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KASHMIR (Updated)
Today, 5 August 2019 has become a historic day in our history as something which could not be done in 70 years has taken shape now. Union Home minister Amit Shah has announced that Article 370 which grants special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir will be scrapped. He also announced that Jammu and Kashmir will no longer be a state and it will be bifurcated into two Union Territories— Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh.  daha fazlasını oku..daha fazlasını oku..
Is ours an ideal democracy!! Hardly so, it is far from being an ideal democracy; where there should be  two equal opponents, like Conservative and Labour party in Britain; like Republican and Democratic party in USA. As for India, for the two major parties here i.e. Congress and BJP there has never been a state of relative equilibrium. There was a time when Congress was all powerful for a long time, BJP had not come into existence then. BJP came into existence and gradually spread its wings and the status now of present election result on 23 May 2019 is that BJP alone bagged 303 seats and 353 seats along with its NDA Alliance. Congress on the other hand could muster only 52 seats; along with UPA, Congress got 91. Other parties won 98 seats. What to talk of equality, Congress party could not win even 55 seats which is the requisite 10 % to become the official opposition. daha fazlasını oku..daha fazlasını oku..
Yazıcı Dostu Arkadaşıma gönder


Concern over a global tragedy from third world war, an earthquake or a disaster of huge magnitude in 2020 was doing rounds in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan from beginning of the year 2019. The fear of a world paralysis with a transformative impact in 2020 was based on repeated warnings by Mr. K.N Rao on several occasions during the last four years. In the Mundane astrology class of International Vedic Astrology Program on October, 19, 2019 he discussed at length the disturbed phase of decline and destruction of 2020. He used the New Moon Chart (Diwali of 2019), the eclipse chart of 26th December, 2019, foundation chart of India and Chaitra Shukla Pratipada chart of 2020 to explain the cataclysmic changes of 2020. This goes hugely to the credit of astrology as these predictions were based on Mundane parameters. Many of the techniques and parameters that we have been teaching since the last 33 years in Institute of Astrology, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan clearly point towards the present corona times. We can with conviction discuss the astrological why and how of corona virus and its outcome. 

Rare Transits That Triggered a Paradigm Shift: It has been observed that whenever Saturn or Jupiter or both transit a sign with Rahu-Ketu, the impact is more pronounced as Rahu-Ketu are catalyst. In fiery signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius the transit of Saturn has been found more devastating. One of the recent examples is World-War II when Rahu-Ketu axis was on Aries-Libra with Saturn in Aries from 1939. When Saturn Ketu conjunction in fiery Aries sign took place after three hundred years then the Cuban missile crisis  took place between America and Russia. 

In 1962 the axis was on Capricorn-Cancer. IndoChina became the flashpoint then and we were very near a World War III with Cuban missile crisis. 

In February of 1962 there were eight planets conjunct in Capricorn. This triggered a paradigm shift in India. The great Mundane astrologer, Varahmihira has given the region which is India now, Capricorn Ascendant. The post World War II Ascendant of China is also Capricorn. 

Eclipse_June_1918 Journal of Astrology
On June 9, 1918 the eclipse had six planets in its fold on the dreaded 2/8 (Taurus-Scorpio) axis with Saturn in Cancer. Jupiter was in absolue conjunction with Ketu at same degrees. This triggered Spanish Flu which wiped a sizable population from earth. It is said that there was no known cure for spanish flu. People suffered from high fever and were treated for that. When they started to gasp for breath the doors and windows were opened for fresh air. There were no ventilators and oxygen was not available to the majority. Scores died, only a few survived after getting infected. It is estimated that 50 million people perished in this pandemic.

In December, 2019 there were six planets conjunct in Saggitarius with Venus and Mars in adjoining houses. Almost making the rare eight planet conjunction like the one witnessed in February, 1962, but in fiery sign Saggitarius. The Jupiter, Mercury and Ketu are rulers of Jeeva (living things) as per Chapter 1, Sloka 47 of Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra. The three were tightly gripped by Saturn and other planets in the sign of Jupiter. All this happpened in Moola nakshatra which represents roots. This seems to be the main cause for the global pandemic we are struggling with as a similar transit occurred 100 years ago that trigured spanish flu. The 2020 pandemic spread wildly with the movement of Mars from Scorpio to Sagittarius where there was Ketu. Mars moved further to Capricorn where Saturn was already there. There was some respite when Mars got into Aquarius from the perspective of the whole world. The respite was more in Europe and South East Asia. India, Brazil and US continued to reel under the pandemic. It further reduced in intensity when Rahu-Ketu change signs on 16th September, 2020. This transit when put in chakras and charts was found more venomous. If transit caused the corona virus, it should disappear with a more favourable transit. But that is not the case. There are other reasons as well. The pandemic of 1918-20 lasted for two years.

Eclipse Dec 2019 Journal of Astrology
The current pandemic seems to have been triggred by the eclipse of 26.12.2019. The impact of an eclipse remains for six months is what we have learnt form muhurta principles and their practice. The conventional view is that it leaves the nakshatra damaged and no positive results are predicted from that nakshatra area. A zodiac sign is made from a group of stars. A constellation (nakshtra) is a part of the zodiac sign which comprises of stars or a single star. So a nakshatra can be called a sub-group of stars or a single star for a zodiac sign. The eclipse happened in the moola nakshatra. Moola means root or the base. It is located in the central part of our galaxy, milky way. It also relates to roots and medicine, root of disease as also micro-organisms like viruses since it is lorded by Ketu. The deity for this nakshatra is Nritti, the Goddess of destruction. Rahu was in Ardra nakshtara. The presiding deity is Rudra. Rahu is powerful as it is in own nakshatra, it appears that anger and fury of Lord Shiva has manifested.

This nakshatra was loaded with four planets-Sun, Moon, Mercury and Jupiter at the time of the eclipse. Jupiter and Mercury were very close to Sun. This happens rarely and therefore can be said to be a major factor for corona virus. An eclipse with six planets in a zodiac sign is quite uncommon. The eclipse of 2019 took in its fold two major planets Jupiter and Saturn, who are stage-setters. During the pandemic of 1918-20. Jupiter was conjunct with Ketu. The conjunction of these two is harbinger of virus. Jupiter, during the eclipse of 2019 was very close to Sun which was not the case during World War II when Saturn was in Aries. 

In 2008-2009 when Saturn was in Leo a global financial crisis was triggered. The Mars and Venus were in adjoining signs at the time of eclipse of December 2019. So there was involvement of all the eight planets. Quite similar to the Ashtgraha yoga of February 1962 which brought us very near to world war III . In October, 1962 India was in deep trouble after the Chinese attack. Such planetary configurations are rare and have the potential to bring pandemics when taking place in nakshatra like Moola in sign of Jupiter with Jupiter and Mercury. Extreme weather conditions followed the eclipse.

The eclipses are intense transits that trigger major phases. The eclipse of 26th December, 2019 took place in the 8th house of Indian Independence horoscope. It was in the sixth from Moon sign of Indian Independence horoscope. It happened in the twelfth house of Chinese foundation horoscope. The Corona virus pandemic that started to spread in India from March 2019 was followed by many calamities including Cyclone Amphan that hit Bengal on 22nd May, 2020. It was the worst to hit Bengal in 283 years and cyclone Nisarga that hit Maharashtra. Cyclone Nisarga was the worst in a 100 years in the region. The locust attack that was seen in North India from 21st May to 27th May was also the worst in 30 years. 

In June, 2020 we had rain storm in China which caused extensive damage. The last such storms were seen in 2013. In USA there was a dust storm. Such intensity was not seen in a 100 years. Unusual wildfires and heat in Siberia in 2020. Perhaps indicating the annoyance of nature triggered by the eclipse.

New Moon Diwali Chart Date: 28/10/2019, Time: 09:08:14, Place: New Delhi.
New Moon Diwali Chart 2019 Journal of Astrology
This chart is also used for predicting one year prospects, from one Deepawali to the next. Though normally the New Moon and Full Moon charts are studied to predict happenings during the ensuing fortnight, predictions about economy and trade for one year are also made through this chart of Diwali day as it is patronised mostly by the trading community. In this horoscope the third lord of movement, progress, self effort and neighbors, Saturn which is the fourth lord of Gross Domestic Product, growth and development also is aspected by Mars which is the malefic sixth lord and the Ascendant lord as well. It is noteworthy that both Saturn and Mars are at 21 degrees and aspect each other. This points towards the intensity of the happenings during the year. Since Mars and Saturn are malefics and signifactors of devastation and destruction some game changing events are to be predicted. The Saturn is called kaal, the significator of time also. Mars Saturn mutual aspect or connection is always bad. Their same degrees suggest worse with major transformative changes. The fourth house matters that Saturn and Mars impact also include weather and its fury. The extreme cold around the the eclipse of 26th December, 2019 in northern hemisphere and bush fires in southern hemisphere were a rare phenomena, not witnessed in recent times. The transfer of corona virus to humans can be attributed to Mars-Saturn mutual aspect in same degrees in the New Moon chart. Besides this, the two lumminaries, Sun and Moon, lord of 9th and 10th of this chart are in the 12th house. In navamsha, Mars is debilitated and again there is mutual aspect of Saturn and Mars through Saturn is exalted. When we apply the condensed dasha on this chart, we find it was the dasha of Saturn in February, March and April, 2020 for this chart.

Foundation Chart of Indian Independence: Date: 15/08/1947, Time: 00:01, Place: New Delhi
Indian Independence 1947 Journal of Astrology
It is the dasha of Moon-Saturn from 5th December, 2019 to 5th July 2021. The Moon is 3rd lord in 3rd house with Saturn. The Saturn is the 9th and 10th lord from Ascendant and 7th and 8th lord from mahadasha lord Moon is in the 3rd house of movement. MoonSaturn therefore have the potential to bring the movement and progress to a grinding halt. In navamsha, the Moon is in Rahu-Ketu axis and Saturn is the 6th and 7th lord in the 6th house with 10th and 3rd lord Venus. Saturn dasha did not prove good for third house, neighbours and border matters for India, both in 1948 and 1962 also.

Chaitra Shukla Pratipada, 2019 Date: 05/04/2019, Time: 14:18:47, Place New Delhi 
Chaitra Shukla Pratipada Journal of Astrology
There are six planets in dusthanas 6-8-12 houses. Out of which three in 6th house of disease. In the condensed vimshottari dasha it was the dasha of Jupiter and Saturn from December, 2019 to March 24, 2020. Jupiter is in moola nakshatra and is aspected by Mars from close degrees. In navamsha, Moon the Ascendant lord of main chart is afflicted by Sun and Saturn. The navamsha Ascendant lord, Saturn is aspected by Mercury the eighth lord which is in the fourth house. Overall a weak chart indicating the pandemic from December in the the dasha of Jupiter and Saturn.

Chaitra Shukla Pratipada, 2020 Date: 24/03/2020, Time: 14:57:59, Place New Delhi
Chaitra Shukla Pratipada 2020 Journal of Astrology
In this chart also there are six planets in 6,7,8 and 12 houses. Mars and Saturn are in the 7th house of war. The dasha in this case began with the dasha of 8th lord Saturn followed by Mercury the 12th and 3rd lord of movement in the 8th. There was some betterment in the condensed vimshottari dasha in July, 2020 as per this chart. The Covid situation was dire but after exit of Rahu-Ketu from Sagittarius-Gemini a decline in the number of cases is seen.

Chaitra Shukla Pratipada, 2021 Date: 12/4/2021, Time: 08:00:38, Place: New Delhi

Chaitra Shukla Pratipada 2021 Journal of Astrology
There is a mix of good and bad in this chart. The exchange of 12th lord and Ascendant lord is not good. As also Mars and Rahu in the Ascendant. Jupiter as the 8th lord in Ascendant is also not good. Indicating that the struggle setbacks of 2020 will be carried forward but the positive side is also there with three planets in the 11th house and Saturn, the 9th lord in 9th which indicate recovery. 

Chaitra Shukla Pratipada, 2022 Date: 01/04/2022, Time: 11:54:09, Place: New Delhi 
Chaitra Shukla Pratipada 2022 Journal of Astrology
This will also be a bad year for India with multiple problems as Mars and Saturn are together in the eighth house.

Sanghatta Rashi Chakra 
As per an article by Mr. K.N. Rao “Prism of a Prediction” For a war or war like situation to break out Mars and Saturn must join. If the aspect of Parashara exist even then they must be re-examined through chakra aspect for precision. This technique has been found working in many cases.

Horoscope Date: 31-05-1984 with Taurus Ascendant: Rashi Sanghatta Chakra for same date 

Rashi Sanghatta Chakra is an important 'Chakra' prescribed by Lord Shiva which a great Mahatma had also recommended to Shri K.N. Rao.i.e Rashi and Nakshatra chakra.Sanghatta Horoscope 1984
Sanghatta and Nakshatra Chakras 1984  Journal of Astrology

Many a times when Parashara aspects seem to be absent, chakra aspect ignite. On 30th May 1984 eclipse it would appear that Saturn and Rahu are not mutually aspecting each other but if we carefully look at the Sagittarius chart of 30th May, 1984 eclipse. it would be clear that Saturn and Rahu aspect each other. 

War with China a) In October, 1962, Saturn, Ketu in Capricorn and Mars, Rahu in Cancer fully aspected each other. On October, 2020 they were fully conjunct at 11 degrees War with China broke out.

Koorma Chakra
Varahamihira in his monumental work has divided India according to direction represented by 27 nakshatras. The figure is similar to a tortoise. Under this scheme three nakshatras form a unit. Each unit represent certain parts of the country. The starting unit of this chakra is central India from where it proceeds from East to South East, South, South-West West, North West, North and North East. This chakra has been tested with some major events that impacted India like the Gujarat Earthquake of January 26, 2001 and the Mumbai riots of November, 2008. 
Sanghatta_Nakshatra_Chakras_1918_1962_2019 Journal of Astrology
It has proved its validity in the present corona times. The hardest hit places by corona virus like Maharashtra had most of the malefics influencing the direction for most of the time. The Western part of the country was found more vulnerable than the eastern. Twenty one percent covid deaths and thirty percent of all cases were from Maharashtra . 

The earth should have a horoscope with an Ascendant of its own. Once we have that there would be dashas and transit that would apply to that chart. Since we do not have a dependable

 Ascendant, we presume Aries to be the Ascendant of earth. Some astrologers feel that the sign Aries is Koorma Chakra 2020 Journal of Astrologyaligned to the galctical pole and base their predictions on transit from Aries. We need more research to adopt Aries as the Ascendant of the world. Even if we fix the Ascendant we cannot apply the dashas as we do not know the date and time. Till then we have to rely merely on transit. The tested Chaitra shukla pratipada charts and foundation charts are therefore more dependable.

The planetary configurations found during global tragedies of last few centuries are quite similar. Since a bad transit triggered corona times, it will not be wrong to predict some respite after the malefics separate in transit. This happened in September, 2020. Additionally, the situation in different countries can be gauged by their Chaitra Shukla Pratipada charts which have a validity of one year. As also from dashas and promise of their foundation charts. A situation of normalcy after three years when the Chaitra Shukla Pratipada chart gets better seems likely for India. There would Corona impact continuing or world war in2022. 

It has taken taken 2 to 5 years for normalacy to return after such global tragic shocks triggered by similar configurations. The world is already in an economic recession and is heading towards a deep depression. The Indian economy may not recover till end of 2022. 

We take help of yugas and samvatsara to predict good and bad times in Mundane Astrology. In 2020 we are deep into kaliyuga and the samvatsara is Pramadi. As per Vishwviajay Panchang which was printed much before March this year. This Samvatsar is good for grains but not good for juicy fruits and sugarcane. There will be war between nations and religious fanaticism. Mercury as King of the year would bring many corrupt into focus. Mercury also represents living beings therefore virus also.

Sorrow and grief as result of flouting of moral norms of the society during kaliyuga has been predicted by Sage Tulsidas five hundred years ago. 

Solar cycles also could be responsible for the pandemic.These solar cycles of eleven years are important as the Sun is the significator of soul, seeds, vitality and life-giving energy. It is noteworthy that solar cycle are being observed since 1755, when extensive recording of solar sunspot activity began. The present solar cycle started in late 2019 when the virus surfaced. The 24th Solar cycle began in December 2008. The global financial crisis was during the junction of these 11 year cycles. It has been observed that major changes take place around the end of one solar cycle and beginning of the next. The pandemic of 1918-20 was also at the junction of another solar cycle.

We have to learn to live with Covid 19 like we have with all the millions of pathogens that mankind has faced. Only smallpox and Polio could truly be defeated by man after decades of struggle. Our struggle could continue with corona for several years. 

It has been observed that malefic concentration on 2/8 axis and 4/10 axis has brought bad time in case of India. Varahmihira had assigned Capricorn Ascendant to India. 

From the planetary configurations that have brought the present corona times it can be said they are exceptional times. They have come here to bring a historical transformation as earlier similar configurations have done. The virus is not going to vanish in thin air and forgotten easily. It is here to stay therefore for a few years. The planets have a task at hand, the changes therefore would be lasting. Surely the present planetary configuration is harbinger of an a new era, new normal would have revised social norms for another ten years behavioural norms. All this can be seen seen through the super science of astrology. 

Similar planetary configuration that brought Spanish flu of 1918-20 wiped one third of world's population. It is reported that 15 million people died in this flu in India itself. Bodies were seen floating in river Ganges. There is poem by the great poet Suryakant Tripathi Nirala. He lost his family members. It is said that Gandhiji was also infected but recovered. 

There are lot of similarities between the transit of 1918-20 and 2019-20. There is close conjunction of Jupiter and Ketu which was found in both the pandemic. It happened in the most dreaded axis Taurus Scorpio. Prior to Ketu's movement in Taurus and Saturn's movement in Cancer, both were in the 3-9 axis like in the pandemic of 2020. Jupiter represents living things-the virus. In both cases the virus jumped the human-animal barrier perhaps around the eclipse time. There is a similarity. There is a definitely a pattern. From the internet: In 1918, misfortune befell the 22 year-old poet Suryakant Tripathi, better known as Nirala or “the strange one.” “I travelled to the river bank in Dalmau and waited,” he wrote in his memoir, A Life Misspent. “The Ganga was swollen with dead bodies. At my in-laws’ house, I learned that my wife had passed away.” Many other members of Nirala’s family died too. There was not enough wood to cremate them. “This was the strangest time in my life”, he recalled later. “My family disappeared in the blink of an eye. All our sharecroppers and labourers died, the four who worked for my cousin, as well as the two who worked for me. My cousin’s eldest son was fifteen years old, my young daughter a year old. In whichever direction I turned, I saw darkness.” These deaths were not just a coincidence of personal tragedies visited upon the poet, they were connected: “The newspapers had informed us about the ravages of the epidemic,” Nirala wrote. 

The epidemic was actually a pandemic that affected not just the subcontinent but the entire globe. The disease, influenza, claimed between 50 and 100 million lives worldwide—possibly more than both world wars combined—and India was the country that bore the greatest burden of death. Though other countries lost a higher fraction of their populations— Western Samoa (now Samoa) lost 22 percent, for example, compared to 6 percent in India—because of the larger size of the Indian population, that 6 percent translated into a staggering slew of death. Between 1918 and 1920, an estimated 18 million Indians lost their lives to influenza or its complications, making India the focal point of the disaster in terms of mortality. Asia as a whole experienced some of the highest flu-related death rates in those years, but the story of how the disease ravaged the continent is relatively unknown. The 1918 flu pandemic has been called the “forgotten” pandemic, and ironically the continent that seems to have forgotten it most thoroughly is the one that bore the brunt of it. 

Currently, the crisis at hand is a global crisis and no one is excluded. It has taken one closer to life's reality with death staring. The ego was taken to the back burner Everyone started to look towards the sky when no answer was found on earth. The fear of death and vulnnerability has seeped into everyone. In such a situation there is churning of the mind which asks the self many fundamental questions. It has drastically changed our mindset. It has surgically changed our lifestyles and behaviour. The engine of economy was choked and the wheels rusted it would take decades to come back on track with speed. Many replacements and changes would be required. 

The fact is that such times have come before and will come again. They are cyclical. 

What brought this pandemic? When will it end? The ongoing buzzing sentences we have not seen such times ever is incorrect. History has a stockpile of such times. It is just that we do not look back and learn from the past. Here is a poem written in 1869 and reprinted during pandemic of 1918-20. 

This is Timeless.... 

And people stayed at home, And read books, And listened, And they rested, And did exercises, And made art and played, And learned new ways of being, And stopped and listened, More deeply. Someone meditated, someone prayed. Someone met their shadow. And people began to think differently. And people healed. And in the absence of people who Lived in ignorant ways Dangerous, meaningless and heartless. The earth also began to heal And when danger ended and People found themselves. They grieved for the dead And made new choices. And dreamed of new visions. And created new ways of living. And completely healed the earth. Just as they were healed.

What will Corona Leave. 

1) A global tragedy but a historic one as it will bring correction in many areas. There will be a pre-corona and a post-corona world with a marked difference The lifestyles and mindset will undergo a major change. 

We will begin to fear nature and its creator God as the realization would come that such times had come in the past and can come again no matter how scientifically and medically advanced we become, We will go deep inside us and reach a higher level of consciousness. The actions would more driven by heart than logic. We will go back to our roots. 

Corona times would bring extreme discipline with regard hygiene and behaviour. We are not going to live our lives as we have lived so far as the present crisis has given rise to many frightening and scary thoughts. We may become as conscious as we perhaps became after 1920 and may soon forget again. 

A friend in need is a friend indeed . Relations between friends, neighbors and countries will undergo a change. 

Less of pollution more of sunshine will make the clouds glide happily and shower more rains than normal. Seasons, forgotten for a long time will be back in their original form. 

Global recession would be the worst since Great depression of 1930. 

We will enter a new era of digitalisation.
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