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13 July 2010, 10:04 AM

This interview was done by Vaughn Paul Manley on October 19, 2009 at Sh.KNRao's Office , New Delhi, India. 

Sh KN Rao Interview 01:
Background Sh.KNRao talks about "his background."

Sh KN Rao Interview 02:
Court Cases Sh.KNRao talks about "his fight in the court cases over the legitimacy of jyotish."

Sh KN Rao Interview 03:
Academic Approach Sh.KNRao talks about "his academic approach to Jyotish."

Sh KN Rao Interview 04:
Modernisation Sh.KNRao talks about "his way of modernising Jyotish."

Sh KN Rao Interview 05:
Composite Approach Sh.KNRao talks about "Composite Approach."

Sh KN Rao Interview 06:
Group Research Sh.KNRao talks about "Collective Research" being done at the Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan.

Sh KN Rao Interview 07:
Mal Practice Sh.KNRao talks about rampant "Mal Practice of Jyotish."

Sh KN Rao Interview 08:
Next Mission Sh.KNRao replies to the question about "the mission to be achieved next."

Sh KN Rao Interview 09:
Replicable Techniques Sh.KNRao talks about the importance of producing "Replicable Techniques of Jyotish."

Sh KN Rao Interview 10:
Example Sh.KNRao explains some examples.

Sh KN Rao Interview 11:
Tips to develop jyotish skills Sh.KNRao talks about "how one can develop his jyotish skills."

Sh. KN Rao Interview 12:
Key Factors for Success of BVB Sh.KNRao talks about "why BVB has been so successful."

Sh.KNRao 13:
Shri KN Rao talks about "the negative effects of popularisation of Jyotish", wha is called as advent of Pop Jyotishis.

Sh KN Rao Interview 14:
You must remember .... Sh.KNRao talks about "the prejudice and oppositions he had to fight thourugh."

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