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21 February 2011, 1:27 PM

It is beginning to look like just a matter of time before Col Gaddafi's rule finally collapses, adds our correspondent. However Libyans are worried about how much more violence lies in store in the days ahead. (21 February 2011  BBC report) 

So heavily and helplessly dependent we have to be on the western media, particularly the Anglo American media, as always, that even in the case of West Asia, the information that flows in has to come from England and USA and none from Indian correspondents of India . The flawed information that comes into Indian media, and now Indian television channels, is delayed and prejudiced, as it has been since the days of the cold war.  I must make this prefatory remark  after hearing the son of Gaddafi, Seif al-Islam el Gaddafi, on the BBC and later, reading a report of his speech in which he has warned that Libya would “fall into civil war and even renewed western “colonization” if they threw off his father’s 40 year-long rule a civil war if the protesters did not stop” and has also offered a vague package of reforms.

Is the disaster really of such a magnitude as to lead to a civil war ?

I saw the horoscope of Libya which I never ever used for any prediction and like so many western Asian countries, are taken from Campion’s book, for the very first time for understanding the problem being discussed by the media.

Jupiter-Ketu-Venus upto 23 Feb 2011
Chara dasha - Vrischika Vrischika Karka upto 4 March 2011, Karakamsha Kumbha, By 4 March there should be a major change.

Is it too late to analyse it now and make something like a half post mortem when patient is on the table breathing his last and no one is expecting him to survive ?

We are to have a workshop on mundane astrology on West  Asia and will Gaddafi survive till then or not is also a question we are asking ourselves.

We should see it carefully as, sooner than later, India and Pakistan too standing in line for this tempest, devastating west Asia, have to face it--astrologically, yes astrologically. The 2011 Hindu New Year horoscope for India and Pakistan is frightening.

The horoscope of Libya being used here is untested in the sense that I have not seen anyone using it for good prediction and as far as I am concerned, I am doing so for the first time.

I looked into it only to see, if Gaddafi has run away or is going to run away as the dictators of Tunisia and Egypt have, though Mubarak has actually not run away but was perhaps removed after an army coup.

Rahu-Rahu possibly Venus or Sun
Chara dasha - Kumbha Mesha Vrisha begins from 8 March 2011 and there his career should end if not before.

It is Jupiter Ketu Venus now upto 23 February and Venus involved in an exchange with Moon the twelfth lord, is showing a big change in the government. Jupiter, in transit aspecting the twelfth house and Saturn (R) aspecting the twelfth lord in  the tenth house is confirming the possibility of Gaddafi running away now finding desertion of diplomats and others, perhaps even some the army officers leaving him become totally vulnerable gradually. Before it is too late, he may decide to leave, flee if he has not already done it.

The Chara dasha of Vrischika which has Mars the Atmakaraka and the pratyantara dasha of Karka (ending on 4 March), from where Karakamsha falls in the eighth house, confirms this reading.

Then belatedly I am seeing the Hindu New Year Horoscope for 2010 which shows the tenth lord in the sixth house with the twelfth lord and Mars in the tenth house showing the civil war of Libya.

It is clear, that if by the end of February starting from today Gaddafi does not run away or fall, his end has to come in March latest and I do not expect a prolonged civil war.

My last date is 27 March 2011.

(22 Feb 2011 morning 00.53)

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