury is well associated and aspected.

The dwadashamsha does not show similar afflictions. The father of this person left his mother and died when he had crossed the age of 30 years.

Illustration - 10(3rd March 1965, Female) (Horoscope #10)

Ketu is in the 9th house exalted, aspected by own lord Mars(R) from 6th house and Saturn from the 12th house as the 12th lord. The 9th lord Mars is retrograde and in the 6th house(dispositor of Ketu) and is aspected by Saturn, Sun, Venus the 12th, 6th and 8th lord respectively. The aspect of benefic Jupiter, Moon and Mercury on Mars gives some relief and does not deny birth of children. Putra Karaka, Jupiter, in 2nd house is also good factor.

In Navamsha The 9th house is aspected by benefic Mercury and Saturn. Mars retrograde 9th lord is in 10th and with benefic Jupiter which is a saving factor.

In Saptamsha The 9th house is aspected by benefic Moon and malefic Saturn. The 9th lord Mars in 12th house. This shows 9th house significations are more towards negative side. Since the 9th house is a house of orthodoxy, and Ketu is exalted there. She lived together with a person without marriage and became pregnant. In the orthodox Hindu society it was a clear violation of accepted social norms.

It is confirmed by the position of Ketu in Scorpio in birth horoscope and also in Navamsha with the Moon which is the 5th lord of pregnancy. It was a case of pregnancy out of wedlock.

The child died, which is confirmed by 9th house affliction in all the three charts, and also exalted Ketu which is not a favourable factor as we have already seen when Ketu is placed in the 5th house. The same logic should be extended to the position of Ketu in the 9th house if there is affliction to the 5th house and the 5th lord.

1. The 5th lord of the birth horoscope is Moon under heaviest affliction.

2. The 5th lord of the navamsha, Moon is also afflicted

3. The 5th lord of the saptamsha, Moon is also afflicted.

Illustration - 11 (21 Feb. 1963, Male) (Horoscope #11)

Ketu is in the 9th house with its dispositer Saturn and is conjunct with Mercury and Moon and is aspected by Mars (R). There is aspect of 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th and 2nd lord on Ketu and Saturn, the 9th lord.

In Navamsha Ketu is again in the 9th house and aspected by Mars from the 6th house. 9th lord Saturn is in the 2nd house and is aspected by Moon from 8th house.

In Saptamsha Ven is aspecting 9th house, the 8th lord. 9th lord Mars is in the 2nd house and is aspected by Mercury from the 8th house. Aspect of Lagna lord Jupiter on Mars is a saving factor. Here Ketu in the 9th made him a drug addict and he drinks heavily. He married a Brahmin girl and there also is marital tension. Ketu is in the 9th conjunct with Moon and Mercury confirms the research view for marital tension.

1. The 5th lord of the birth horoscope is Mercury under heaviest affliction.

2. The 5th lord of the navamsha, Venus is in the 6th house with Mars.

3. The 5th lord of the saptamsha, Moon is aspected by Mars.

Illustration - 12(13-14 Oct. 1959, Male)(Horoscope #12)

Ketu is in the 9th house in the Meena rashi, and is aspected by Sun, the 2nd lord. Ketu's dispositor, Jupiter, is in the 5th house and also is aspected by Jupiter.

In Navamsha The 9th house is vacant. The 9th lord Moon is in 7th house. Moon is aspected by Jupiter from the 11th house. Jupiter is 2nd and 5th lord.

In Saptamsha Ketu in the 9th house with Venus, the 8th lord. 9th lord Mars is the 8th house, which shows exchange of 8th and 9th lord. Mars receives the aspect of a benefic Lagna lord Jupiter from the 4th house. It is a good sign.

All three charts reveal the good promise held by 9th house. Here Ketu in the 9th house gave this person a happy marriage and two sons. It has been observed that Ketu in the 9th house gives dominating sons. This observation is clearly limited and applicable to country where orthodox family and society respecting children generally do not defy their parents and do not go against their wishes.

Illustration - 13(30 Sept. 1953, Male) (Horoscope #13)

Ketu is in the 9th house aspected by Saturn. Ketu's dispositor Moon is in the 8th house conjoined with a benefic Jup.

In Navamsha 9th house has lagna lord Moon and Rahu. 9th lord Jupiter is in the 4th house with 12th lord Mercury. Mars also aspects 9th house.

In Saptamsha 9th house is unaspected. 9th lord Saturn is in the 6th house with benefic Mercury and is aspected by Jupiter. Here Ketu in the 9th gave him happy marriage. It is again confirmed by Ketu's position both in BH and Navamasha charts. Ketu in the 9th here again gave him 2 sons, i.e. domination of son. Ketu in the 9th and further combination of 4th, 12th and 9th house both in BH and in Navamsha chart gave him unorthodoxy due to foreign travel.

Illustration - 14(7 July 1941, Female) (Horoscope #14)

Ketu is in the 9th house with Mars. Ketu's dispositor is Jupiter in the 11th house with Saturn, the 8th lord. Jupiter is aspected by Moon. Jupiter is in badhak bhava In the Navamsha 9th house has Jupiter; a badhak planet. 9th lord Venus is in the 2nd house and is aspected by Saturn. In the Saptamsha chart 9th house is aspected by Jupiter. Ninth lord Venus a badhak is in the 2nd house i.e. in Kutumbha Sthan is under affliction of R/K axis and 8th lord Mercury. Here Ketu in the 9th in the BH gave her divorce. it is also confirmed by having Mars conjunct with Ketu in the 9th house. No Children, see the role of a badhak house/lord's role in this connection, in all the above three charts.

Illustration - 15(29 July 1951) (Horoscope #15)

Ketu is in the 9th house with Venus and Mercury. Ketu's dispositor is Sun in the 8th house aspected by a benefic and lagna lord Jupiter

In the Navamsha 9th house has its own lord Saturn and is aspected Moon.

In the Saptamsha 9th house is aspected by Sun and Jupiter. 9th lord Mercury is in 10th house as is aspected by Lagna lord Saturn. Here Ketu in the 9th house gave him 2 sons, i.e. domination of son. In the BH and in the Saptamsha 9th house/lord is aspected by lagna lord. In the Navamsha 9th lord in the 9th is a saving factor.

Ketu in the 9th house as per Classics:

From Manasagari

1 No distress, calamity or trouble.(Do not take it literaly)

2 Promise of the birth of a son.(Most remarkable point)

3 Luck improves when one is in touch with people in lowly positions.

4 Distress due to brother or sister.

5 Some diseases in the arm.

6 His attempts to improve himself through pious acts is mocked at. Such attempts too may be fruitless. From

Jataka Bharanam

1 Destroyer of tormentors.

2 The desire to have a son.

3 Gain and loss and happiness and unhappiness from people in lowly positions.

4 Disease in the arms.

5 He will be mocked at for the charity he does.

From Phaladeepika

1 Wicked.

2 Does inauspicious acts.

3 Deprived of father.

4 Lacklessness

5 Poverty. 6 Degrades others.

H.N. KatweUnknown Sources

1 King or minister to a king.

2 Religious.

3 Kind

4 Intelligent

5 Fame and glory.


1 Irreligious.

2 Wicked.

3 Is opinionated.

4 Angry.

5 Criticizes others.

6 Quarrels with brothers.

7 Strong.

8 Proud.


In any method of interpretation if the literal meaning is taken as has been given here no one can interpret a horoscope properly. Prediction in astrology is an art of synthesis. Compilations of all these principles in one place as has been done by some writers gives us a chance to examine possibilities. But to be able to arrive at some definitive results some standard parameters will have to be followed. The method of doing it has been shown in my book, The Mystery of Rahu in a Horoscope.

In this paper some parameters are being given to understand the case studies being presented.

1 Examine the position of Ketu in the 5th or the 9th house by first seeing which planet is the lord of the house in which Ketu is placed.

2 Now examine the condition of the dispositor of Ketu.

3 Examine the aspects on Ketu and the lordships of those planets from the lagna.

4 Scrutinize the results of the planets associated with Ketu.

5 Interlink the promises of other house with the results arrived at. It is wrong to pronounce any judgement on Ketu in the 5th or 9th house as being irreligious if the 10th house or karmasthana is excellent

My Observations concluded for Ketu in the 5th house

1. The following observation have been observed by me and it is just like a study at a glance.

2. But we should not jump into the conclusion without studying BH, D9, D7, Varga chart and in study 5th lord/ 5th house/ and Jupiter Karaka.

3. This will help for the balance prediction.


1. Ketu in the 5th give unorthodoxy in marriage either for self or to one of the children. i. either extra marital relation. ii. living together. iii. marriage outside community. iv. senior age of spouse.

2. Ketu in the 5th generally make either self doctor or one of his child.

3. (i) Ketu in the 5th generally give more daughter or son or daughter with a difference of one, e.g. 2 son 3 daughter. (ii) Loss of son is also seen or abortion.

4. Debilitated Ketu, unaspected generally give happy marriage and sons.

My Observations for Ketu in the 9th house

1. It had observed that Ketu in the 9th afflicted give unorthodoxy either in marriage or due to foreign or due to as given in the ovservations.

2. Ketu in the 9th give domination of son.

3. Exalted Ketu in the 9th is not a saving factor.

4. Generally make self youngest or eldest among siblings or among sex. (Shri K.N. Rao's principle for Rahu in 3rd house).

My Conclusions and observations

Some common conclusions and observations are being given here for Ketu in 5th and in the 9th house.

1. An afflicted Ketu in the 9th house denotes unorthodoxy.

2. It is seen that if Ketu in the 9th house is in the birth horoscope or the navamsha in the following rashis: Mesha, Vrishchik or Mithuna and if Mercury, Moon and/or Mars are conjunct it leads to the following results: a) There is some streak of unorthodoxy visible in some area or activity of an individual's life as also mentioned below.

b) If it happens in the birth horoscope and repeats in the navamsha, then the manifestation of such a tendency is certain.

c) These results can be observed even if it occurs only in the birth horoscope, but with more planets among Mercury, Moon and Mars along with above rashi (Mesh, Vrischik or Mithuna).

Other tendencies which become prominent are: living together, extra-marital affairs, drug addiction, more than one marriage, marriage outside one's caste or community. Ketu in the 9th has been seen to give divorce even in orthodox families.