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9 August 2010, 9:41 AM

Last month, in England, Ponting reached the milestone of 12000 runs in test cricket. He also scored his 39th test century. He is closest to our Sachin Tendulkar both in number of runs scored and the centuries hit. Sachin has 48 centuries and has made 13742 runs. Ponting is panting to catch up; can he make up the existing gap of 9 centuries and almost 1700 runs? On the face of it, this is an uphill task even if the gap is frozen today, with Sachin in good form and 8 more tests to come in Oct-Dec, 2010. This gap may increase. Let us look at this tainting Ponting for overtaking the little master astrologically.

Ponting and Tendulkar are the giants of the cricket world. They are the best. Both are celebrities. Both have captioned their countries test teams. For such high powered persons, the horoscopes have to be outstanding. They are.

We are comparing the two horoscopes. The common trait of these two is intense competitiveness, leading to unprecedented success. Both have to have strong slices of luck to reach where they are.

We begin our comparison with 6th house step by step progress in an intensively competitive area. Both 6th lords are in the 9th house. Ponting?s 6th lord, Mercury is with 5th lord, Sun and 7th lord, Venus. It is aspected by 11th lord Saturn from 3rd house. Sachin’s 6th lord Saturn is aspected by 7th lord, Jupiter from the 5th house. Saturn is 5th lord itself. Moon, the 11th lord aspects 6th lord in the 9th house.

Ponting-Tendulkar Rashi Charts

This is as close as two persons can get in a competitive area (6th house) with luck boosting them (9th house) and wisdom (5th house) combining with efforts (3rd house) to push them in an arena of distinction and awards (11th house).

Look at their 11th house. In both the cases 4 planets, Jupiter, Moon, Saturn and Mars influence the 11th house. In Sachin's case, Moon is 11th lord, Jupiter and Mars aspect 11th house from the 5th house and Saturn aspects it from 9th house. In Ponting?s case, Jupiter, Moon are in 11th house aspected by Mars. Saturn is the 11th lord. 11th lord in both the cases is in the 3rd house. Uncanny resemblance.

Both got the dasha of their respective 9th lords during their playing periods - Sachin is running Venus dasha since January, 1991 and will do so till January, 2011. Ponting got 9th lord Jupiter?s dasha from 1993 to 2009. He now runs 10th and 11th lord Saturn dasha. Saturn is the 12th lord from Moon and the dispositor of the 12th lord from his ascendant. Sachin will run Sun?s dasha - his 12th lord in the 8th house with 9th lord Venus. The 12th houses are taking these two giants to their respective sunsets.

These two players could play at such a high level with unwavering concentration because their mind were stable, stability of mind comes from Moon in Mars house aspected by Saturn. Sachin has Moon in Scorpio aspected by Saturn from Taurus in his natal chart. Ponting has Moon again in Scorpio aspected again by Saturn from Taurus in navamsa. This is a classic combination for tapasavis given to us by Sh. K. N. Rao.

Ponting-Tendulkar Navamsha Charts

It would be interesting to see the panting Ponting trying to get close to run away Sachin through the two ?Navamshas? and the ?Navamsha dashas.? Do these uncannily similar cricketers grow, achieve and advance differently.
Navamsha Dasha of Ponting
Aries till July, 1981
Taurus till October, 1991
Gemini till November, 2002
Cancer till September, 2011
Leo till October, 2021
Navamsha Dasha of Tendulkar
Leo till November, 1984
Virgo till December, 1996
Libra till October, 2006
Scorpio till April, 2010
Sagittarius till June, 2016
AK-Atmakaraka, AMK-Amatyakaraka, BK-Bhratikaraka, MK-Matrikaraka, PK-Putrakaraka, GK-Gnatikaraka, DK-Darakaraka

The fructification of the indications in the natal chart takes place in accordance with the strength gained/lost in the navamsha. One way is to compare the Jaimini Raj-yogas in two horoscopes. Ponting has DK-MK and AK-5L, two Rajyogas. Sachin has AMK-PK, AK-PK and AK-AMK plus 5L-PK and 5L-AK, five Raj-yogas. Sachin is more powerful.

Sachin commenced his test career in November, 1989 with a test against Pakistan. Ponting born in December, 1974 that is one year eight months younger to Sachin, commenced his test career in December 1995. Sachin had 6 years lead over Ponting. Sachin has played 168 tests. He, on 3rd August, 2010 has become the player, playing his 169th test - highest number of test played by anyone in the world. Ponting has so far played 146 tests, is in the 4th place behind Steve Waugh (168 tests) and Alan Border (156 tests). Ponting has a lot to catch up.

Ponting best time to catch up with Sachin is his present navamsha dasha of Cancer. Note AMK (Jupiter) in the 9th house from Cancer and AK plus 5th lord in 11th house aspecting Cancer and 4th lord Moon (PK) aspecting it from 5th house from Cancer. Four (4) yogakaraka planets have given the Australian Captain a glittering run filled period, he has the good period till December, 2011. Can he make up the deficiency of 9 test centuries and over 1700 runs? It seems highly unlikely.

Sachin's Scorpio dasha from where AK, AMK and 5th Lord are in 10th house, ran from 2006 to 2010 - he got unprecedented 8 test centuries in this period. He now runs Sagittarius dasha, from where AMK, AK and 5th Lord are in the 9th house and DK (Sun) aspects from 7th house of public acclaim and has scored a double century on 26th July, 2010 - he is fit, hungry for runs and astrologically well placed. From October, 2010 to March, 2011, Sachin will run Sagittarius/Capricorn. Capricorn is aspected by AK and AMK has Sun (DK) in the 6th house and PK (Mercury) in the 10th house. He has 8 test matches, 2 against Australia in October, 2010 and 3 each against New Zealand and South Africa in November-December, 2010.

He will, as expected, cross 50 test centuries and leave Ponting panting far behind. Sachin is expected to do well in the February, 2011 World Cup.

Ponting is too far behind as it is, Sachin is moving faster than him. He would find it almost impossible to catch the master. Ponting will keep panting and running in the wake of Sachin’s majestic march.

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