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Peak not reached

Padma Raghvan

(Horoscope of an Army officer analysed. The officer's career did not reach its peak due to partial fructifications of the Rajayogas in his horoscope)

Rajayogas at a glance (Horoscope) – Lagna is Tula,vargottama but subject to a papakartari yoga in the navamsha. The lagna lord, Venus, is in the 10th house with 10th lord, Moon, producing a rajayoga. Venus in Pushya nakshatra forms a Rajyoga according to some south Indian books on astrology. 

Here it is necessary to notice that Venus as the 8th lord in the 10th house can also be a cause for obstruction in the full blossoming of some rajayogas.

In the navamsha, lagna lord is in his own house aspected by 9th lord there.

In the dashamsha, Venus is again in 10th house with 6th Lord Jupiter and 2nd and 7th lord Mars, which together with the aspect of Mars on dashamsha lagna suggests a career in the armed forces. This is confirmed in other ways also as will be shown later.

The association of amatyakaraka, Moon, with Venus in the birth horoscope, indicates that Venus will have a role to play in professional matters in its mahadasha and antardashas if the Jaimini's significations are extended to Vimshottari dasha.

Saturn's Enigmatic Role for Tula Lagna

Saturn, an important planet for Tula lagna, being the 4th and the 5th lord, and therefore a yogakaraka, is vargottama. Atmakaraka, Saturn, is in Mithuna 9th house both in the rashi and navamsha. Its association with 2 and 7 lord Mars, and the aspect of Mars in Navamsha could indicate some problems. Both Saturn and Mars being enemies such an inference can be drawn. Then Saturn's association with the 2nd and the 7th lord can be baneful.

In the dashamsha, the position of Saturn in the 6th house, aspected by 6th lord Jupiter and 10th lord Moon from the 12th, in Dashamansha, could indicate some frustrations or obstructions in career Saturn further is in the nakshatra of the 6th lord, so in unfavourable dasha periods can cause delay and problems regarding children home etc

Mars Improves

Mars, however improves its position by being associated with 5th lord Saturn and placed in the 9th house, in own house in the 2nd house in navamsha and in the 10th house in Dashamsha with lagna lord Venus and friend Jupiter 6th lord and will give a boost in financial matters, position (7th house lordship). Being a malefic for this lagna, there could be some health problems in relevant mahadasha and antar dasha. Mars is also the 10th lord from the Moon.

NoteThe principles of Laghu Parashari pointed out here must be kept in the mind to understand the discussion that follows.

Mercury promises money

The 9th Lord Mercury, placed in 11th with 11th lord and aspected by the 5th lord Saturn is a wealth giving planet. In Navamsha it is aspected by lagna lord Venus with no malefic influences. In Dashamsha it is again in the 11th aspected by 11th lord Sun. In its sub-periods it will give gain and position.

Sun too promises money

Sun, the 11th lord, in the 11th with 9th lord Mercury and aspect of the 5th lord Saturn - a Dhanayoga. 

In Navamsha though Sun is relegated to the 12th, it is aspected by 3rd and 6th lord Jupiter (signifying efforts, competition and service). The 11th house still has the aspect of 5th lord Saturn. The Sun is also the strongest in Shadbala. 

In Dashamsha, Sun is in 5th aspecting 11th and aspected by 9th lord Mercury and 2nd and 7th lord Mars. Dhan and achievement oriented planet. In the sarvashtaka, the 11th house has 30 bindus, indicating wealth, fulfilment of desires.

Jupiter's Role

The 3rd and 6th lord Jupiter in the 12th constituting a vipareeta Rajyoga. 

In Navamsha, Jupiter is in own house, aspected by 11th lord Sun and 5th lord Saturn. 

In Dashamsha, Jupiter in the 10th house with lagna lord Venus and Mars. For service matters, Jupiter will be beneficial. But the aspect of Mars 2nd and 7th lord in Birth Chart and the 11th lord Sun in Navamsha (negative here because it is from the 12th house), association of Venus 8th lord also and Mars in Dashamsha could lead to health problems in unfavourable dasha periods and transits, as its is lagna lord under the influence of 11th lord Sun and 7th lord Mars, morever Jupiter is also in the nakshatra of Sun.

The 10th House and 10th Lord

The 10th lord Moon, placed in own houses with lagna lord Venus a Rajyoga. 

In the navamsha, Moon aspects the 10th house. 

In Dashamsha it goes to the 12th house in subject to a papakartari yoga in Birth Chart. The Moon is further weakened by its lack of directional strength Pakshabal.

The 10th house from the Moon is Mesha, lord Mars in Mithuna in the 12th from Moon with Saturn - 7th and 8th lord from Moon and Rahu.

Both Mesha and Karak fall in Char Rashis leading to movement and changes. Both Moon and Mars are with 8th lords - Venus and Saturn which can give sudden gains as also unexpected happening. Mars aspects 6th lord Jupiter, from Moon and Lagna. Jupiter is also in the nakshatra of the Sun 2nd lord from Moon. A connection is established through weak between 10th lord Mars. 6th lord Jupiter and 2nd lord Sun (from Moon).

In Dashamsha however, Mars is with 6th lord Jupiter, lagna lord Venus in the 10th house and aspects dashamsha lagna, career in the armed forces. From Sun, 10th lord is Venus placed in 12th (from Sun) with Moon in 12th house.

Significantly, all the 10th lord from Moon, Sun in Birth Chart and in Dashamsha Chart go to the 12th house. The 10th lord Moon from lagna is in the nakshatra of the 12th lord Mercury. This means constant change, movement etc. regarding profession during favourable dasha periods but the same could lead to obstacles, frustrations in bad dashas and transits.

Jaimini Angle

Lurking Obstruction

According to Jaimini, from Karakamsha, Mars placed is in lagna aspected by 6th lord Jupiter and himself aspects 6th house. The 10th house from karamasha is Meena which is aspected by both Mars and Jupiter and Atma Karak Saturn. Career with arms.

Atmakaraka, Saturn is in 9th and amatyakaraka, Moon in the 10th. Both are good positions. But Atma Karak and Amatya Karak are in 2/12 positions in Birth Chart, 6/8 in Navamsha and though 1/7 in Dashamsha is in the 6/12 axis. this shows weakness.

The Clear Promise

Atmakaraka and putrakaraka are more favourably placed - in Birth Chart in 4/10 and also in Navamsha and 5/9 in Dashamsha. Planets influencing Amatya Karak Moon, Venus in Birth Chart and Saturn in Dashamsha will have a say in professional matters.

The presence of Moon and Venus in 2nd from Karakamasha constitutes a Dhanayoga. This is not repeated in Navamsha nor in Dashamsha. The mutual aspects of atmakaraka/putrakaraka is present in both the Birth Chart and Navamsha. This is beneficial, there are yogas present specially dhanayogas though the unfavourable relationship between Atma Karak and Amatya Karak must prove difficult at times.

Other Events
(For the Verification of horoscope)


Graduated in the Vimshottari dasha of Ket/Mar and Chara dasha of Dhanu.

Ketu is aspected by 5th lord Saturn and the 5th house is aspected by Sun and Mercury. In Ven/Ven, he had OTA (Officer Training Academy) course at Madras before being commissioned in the army. Venus is in the nakshatra of 5th lord and in the 10th house. Education career was in the Chara Dasha of Dhanu which is been aspected by Putra Karak Jupiter.

Marriage in Ven/Rah/Mer (Vimshottari) and Chara Dasha of Makar/Karka.

He was married on Feb, 6, 1974 in Venus/Rahu/Mercury. Venus the natural Darakaraka is, in the nakshatra of Saturn, 7th Lord from Moon. From the lagna, Rahu with the 7th lord, Mars.

From the Moon, Rahu is with 7th lord Saturn. Rahu is aspected by 7th lord Mars in Navamsha, Mercury placed 7th in Navamsha, while in Chara Dasha, Makar is aspected by darakaraka Mercury. Upapada is Karka and the Makar period is the 7th from it.


The 1st Child daughter was born on Dec, 11 1974 Ven/Rah/Mon (Vimshottari and Chara dasha of Makar/Vrishabha. Venus is in nakshatra of the 5th lord, Saturn. Rahu with 5th lord Saturn in Birth Chart. Rahu is in 5th house in Navamsha. 

In Jaimini, Putrakaraka, Jupiter is in 9th from Makar, while Vrishabha is 5th from Makar and putrakaraka, Jupiter is in the 5th from here, promising the birth of a child.

The 2nd child Son born on 11-9-1976 in Ven/Jup/Ven. From the Moon, Jupiter the natural Putra Karak, aspected by 5th lord Mars. 

In Navamsha , Jupiter is aspected by 5th lord Saturn. In Jaimini Char Dasha Makara/Kumbha was running. The 5th house form Kumbha is aspected by Putra Karak Jupiter.


He was commissioned in Army on 2nd March 1968, in Ven/Ven/Mer of Vimshottari Dasha and in Char Dasha it was Dhanu/Mina period. Maha Dasha lord Venus in the 10th House with 10th lord and Moon in it. 

Dashamansha with 6th lord Jupiter and 2nd and 7th lord Mars. 

In Navamsha , in own house aspected by 9th lord Mercury, being with amatyakaraka, Moon in Birth Chart, Venus responsible for career making.

The Mercury Pratyantar Dasha and 9th lord in 11th house with 11th lord and aspected by 5th lord Saturn, showing gain. In Navamsha aspected by lagna lord Venus. 

In Dashamsha in the 11th house, aspected by 11th lord Sun showing gain, which here means the first salary.

In transit, Venus the mahadasha and antardasha lord was in Makara. Char Dasha was of Dhanu/Mina. The Dhanu Rashi aspected by both atmakaraka, Saturn and putrakaraka, Jupiter in Birth Chart, which is 10th from Dhanu and is again aspected by atmakaraka and which has Jupiter the putrakarak. 

In Navamsha Dhanu aspected by atmakaraka, Saturn and putrakarak, Jupiter. 

In Dashamansha there are mutual aspects of atma karak amatyakarak.

In Mina antardasha atmakarak is in 4th and amatyakaraka in 5th showing a period of career making. Mina is aspected by atmakaraka and putrakaraka. The 10th house from Mina, Dhanu also comes under the influence of both these. 

In Navamsha, Jupiter is putrakaraka, therein and aspected by atmakaraka, Saturn. 

In Dashamsha Mina has atmakarak, Saturn, aspected by amatyakaraka, Moon. In transit amatyakarak, Moon, in Mina aspecting Dhanu.

The Second Rise: Ven/Mon/Mer, Makara/ Dhanu as Captain 12th Sept, 1970.

Moon the antardasha lord, the 10th lord in all 3 divisional charts and in Birth Chart Venus in 10th which is Maha Dasha. 

In Navamsha, Moon aspects 10th house while in Dashamsha it is in the 12th house aspected by 5th lord Saturn from 6th house. Transfer and a change for the better. Moon's promise brought about in Mercury. pratyantra dasha, who is also 12th lord. 

While in transit, Venus was in Tula, Moon as antar dasha lord in Makara aspecting 10th house. Mercury in Simha in the 11th house. Makara Rashi aspected by darakaraka Mercury and 11th lord Sun, which is 10th from Makara. Tula Rashi again is aspected by Dara Karak Mercury and 11th lord Sun. 

Dasha of Moon, the 10th lord in own house, aspecting 10th house in Navamsha but in the 12th in Dashamsha gave a setback in Jupiter Antar Dasha. In Saturn’s Antar Dasha, the native was posted out of Delhi and has been cleared by medical board (first step). The final clearance was to be given later in the relevant year. Saturn, though a yogakaraka would delay, as was shown earlier when the period of Saturn was analysed but may not deny any further promotion

Attended Professional Training in Vimshottari dasha of Ven/Sat to Ven/Mer from Jan 81 to Dec 81 and in Char dasha it was Kumbha/Simha to Kumbha/Kanya.

Venus in nakshatra of 5th lord Saturn, in 10th showing connection with career. 

Saturn 5th lord in all the 3 Charts. Saturn associated with Mars, 5th and 10th lord from Moon. Saturn aspected by Moon, 10th lord in Dashamsha and by Jupiter 6th lord, Mercury aspecting 5th house in Birth Chart and Dashamsha. 

Kumbha Rashi 5th house in all 3 charts. Kumbha aspected by Amatya Karak Moon in Birth Chart, 5th from Kumbha, Mithuna aspected by Putra Karak Jupiter. 

In Dashamsha Kumbha aspected by Putra Karak Jupiter. The antar Dasha Simha, 5th from it aspected by Putra Karak Jupiter, and the Antra Dasha of Kanya has Putra Karak Jupiter placed therein.

As shown earlier all 3 planets can give a rise. In transit, Venus just became retrograde in Makar aspecting 10th house. Mercury in Dhanu was aspecting 9th house and 10th lord from Moon.

Kumbha was aspected by Amatya Karak, Moon 10th, from Kumbha, Vrishika was aspected by Amatya Karak .

In Navamsha aspected by Dara Karak Mercury and lagna lord Venus. 

In Dashamsha aspected by lagna lord Venus, Putra Karak Jupiter and Mars. Kanya Antar Dasha aspected by Ak and has Putra Karak Jupiter in it. Amatya Karak Moon is 11th from it.

In Navamsha Kanya aspected by Atma Karak (AK) Saturn and Putra Karak Jupiter. 

In Dashamsha it has the Amatya Karak aspected by Atma Karak Saturn. In transit Amatya Karak Moon in Kumbha the Rashi Dasha.

Promoted to Lt Col on 15th March 1987in Vimshottari dasha of Sun/Rah/Mar and in Char dasha it was Mina/Karka. The maha dasha lord Sun, as 11th lord in 11th house with 9th Mercury and aspected by 5th lord Saturn. Sun in the nakshatra of Venus Lagna Lord, placed in the 10th house, giving professional rise and gain. 

In Navamsha Sun establishes connection with 6th lord Jupiter and in Dashamsha aspected by 9th lord Mercury and 2nd and 7th lord Mars showing financial gains.

Rahu the Antar Dasha lord in the 9th with yogakaraka Saturn and in the 5th in Navamsha. In Dashamsha Rahu is in Lagna. So gave a rise.

Mars, the Pratyantar Dasha lord, strong in Shadbala in the 9th in Birth Chart with Saturn in 2nd in Navamsha (own house) and in the 10th in Dashamsha aspecting lagna gave a promotion. Mars also happens to be the 10th lord from moon.

Sun Maha Dasha lord in transit had just entered Mina, earlier aspecting the 11th house. Rahu in Mina both on Atma Karak in Dashamsha , aspecting Amatya Karak Moon. Mars in Mesha, aspecting 10th house.

Karka Antar Dasha has Amatya Karak Moon. 10th from Karka, Mesha is aspected by Dara Karak Mercury and 11th lord Sun. In Dashamsha Karka has lagna lord, Jupiter the Putra Karak and Mars aspected by Sun 11th lord. Rise with gain.

In transit Amatya Karak Moon in Simha aspecting Mesha, 10th Rashi from Karka.

Promoted as Col in 2/4/90 in Vimshottari dasha of Sun/Ven/Ven and in Char dasha of Mina/Makara.

As shown earlier, all planets indicating rise. In transit, Sun was in Mina in 6th house.

In transit Amatya Karak Moon in Mithuna aspecting Mina. Atma Karak Saturn in Makar Rashi.

Setback due to health in Vimshottari dasha of Mon/Jup/Ket and Char dasha it was Vrishbha/Tula problem

He was due for a promotion in 1994 but suffered a heart attack on 19th Sept, 1994 and was put on low medical category. 

Moon the Maha Dasha lord, is weak in pakshabal and is in Sarpa Dreshkona with 8th lord Venus, who also happens to be the lord of the 22nd Dreshkona and in the nakshatra of 12the lord Mercury leading to hospitalisation. The 4th house has the malefic aspect of 2/7 lord Mars, the 6th lord Jupiter, 8th lord Venus and Moon. In Dashamsha Moon in the 12th house aspected by Saturn. This became a negative factor due to the prevailing Antar Dasha of 6th lord Jupiter.

Jupiter 6th lord, the Antar Dasha lord posited in 12th in Sun's nakshatra and aspected by 2/7 lord Mars. 

In Navamsha Jupiter again in 6th aspected by 11th lord Sun and Saturn. 

In Dashamsha, Jupiter with 2/7 lord mars and lagna lord and 8th lord Venus.

Ketu the Pratyantar Dasha lord in Venus (8th lord aspected by Saturn and Mars).

Vrishbha the 8th rashi in all the 3 charts aspected by 8th lord Venus in all the 3 charts. The Maha Dasha and Antar Dasha are in 6/8 positions.

Tula the lagna rashi aspected by 11th lord Sun and 12th lord Mercury in Birth Chart and Dashamsha charts. In Navamsha, Tula aspected by Rahu.

The 6/8 position of Maha Dasha and Antar Dasha Rashis is present in all the 3 charts.

Role of Venus

In Dasha of Venus, though involved in a Rajyoga did not give any spectacular results in its ruling period. This may be due to :–

a. Venus being the 8th lord also and involved in a Rajyoga, could have diluted it.

b. Venus in an enemy’s house.

c. lacking in directional strength.

d. In the nakshatra of Saturn, which being yogakaraka did not deny a rise but delayed it. The Rajyoga involving Venus and the 10th lord was not repeated in the Navamsha or Dashamsha charts.

In the Dasha of Sun, lord of the 11th house and placed in own house with 9th lord Mercury and aspected by 5th lord Saturn gave 2 quick promotions. In the nakshatra of Venus, the lagna lord, Sun gave financial gain with rise in career. 

In Navamsha though relegated to the 12th house, it is aspected by Jupiter, from its own house, the 6th showing a connection between the 6th house, 6th lord and 11th house. The Sun is also the strongest in Shadbal. 

In the Dashamsha it is again aspected by 9th lord Mercury and 2/7 lord Mars. Being the 11th lord however, it gave some health problems in the end of its dasha which was later carried on to the dasha of the Moon.

Moon MD lord in Kumbha aspects 11th house and 11th lord Jupiter AD lord with Rahu in lagna. Ketu in Mesha 7th house , Mercury in 12th house Kanya, Mars in Mithuna 6th lord Jupiter. Venus lagna lord in Tula with Rahu and 6th lord Jupiter. Sun in Kanya in 12th house. Jupiter in Tula Saturn (R) in Kumbha aspecting 11th house and 11th lord and afflicting lagna lord Venus from previous house.

Promotion on 31/12/70 in Ven/Mer/Ven of Vimshottari dasha while Char dasha it was Kumbha/Kanya

Venus MD lord in Tula aspecting aspecting 10th house. Mercury AD lord in Dhanu aspecting 10th lord from Moon. Moon 10th lord in Kumbha in 11th house. Sun in Dhanu aspecting 10th lord from Moon. Mars in Kanya aspecting 10th house from Moon. Rahu in Mithuna. Saturn (R) in Mesha, the 10th house from Moon. Jupiter in Tula, aspecting 10th house and 10th lord from Moon.

Promotion again on 15/3/87 in the Vimshottari dasha of Sun/Rah/Mar while Char dasha was of Mina/Karka.

Sun just entered Mina 6th house, aspecting 10th in Dashamsha. Rahu Antar dasha in Mina the 6th house. Mars Pratyantar dasha lord in Mesha. 10th house from Moon. Moon 10th lord in Smha in 11th house. Venus in Makara aspected from 10th house from Moon. Mercury in Kumbha in 11th house. Saturn in Vrishchik aspecting 11th house. In Navamsha Saturn aspecting Moon and is on Mars 10th lord from Moon. Jupiter aspecting 10th house.

Promotion again in Sun/Ven/Ven of Vimshottari dasha and in Char dasha it was running Mina/Makar on 2/4/90.

Sun in Mina 6th house aspecting 10th lord in Dashamsha Venus in Kumbha aspecting 11th house. Mars in Makar aspecting 10th house.Mercury in Mesha, 10th house from Moon Rahu in Makara aspecting 10th house. Saturn in Makar aspecting 10th house and 10th lord. Jupiter in Mithuna on 10th lord from Moon.