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29 November 2008, 4:17 AM

Those who know mundane astrology will see in the horoscope of India a war like situation these days. (read my pieces on Nuclear Deal One and Two) Will India attack Pakistan to satisfy the angry Indians who will not excuse the incompetent Manmohan Singh government? Then the UPA government has also to score a point with an angry electorate who may vote against the UPA combination unless it shows enough manliness which will have to be some military action.

It is well known that there are training camps in Pakistan particularly POK and also in Bangladesh from where terrorists inflitrate into India through its porous borders.












See it astrologically.
1) In the horoscope of India it is the antardasha of Ketu in the seventh house of war.

2) Transit Mars and Ketu are transitting there (in Vrischika now) showing some war like situation which shows classical combination for war like activity.

3) In Jaimini Chara dasha it is Karka Simha (Cancer Leo) and Dhanu (Sagittarius). In the seventh house from Dhanu is Mars the planet of war and also Gnathikaraka.

4) In the attack on the Indian embassy the hand of Pakistan’s ISI was clearly established by CIA. In the attack on Mumbai the hand of Pakistan is again clearly established. The civilian government and president Zardari of Pakistan may be too weak to control ISI and militants in Pakistan. Indian attack on these camps may help Pakistan also to control the terrorists on its soil who operate so freely.

5) There will be justification to impose some sort of national emergency (external one) if a limited war can be wagedand some of these terrorist training camps destroyed.

6) Then go back to my old research on the effects of transitting axis of Rahu and Ketu along Karka Makar (Cancer Capricorn) axis beautifully discussed in the book on Mundane Astrology of Mehta and Radhika.

India will never get such a chance and overwhelming international support for such an action at this juncture.

( 29 November 2008)

PS: After I wrote out this piece and sent at  4 pm some more information that has filtered in needs serious attention.
1)In this attack on Bombay there were three links-- the terrorists, the criminals of Bombay who helped them and some terrorists working in hotel Taj though it will be denied.
2)There are three more links internally. Extensive corruption, terrible inefficienty and worst of all COMPLICITY OF  SOME PEOPLE

Indian history is full of instances of betrayals of Indians by Indians. Even these days you will find Indians betraying Indian friends, their employers etc. to help foreigners and gain some advantage.

These stories of complicity are dangerous and should not be discussed openly though one should always be prepared for it.

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