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Journal of Astrology Newsletter October 2012

Can Ketu free us from Kaliyuga bondage?
Deeper the bond with life, graver the misery from it. All of us tend to disregard this essential truth. But not so, the spiritually inclined and the astrology conscious - they are closer to absorbing these truths. The much hyped rise in suffering, by leaps in kaliyuga is an amply visible and hard-to-deny trend. It affects all. Can it be reversed? It can. All you need is an in-depth Gyan (knowledge) of the Gita. And of the movements of that elusive Ketu. You will discover your eternal Atma (spirit) and develop a more intimate link with it. This will energize the much needed connection to the soul which will make life more fulfilling.

Ketu Presses the spirituality prompting Nadis
Ketu plays a vital role in matters of the soul. Astrology shows how planets and points work in their dashas and transit to move you towards pre- determined destinations to settle your karma account. Watch out for the close conjunctions in transit and shifts in dashas (dasha chiddra). They surely lift you or put you down, decisively. During the phases, dominated by malefics- Rahu, Ketu, Mars and Saturn in a horoscope one is gripped by insecurity and self- created fear of the uncertainties of life. In addition, Ketu, in its periods, brings fear of the unknown and of the world beyond. Being the moksha karaka, Ketu plays a key role in unhooking us from the bondage that may have lasted for several lives and would last for many more remaining to liquidate our karmas for most. Some remain eternally bonded with life for the karmas are never liquidated.

Ketu’s Irritation is Spiritual Initiation
Ketu, a malefic, who behaves like the violent malefic Mars, jolts you into reflecting on spirituality. Ketu’s impact at times is shocking. Ketu governs universal exit and entry doors and has the capacity to suspend us in peace and tranquility. Vedic astrology recognizes Ketu as one of the nine moving influences that regulate life’s journey on the earth and beyond. It also shows how Ketu has been assigned the task to unhook us. Ketu is the spark that can fire the spirituality in you. It stokes wars and revolutionary changes. Though it may take several lives to reach the sublime moksha condition, the process can be started by choosing the spiritual path by an understanding of Ketu.

The many Firsts of Ketu
Ketu perhaps ushers us to this earth and leads our exit to the Universe to the world beyond which could be adorned with spirituality and the sublime. It facilitates transition from body (sthool sharir) to soul (sookshma sharir), from the tangible to the intangible, from visible to energy. Scientists recognize Rahu-Ketu as moveable points that intersect the paths of Moon and Sun in the zodiac. The points have no physical entity. The ancients found dominating influence of Ketu in the star Ashwini which is a straight line from the galacitical pole. We begin our zodiacal calculations from this point. In astrology, Ketu lords Ashwini nakshatra. Therefore it can be deduced that the door it opens for us leads to many unopened doors of life and beyond. In mythology Ketu is matsya avatar, the first incarnation of God in the form of a fish which brought life on earth. Life first came in water and then to the land. The most popular vimshottari dasha of 120 years has the first dasha of Ketu. A strong influence of Ketu has found in the horoscopes of those who have an aptitude for learning languages. Such people are more adept with computers and are innovative. Perhaps, communication with aliens in the space age would be done by them. It is hard to believe but we are strongly pinned to the Rahu-Ketu points. Perhaps these two diametrically opposite points spin us also, as the position of the first point of Aries that Ketu lords over is in straight line with the galacitical pole. The firsts with which Ketu associates with do not end here. It has a key role to play in eclipses which have been found to bring natural calamities that change the demographic trends, earthquakes that shake the earth and earthlings' mindsets and at times have changed the topography, change of the rulers and change in governments.

Ketu Heralds and Curtains
Ketu has been found to be the harbinger of yugas, ages and eras. It opens new chapters and folds them. Ketu governs universal cycles and perhaps re-cycles them also. The influence of Ketu has been found to throw countries and individuals into flux. At the individual level, the phases of Ketu give the choice of paths. The spiritual avenue opens. An article by Shri K.N.Rao, published in the inaugural issue of Journal of Astrology in 1997 elaborates that Saturn - Ketu conjunctions and Saturn-Ketu in kendras (quadrants) from each other; especially in dwiswabhav rashis (dual signs) have been found to bring major changes.

A tabulation of happenings
When Saturn and Ketu met or came in kendras from each other, show transition. The presence of the three - Saturn, Rahu and Ketu in dual signs, brought transition from one era to another. Catastrophic invasions, wars and disasters were witnessed when the configuration was all malefic. On the Aries-Libra axis, in line with the galacitical pole, the disasters, they precipitated were more grave. The rare, once in a few centuries, conjunction of Saturn-Ketu in Aries took place in 1939. It shook the world from its axis. World War II that engaged all nations and killed the most people in recorded history was triggered. The six year World War-II witnessed the use of the atom bomb as a weapon for the first time in August, 1945. This rare, all malefic, unforgettable conjunction also saw a sea change in destinies, ideologies and topography of countries as also in the mind-set of earthlings. It ushered us in the arm's race and the Cold War era.

The ashtgrahayoga (eight planets in one sign) a rare collection of planets on 5th of February 1962, also brought disaster. The eight planets in same sign Capricorn included Saturn and Ketu. India and the adjoining region suffered the brunt as the gathering was in Capricorn, the sign allotted by the great Varahmihira of 5th century A.D. to what today is the Indian region.

In May 1959, when Saturn was in Sagittarius, Mars in Gemini, Rahu in Virgo and Ketu in Pisces (all malefics in dwisabhav rashis and in kendras to each other) a major transition that affected the whole world took place in the Vietnam region when the two super powers directly confronted. Before, in the 1950's, except for the Korean War that broke out when North Korea breached the 38th parallel line to invade the South on 25th June 1950 which ended the hope of a peaceful reunification and the failure of 1954 Geneva conference to adopt a solution for a unified Korea, there was not much action in Cold War.

In the bi-polar world, Korea and Vietnam were the flash points in the 1950's with the Soviets backing the North and Americans the South. But there was no direct confrontation. In 1953, a crisis got averted when Eisenhower threatened to use the atomic bomb. The launch of the Sputnik satellites in 1957, by the Soviets started the space age, prompting Eisenhower to create the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and sign the National Defense Education Act.

Direct confrontation was seen between the two super powers after May 1959. Asia was under fire. The Great Leap in China ended in catastrophe, resulting in tens of millions of deaths. Estimates of the death toll range from 18 million to 45 million, with estimates by demographic specialists ranging from 18 million to 32.5 million. The Dalai Lama fled to Dharamsala in 1959. Tension in Vietnam Laos and Cambodia also drew world attention U.S. involvement escalated in the early 1960s, with troop levels tripling in 1961 and tripling again in 1962. Estimates of the number of Vietnamese soldiers and civilians killed vary from fewer than one million to more than three million. Some 200,000–300,000 Cambodians, 20,000–200,000 Laotians and 58,220 U.S. service members also died in the conflict. Clearly an impact of the four malefics in dual signs. During this phase, the period of ashtagrahayoga of 5th February 1962 brought Indo-Chinese war of October 1962 that proved disastrous for India,

Tension in cold war escalated when Nikita Khrushchev ordered the construction of Berlin wall in 1961, in spite of loud protests. Kennedy’s greatest Cold War challenge came in Cuba. Hoping to topple Cuba’s new pro-Communist revolutionary leader, Fidel Castro, Kennedy authorized the CIA to train and arm a force of more than 1,000 Cuban exiles and sent them to invade Cuba in the spring of 1961. When this Bay of Pigs invasion failed embarrassingly, Kennedy authorized several unsuccessful assassination attempts against Castro. Outraged, Castro turned to the USSR for economic aid and protection.

From November 1961 to April 1963 Saturn -Ketu were in Capricorn. Khrushchev capitalized on the opportunity and placed several nuclear missiles in Cuba. Kennedy consequently blockaded the island nation, pushing the United States and the USSR to the brink of nuclear war. Khrushchev ended the terrifying Cuban missile crisis when he agreed to remove the missiles in exchange. Kennedy also removed American missiles from Turkey and agreed to work on reducing Cold War tensions.

This Saturn-Ketu conjunction closed a chapter by bringing the death and decline of stalwarts of the Cold War era like Khrushchev of the Soviet Union. (Ruled for 11 years, up to 1964). Jawahar Lal Nehru (17 years from 1947-to 1964). The period also witnessed end of some powerful and popular like Eisenhower ruled for eight years during the Cold War and John F Kennedy who was assassinated on November 22, 1963. It is noteworthy that the tension ridden crisis developed when all malefics combined and eased when they separated.

Saturn- Ketu changes from ancient times
The planetary position during the Mahabharata show Saturn in Virgo and Ketu in Scorpio. They were heading towards a meeting in Libra to end Treta Yuga and to herald the Kaliyuga.

During Ghazni's invasion in November 1017 A.D. Rahu-Ketu-Saturn were in Kendras (quadrants) from each other in dwisabhav rashis. During Timur's invasion in June 1038 Saturn was in Rahu -Ketu axis. During the battle of Panipat in 1526 that heralded the Mughal rule in India. Saturn -Rahu - Ketu were in dwisabhav rashis. In May 1857 during the mutiny that started the freedom struggle against the British rule, Saturn- Rahu-Ketu were again in dwisabhav rashis. From October, 1944 to April 1946 Ketu Saturn were conjunct in the sign Gemini. This period witnessed the death of Hitler on 30th April 1945. The Jupiter influenced later to dilute adversity and Saturn-Ketu conjunction in Gemini brought about mergers for a bi-polar world. The Cold War era saw repair and development all over the world. Eisenhower’s election in 1952 ushered in an unprecedented era of economic growth and prosperity in the United States. The super powers ran for superiority. The Soviet Union was seen as a country going all out to gain superiority in arms so that the humiliation and damage suffered by them in World War-II is not repeated.

The cold War gets colder
After warming up in 1959 to 1963, the cold war got colder in 1968. From January 1968 to June 1968 Saturn Rahu were in Pisces and Mars also joined them in between. After a decisive Arab Israel war in June 1967 and peaking of the Vietnam War, the world entered the era of back door assaults called terrorism. Between 1948 and 1957 there were 15 hijackings worldwide, an average of a little more than one per year. Between 1958 and 1967, this climbed to 48, or about five per year. There were 38 in 1968, but grew to 82 in 1969, the largest number in a single year in the history of civil aviation. In January 1969 alone, eight airliners were hijacked to Cuba. Between 1968 and 1977, the annual average jumped to 41.

Ugly Terrorism hit Olympic Games
Early in the morning on September 5, 1972, eight members of the Palestinian terrorist organization, Black September, struck into the Olympic Village at the XXth Olympic Games which were held in Munich, Germany. The Black September members raided the building housing the Israeli athletes. Two Israeli athletes were killed during the raid and nine others were taken hostage. From September 1975 to March 1977 Rahu Ketu were again on Aries - Libra axis. This time in contrast with their position in 1939 that had Mars and Saturn in Aries with Ketu, it was Jupiter with Ketu from February 1976 to February 1977 in Aries Before that from Pisces Jupiter aspected Saturn in Cancer. The world witnessed turmoil of a different kind. Vietnam War ended.

Financial meltdown and the Banking crisis of 2007
On July 16, 2007 when Saturn joined Ketu in Leo, Moon and Venus were there. This led to the financial crisis that crippled the world economy. It originated from the USA as Leo is the ascendant for USA. Saturn-Ketu was in Leo till May 2008.

The Arab Spring of 2011
From 3rd November 2009 till May 2011 Saturn and Ketu were in Kendras from each other in dual signs. Saturn was in Virgo and Ketu in Gemini. The march of Mars towards Aquarius heralded great shake-ups, amidst turmoil in West Asia in February 2011.With its entry into Aquarius on February 16, the impact of Saturn-Jupiter opposing each other in Virgo-Pisces intensified. Mars aspected transiting Saturn from Aquarius with its eighth aspect and then proceeded to join Jupiter in Pisces in the last week of March 2011. Due to the Jupitarean influence the revolution that came through the internet was relatively peaceful. In the beginning of the year 2011, came a violent democratic upsurge in the most unlikely area of the globe. But astrologers with eyes on the Jupiter-Saturn opposition and Mars approaching were indeed expecting the unexpected. Sectarian turmoil and the revolt against dictators with a long and selfish patronage of the western powers perhaps needed the joint effort of Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Rahu and Rahu-Ketu. These five malefics in dual signs, occupying the four Kendras in March-April, 2011 jolted many strongholds which came under their sway. Mars in fact also signifies dictators.

End of the World in 2012?
Saturn - Rahu- Ketu will be on the galactic pole line on the Aries -Libra axis from November, 2012. Though Saturn will not be conjunct with Ketu like in 1939, yet we can expect some major changes. The famous Mayan calendar ends in 2012. Depending on the foundation charts and the Chaitra Shukla Pratipada Charts of nations the changes can be predicted. Directions can be got by putting the Koorma chakra on the center of the maps of nations. The changes are likely to overhaul some regions but will not destroy the world.

There is some hope of averting a disaster with Obama citing Bapu to end hate fire caused by a video clip. Clash of faiths can divide the world and change alignments is indicated from what we witnessed in September, 2012.

The Truth about Truth
Astrologically, it is the stimulus from Ketu that initiates moksha. It is moksha alone that can take us to the final realized and sublimated state - the ultimate truth. You start feeling the energy of your soul here. You are able to separate your mind from your body and your soul from both of them. The fact of the matter is that it can be commented upon truthfully only by those who reach at least touching distance. We have been given to understand that once you reach the moksha ‘truth’ the rest becomes frivolous.

The experiences of many who touched different levels of salvation rest on our book shelves in the form of religious literature, but ironically, we tend to hunt for peace and fulfillment elsewhere. Gita holds the ultimate truth. The internet holds the Gita.

We are fortunate to be living amidst vibrating energy fields created by many who reached the ultimate truth in our country through tapasya. For this reason our country is known as tapo bhumi (region suitable for working on spiritual goals). We strive to know the truth about the truth as our inner self tells us that it is rewarding, uplifting, satisfying. It is inactive, formless and devoid of personality.

Gita explains the truth most truthfully
It advocates moving from Karma Khand to Gyan Khand for it is the knowledge gained and the karmas that we carry with our soul. Gita explains what death is to make us understand the truth of life. The soul cannot be burnt by fire, drowned by water or torn by any blade. It is eternal. Soul is an entity in you which simply changes its clothes and carries on life after life to liquidate our karmas. Gita recommends niskaam karma (to reach the truth.

The Ultimate Truth Solves All Problems
It is in Gita shloka 66 of chapter 18 "Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me. I shall deliver you from sinful reactions. Do not fear".

Unfortunately we try to get there when the going is not good and when we are directionless. We tend to disregard sufficient pulls to spirituality in form of tough troubles. An astrologer can see them coming and differentiate between the karmic ones caused by Ketu and the non-karmic ones. Ketu even in Kaliyuga leads us to the spiritual path, but we divert our attention by popping entertainment pills. The films and television, that we often resort to counter depression is escapism that takes us further away, to the unreal. A truth of life that is difficult to accept is that we have to douse our ego and change our attitude in kaliyuga. Life is meant for reaching spiritual goals and not for attaching more and more to feast the senses and oil the ego. It is spirituality alone that can give lasting happiness and fulfillment.

Life is all about Happiness
Happiness comes from the perception of the beauty of life. Beauty is truth. Satyam Shivam Sundaram. We are always in quest of the truth, for happiness lies there. The spiritual and religious preachers advocate a lifestyle and practice to reach the ultimate truth. Health advisors and yogis have asanas and kriyas that also make us happy and healthy.

Even among the spiritually evolved, not all know all the tatwas. It is said for a difficult question, a disciple was asked to approach Maharishi Parashara as he had the knowledge of 32 tatwas which is rarity even among the rishis.

Ketu in Mythology
Ketu is associated with the Meena Avatar (Fish Incarnation) of Lord Vishnu. His wife Simhika, Vipracitti begot one hundred and one sons, of whom Rahu is the eldest and other hundred are Ketus. Rahu is a cut-off head of an asura, Swarnbhanu. He is depicted as a serpent with no body riding a chariot drawn by eight black horses. According to the legend, during samudra manthan, the asura Rahu disguised himself as a devta and sat in between the Sun and Moon. Before Swarnbhanu could drink the amrit. Sun and Moon discovered Rahu’s true identity and informed Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu, in form of Mohini, severed Rahu's head. Another version is that Mohini changed into the form of Lord Vishnu and with the famous sudershan chakra cut-off his head. The head however remained immortal for Rahu had drunk some drops of the amrit (nectar). The severed head was taken by Simhika, the mother of Swarnbhanu and nursed. The head, over a period of time got the body of a snake and the name Rahu. The severed body was taken by a Brahmin named Mini. He looked after the body as though it was of his own son. This was Ketu, who in due course of time became a saintly revered seer. According to mythology, Rahu and Ketu have not excused the Sun and Moon for revealing the identity of disguised Swarnbhanu at the time of distribution of the churned amrit among the devtas. They cause eclipses. Rahu is called nitya and parva. As nitya Rahu causes Moon to wax and wane. The parva Rahu swallows it causing lunar eclipse. Astrology draws hints from mythology. Rahu and Ketu association with Sun or Moon, when found in horoscopes, is interpreted negatively.

Ketu in Astrological Classics
Rahu and Ketu have been given the status of planets. They have their dashas. They own nakshatras. Though they do not own rashis, they give the results of the house lord where they are placed. Their effect gets modified with the influences on them. Therefore, their interpretation is the most difficult.

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra Chapter: 34-16
Rahu and Ketu give predominantly the effects as due to their conjunction with a house lord or as due to the house they occupy. If Rahu or Ketu are in an angle in aspect to or association with a trinal lord or be in a trine or similar relation with an angular lord, they will become yogakarakas.

BPHS- chapter 3 Shloka 30 Description of Rahu and Ketu
Rahu has smoky appearance with a blue-mix physique. He resides in the forest and is horrible to look at. He is windy in temperament and is intelligent. Rahu rules the outcaste (chandala) malech (outcaste) while Ketu governs mixed caste. Rahu denotes multi-colored clothes and Ketu rags. Rahu Ketu denotes 8 months and 3 months. Ketu is akin to Rahu. Rahu -Ketu form the planetary army.

BPHS Chapter 44 Shloka 22-24 Rahu and Ketu as Marakas
If Rahu or Ketu be in the ascendant, 7th, 8th or 12th thereof, or be in the 7th from a maraka lord or be with such a planet, they acquire power of killing in their major or sub periods. For one born in Capricorn or Scorpio, Rahu will be a maraka. Should Rahu be in the 6th, 8th or 12th, he will give difficulties in its dasha periods. He will not, however do so if aspected by or conjunct a benefic.

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra: Ram Krishna, Narsimha and Varaha are wholly with Paramatmamsa. The other incarnations have in them Jeevamsa too. Rahu - Ketu played a vital role to bring life on earth.

Phaldeepika: The eyes of Ketu are reddish with a fierce look. He has a venomous tongue.His body is elevated. He wears arms and is an outcaste. His body is of the color of smoke. He is always inhaling smoke. He has body marked with bruises. He is lean and brutal by nature. Ketu Cats eye. Ketu horse gram. Saturn, Rahu and Ketu govern the touch. The places belonging to Rahu and Ketu are the ant- hills, the dark holes of serpents and the south-western quarter.

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra: BPHS chapter 3- 47 Rahu is a Dhatu planet Ketu is a jeeva in the division of Dhatu (metal) Moola (roots Jeeve (living beings) From Ketu life began It is the first Avatara' BPHS Chaper3, slokas 41-44. Rahu rules the outcaste while Ketu governs mixed caste. Rahu denotes multi-colored clothes and Ketu rags. BPHS Chapter3 -47 Dhatu planets are Rahu, Mars, Saturn and the Moon while the Sun and Venus are Moola planets. The Mercury, Jupiter and Ketu rule Jeevas.

How Rahu and Ketu are different from each other
Though mythology describes them as the same person-Swarbhanu and astrology agrees that they are parts of the same person, yet they are not the same. In fact they are not even similar, rather opposites in some areas.

Astrologically Ketu is like Mars and Rahu like Saturn. Ketu represents Matsya avatar and Rahu Varaha. Ketu takes you towards the world of reality and enhances your awareness level, Rahu further disillusions. Ketu works inwardly and Rahu outwardly. Rahu has the power to overcome the Moon, while Ketu has the power to overcome the Sun, Moon has control over one's sensitivity and emotions. The beliefs, ego and one's own confident inner self is controlled by the Sun.

Ketu in Mundane
It is a significator of spiritual salvation and moksha. It signifies destruction, war, secret plots, strife, self-immolation and suicide. Dacoits, treachery, war, death in battlefield. Sudden success and failure. Ready-made clothes, watches, time pieces, clocks, television, computers and foreign languages. Non-Hindus, liquors, drugs, conspiracies, murders, espionage, epidemics of virulent nature like leprosy, cancer, plague and skin eruptions Spies and bankruptcies. It also represents Sikhs.

Phaldeepika Chapter 10 - Shloka 25
During the dasha of Ketu the person will suffer from sorrow and confusion caused by females, trouble from the rich and loss of wealth. He will do injustice to others. He will be banished from his country. He will suffer from dental trouble, pain in the leg and phlegmatic troubles.

Ketu in 12 Houses
The impact of the planet in a house is modified with the rashi he is in association with and aspects on it. All classics state that Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are malefics. Therefore the effect of Ketu would be more bad than good in the worldly sense but it would initiate spirituality.

Ketu in the Lagna
Phaldeepika -
Ungrateful, unhappy, tale-bearer, associates with unsocial elements. Deformed body. Fallen from position and an outcaste. My observation: It gives a mysterious personality. The person can spiritually evolve as he has a depth and insights of matters beyond the mundane. It gives hypersensitivity. A fiery determination when in the fixed signs. Spurts of anger, irrespective of the sign headache, ill health of spouse, tension, piles, and assertiveness, success in spiritual field and in professional life. Ketu essentially gives the result of the lord of the house it is in and its association there so in the ascendant it behaves like the Lagna lord. In case of Amitabh Bacchan Ketu should behave like the Ascendant lord as it is aspected only by the ascendant lord Saturn in the fourth.

Ketu in the Second House
- Bereft of learning. Speaks harshly Have a sinister appearance. Will be dependent on food from others. Ketu conjunct with a malefic or aspected by a malefic severs relationship with co-borns and relations. Destroys property. Gives anguish and disease and company of inferiors.

Sarvarth Chintamani - "During the ruling period of Ketu located in the 2nd house the person suffers loss of wealth. Ketu gives curt speech in the 2nd house. Sorrow. Contaminated food and mental trouble" My observation: Gives harsh speech. The person is quick in perception. He is peevish, has a tendency to economize. Derives benefits from travel.

Ketu in the third house
Phaldeepika -
Long-lived, powerful and renowned. He will live happily with his wife and will eat good food; but he will be deprived of a brother. According to Mr. K.N.Rao Ketu in third makes a person a group leader. Ketu gives languages in the third house of communication and preaching’s Maansagari Causes destruction of enemies, gives disputes, ill feelings towards co-borns or their destruction, not good relations with in-laws does not enjoy wealth, fortunate and charming, destruction of friends, pain in arm, fear anxiety and worry. The person is popular, artistic and strong.

Ketu in the 4th house
- The person will live in another man's house and will lose his lands, mother and happiness. He will be forced to leave his native land. My observations: Ketu in the fourth house makes a person respectful to god and others. But at the same time he will have a bad health and tendency to quarrel and will be licentious. He will live in a foreign country and may have a weak heart.

Ketu in the 5th house
- Deprives the person of children. He will be evil minded and will be oppressed by evil spirits My observations: It gives interest in the mysterious and the unknown. Not much happiness from children. More daughters. He is sinful and immoral.

Ketu in 6th the house
Phaldeepika -
Will is magnanimous. Have good qualities, firm, renowned and will be vested with high authority. He will be able to vanquish his enemies and will be successful in obtaining Ishta Siddhi. My Observations: Gives the capacity to fight back. Gives confidence in the self. Will have many enemies. Gives happiness and long life.

Ketu in the 7th house
Phaldeepika - Will suffer humiliation. Will associate with fallen women and will be separated from his own wife. He will suffer from the disease of the bowel and may lose his potency. My observations: In the seventh house Ketu reflects passion and strong influence of a person on others. It also makes the proud, sinful and habituated to make false promises. It gives disease. It deprives one of happiness in married life. Gives impotency when associated with other malefics. Gives foreign connection.

Ketu in the 8th house
- Suffers separation from near and dear ones. Quarrelsome and short-lived. Suffers injury from weapon. Unsuccessful. Maansagari: Suffers from disease like piles, suffers from fear from fall from elephants, horse, vehicles. According to chamatkar chintamani a person with Ketu in 8th can eye others wealth and wife. Jatak Parijat: If Ketu is in the 8th with a benefic it gives prosperity and will not reduce longevity. My observation: Can have supernatural powers. May sense death in advance. Deprives family happiness. Gives disease and obstructions. Death from a weapon.

Ketu in the 9th house
- Will indulge in sinful and unrighteous acts. Will be deprived of his father. Will be unfortunate, poverty stricken and will defame others. My observations: Ketu in ninth house makes a person brave, thrift, trustworthy and wealthy. At the same time he will be sinful.

Ketu in 10th
Phaldeepika - He will face obstacles in performing good acts. He will be impure and indulge in wicked actions. He will be bold. He will be famous for his valor. Persons, having Ketu in the tenth house are happy, religious, pilgrimage to sacred rivers and places, fond of scriptures and of fertile brain. They will get bad effects of Ketu at the age of 28.

Ketu in 11th
- Will accumulate wealth. Will have good qualities. Will enjoy luxury and comforts. Will achieve success inn all his undertakings. Uttaraakalamitra: It gives gains from foreigners. My observation: Ketu in 3rd and 11th proves harmful for the co-borns. and friends. It gives courage and the capacity to fight back. Ketu in eleventh house makes persons not only humorous, witty, intelligent, and wealthy but also licentious and bad for mother. Ketu here is not good for the co-borns.

Ketu in 12th
Phaldeepika - The person would commit sinful acts. Will squander his money for undesirable purpose. Will destroy his wealth and take to forbidden conduct. He will suffer from the diseases of the eyes. In the twelfth house Ketu shows intelligence and spiritual cravings but at the same time fickleness of mind. My observation: A well associated Ketu gives intuition and spiritual upliftment.

Ketu and Education
Ketu gives a person strong power of concentration, perception and independence in order to pursue spiritual depths. Ketu governs languages and opens door to creative and innovative ideas. It signifies information technology. Computer applications are its forte. It also governs meteorology. It gives microbiology in association with Jupiter. The best example of a Ketu driven horoscope is of Julian Assange His cybercrimes shook the world. The high and mighty tumbled. Assange asked a valid question. Will the US re-affirm the revolutionary values it was founded on?

The horoscope of Julian Assange based on birth date of 3rd July, 1971 has been taken from the internet. It validates the principles of astrology. This horoscope with Scorpio Ascendant has a strong Ketu which is conjunct with Mercury in the 9th house. This Ketu is aspected by Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. The time of birth of 15:33 seems to be the correct one and the place of birth taken is Townsville, Australian Capital Territory, also from the internet. Lagna lord Mars is exalted in the third house with Rahu and has the aspect of Mercury. The horoscope dominated by Mars, Mercury and Ketu fits on his personality convincingly. 

Ketu and Disease
Epidemics of virulent nature, leprosy, cancer, plague and skin eruptions. Uttarakalmitra- peptic ulcers, bone fever and quivering. When in the 12th house problem to the eye. When in the 7th impotency. Chamatkar Chintamani: In 6th, 8th or 12th house in the antardasha of malefic gives problems in job, uncomfortable foreign travel, urinary disease, diabetes, gonorrhea, semen related disease, danger from thieves.

Ketu and Professions
Ketu indicates secret missions and service, tricky jobs; it makes oculists, translators, interpreters, computer engineers, ashram workers. It gives jobs in the cyber world, meteorological department, space research, computer applications, programming and software development. The classics mention the professions that Ketu influences in conjunction with the other planets:

Sun-Ketu: People in secret service, people engaged in espionage, spies, tricksters, occultists, religious workers.
Moon-Ketu: Psychiatrists, Psychics
Mars-Ketu: Soldiers, dancing circus lion trainers, trapeze, explorer’s risky endeavors
Mercury-Ketu: Computer professionals, thinkers, original researchers
Jupiter-Ketu: Preachers Technical teachers
Venus-Ketu: Time instruments computers artificial jewelry.

Can Ketu Shock Treat Corruption
Ketu is a karmic planet. It signifies spirituality and supernatural influences. Being the moksha karaka and a malefic with Mars - like attributes it causes sorrow and loss. Ketu also brings one to the spiritual path. Can Ketu free India of corruption through the shock treatment Ketu is known for in its antardasha? The Sun-Ketu period for the Indian independence horoscope of 15th August, 1947, midnight is from 29th April 2014 to 4th September, 2014. This dasha coincides with the Loksabha elections. Sun is the 4th lord in third and Sun Ketu have a 5/9 relationship.

With energy like that of Mars, Godly wisdom, non-attachment, fantasy and a penetrating insight, the Sun-Ketu influence can surely bring the turnaround. Today freedom from the clutches of corruption would be like freedom from the colonial yoke and that would make a new horoscope for India without Rahu in the Ascendant.

Corruption Cry hits Corridors and bye-lanes
Corruption has not just demoralized the nation; it has paralyzed its governance. With the media humming with scams, sting operations and scapegoats, the bureaucracy seems terrified of making decisions. The political class seems to be unaffected for perhaps they have lived all their life in such an environment. The Industrialists are demotivated, investment drying and growth is faltering.

Corruption is buzzword
Its mention draws the attention of people and they want to know every aspect of it. Anna Hazare, Kejriwal and Ramdev draw huge crowds when they pitch tents in public places. Scams after scams are pouring out. The recent one being the coal scam. It is alleged that between 2006-2009 coal fields were allotted at highly under-valued rates to private players. The advice from bureaucrats to auction the coal fields was ignored. The decision to avoid an auction cost the government 1.8 lakh crores according to CAG.

What Supreme Court has to say?
"This is not distribution of state properties in a small way. It is mines of largesse, not even tones of largesse. By the way, is it a mere coincidence that so many politicians, their relatives or supporters were benefited in the 194 coal block allotments", a bench of Justices R M Lodha and A R Dave asked solicitor general R F Nariman.

The government is now waking up with a reform agenda due to the Sun dasha. But it is too little and too late.

Business & Economy
The demoralizing S&P credit rating is the first jolt. In view of the depressing Chaitra Shukla Pratipada for India in 2012-2013 and 2013-14. a more difficult situation can be predicted. It will be a testing time.

A principle emphasized by Mr. K.N.Rao is that the march of Mars into a new rashi changes the weather drastically. This is what we witnessed this rainy season. Mars was in Virgo from the beginning till 15th August in this rainy season. It was a dry spell with drought like situation. Its movement into Libra on 15th of August brought in a drastic change. As predicted it was a unbalanced monsoon and not a standard one as forecast by the meteorological department.

Obama or Romney
Activities around the globe are suspended as the focus is now on the close contest between Obama and Romney. Many unpalatable decisions for the world are waiting to be delivered. As objectively assessed more than a year ago in our Newsletters ,on the basis of astrological parameters, it will be Obama who will be the most powerful person on earth again.

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