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13 April 2010, 2:25 PM

With the announcement of British general elections, there is as usual a lot of debate on the outcome of the polls. For an astrologer, specially for such who is politically aware and takes a keen interest in politics, it becomes a tougher job to predict the outcome of an elections. The reason it becomes tougher is because a thinking aware astrologer cannot ignore the ground reality, the relevant issues, the trend, and all the socio-economic-cultural-political factors that are the deciding factors in every election.

However, from an honest astrologer's point of view, it is best to focus on the correct horoscopes of the political parties, the contestants and the main leaders in the fray. Its better to focus on the horoscope than on current trends, media or ground reality. It is often said that most astrological predictions go wrong but so does media analysis and the opinions of experts. There are many reasons for the predictions to go wrong. The main reasons are-
*Incompetent Astrologers
*Inaccurate Birth Data
*Hidden Area in a horoscope
Most astrologers practice for the wrong reasons. Some do it for fame, most do it for money. These astrologers are incompetent and their predictions are bound to go wrong. The biggest reasons for failed predictions is lack of accurate birth data. Even the best of astrologers succumb to this limitation. Working on a wrong horoscope leads to wrong predictions. The third main reason for failed predictions is that an astrologer cannot see everything. The hidden area of a horoscope can easily be up to 10% and sometimes even more. It is under these limitations that all astrological predictions should be seen.

Coming back to the UK elections which are scheduled for May 2010, luckily we have the horoscopes of the leaders of the two main parties the Labor and the Conservatives. As we all know, Labor is being headed by the present British PM, Gordon Brown. Let us look at this horoscopes: Gordon Brown, 20 February, 1951, 8:40 am, Giffnock, Scotland

His horoscope is that of some struggle with so many planets in the 12th house which explains why he was upstaged by Tony Blair for all those years even though Brown was the main policy maker for Labor Party. So many planets in the 12th house also explains that he got the Prime Ministership under very tough circumstances with global recession at it's peak and the image of the Labor Party at it's worst due to involvement in Iraq War. The dasha of Mars, the 9th lord, involved making Raja yoga with 1st lord gave him the top position but again Mars being in the 12th house never gave him a smooth ride.

Brown is unpopular and Labor has gone down in opinion polls ever since Brown took over. So all the mistakes of Blair have to be face by Brown. This is destiny. Blair, having a strong horoscope and being lucky left the hot seat when things became messy and Brown having a horoscope of struggle, took over in troubled circumstances. During Brown's tenure we saw the biggest scandal that rocked the UK in the form of the cash-expenses scandal where Members of Parliament paid for certain personal amenities from their MP allowance which they were not allowed to do so.

Brown will face the election in Mars-Saturn. Mars being in 12th house and Saturn the 12th lord in 7th house. It is not much favorable. In Chara dasha its Scorpio, from where AMK aspects 10th house. It is better so it won't be a total disaster. Some people are sympathetic that Brown got the chair when the world was in recession.

Now lets look at the horoscope of his main rival David Cameron, leader of Tories David Cameron, 9 October 1966, 6:00 am, London, England

He is running Venus-Saturn. Venus is 9th lord placed in Lagna. Saturn is placed in 7th just like that of Brown. But here Saturn is 5th lord. More importantly, Cameron has Virgo lagna so in transit Saturn is in lagna aspecting the 10th house. The striking feature of Cameron's horoscope is the 11th house. Here an exalted Jupiter(7th lord) combines with Moon(11th lord) forming a strong and clean Gajkesari Yoga. The horoscope of Cameron is stronger than that of Brown in general. In chara dasha it the dasha of 5th house. However, Venus-Saturn dasha is known to be bit painful. And not to forget that Brown's AMK is aspecting the 10th house at present in his chara dasha.

The conclusions are:
Cameron will fare better than Brown and hence Conservatives will get more seats than Labour.

Labour will not be able to form the government as Brown's horoscope is weak.

It won't be a landslide for Tories as the Venus-Saturn dasha of Cameron will give some minor hurdle and Cameron's AMK is not relating to the 10th house in present chara dasha

Brown's Mars-Saturn is weak being 6-8 to each other and Saturn being 12th lord and Mars being in 12th house

We can conclude that Cameron will fare much better than Brown in the coming UK general elections and Labour will struggle to form the government. The Conservatives will be the major contender to form the government under the leadership of Cameron

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