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10 August 2009, 6:11 AM
I have written many times about true mahatmas and their warnings given at the
moment when you expect it least and which, when it happens stuns you. I have written somewhere that once while in Gauhati my Guruji while getting down from the Kamakhya hill, a procession of Youth Congress and Sanjay Gandhi, whom Indira Gandhi was grooming as her successor in preference to her elder son Rajiv. Very cryptically and only once after getting a glimpse of Sanjay Gandhi, he said “ He does not have rajalakshanas” meaning no royal signs of rising high, perhaps meaning that he would never become the prime minister of India. Sanjay Gandi died in an aeroplane crash in June 1980.

I, like some of other disciples of his, was
often irritated when he praised Indira Gandhi even after she had imposed the first internal National Emergency following an adverse verdict against her by the Allahabad High Court in an election case. Whatever unconvincing and apologetic explanation the admirers or followers  gave to justify her decision, never appealed to any democracy-loving Indian. The terror unleashed those days has been an unforgettable memory for so many of us. Yet, when Guruji praised her, we argued among ourselves that he did it because he had started his spiritual life as a Tantric of dakshinachara tradition which comes nearest to the beauty of Vaishnava tradition and in which women is regarded as the highest creation of the Creator.

Guruji never ever criticized
any woman and never allowed anyone to talk ill of them. It created many piquant situation for many of us  when we saw a villainous woman creating difficulties and embarrassment for so many of us so often.

I am witness to so many of his dazzling
predictions. Let me recall a personal one. My youngest sister was to be married and after I got a transfer order from Shillong to Jaipur, his parting words to me were that as soon as I reached Delhi, an offer of marriage with a north Indian Brahmin would get finalised. I asked him further whether we could have the marriage solemnised in a pilgrimage, preferably. Guruji said that marriage would be performed only in a pilgrimage. Guruji further said that my sister would migrate out of India.

The marriage was performed in Vrinda
van with a north Indian Brahmin. They have migrated to USA.

Similarly, now see the following letter
from a woman journalist who met Devraha Hans Baba whom I had brought to Delhi from his Mirzapur ashram in 1994 and introduced to the people of Delhi some of whom took material advantage of him and very few, spiritual benefit. That is always the unpalatable story which has pained , annoyed and irritated me.

But Baba is , like his Guru Devraha Baba, in
the truest mould of Patanjali definition of a classical yogi and a living commentary on Patanjali Yoga Sutras.

Here is the correspondence:

On Sun, 09 Aug 2009 13:00:44 +0530 wrote

Dear Mr Rao,
I read your article on epidemics with interest. In March, I was in Vindhyachal. Hans Baba asked me and another disciple about meat-eating nations. We replied that beef and pork were consumed in huge quantities by the US and some other countries. After I returned to Delhi, .. the topic of non-Veg food cropped up. Baba hinted at the outbreak of an epidemic that would affect millions. Swine flu it is.
Great gurus know it all.

On Sun, 09 Aug 2009 17:35:10 +0530 wrote

Thanks you AD. Did Baba say more non
vegetarians will be killed ?

From:    "AD">

To:    <>
Subject:    Swine flu
Date:    Sun, 09 Aug 2009 20:28:59 IST
Baba did not say whether non-vegs would be killed in large numbers. But he clearly indicated that an epidemic, related to meat-eating, specifically pork, was imminent when I expressed disgust at the violence involved in such a diet.

( 9 August 2009)

Post script

To:    <>
Subject: Re: mesg
Date:    Mon, 10 Aug 2009 10:30:54 IST
I shall remind you. About what Baba said, he prophecied in the context of the epidemic that "logon ki sankhya kam ho jaayegi".
Sincere Regards

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