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14 December 2020, 2:27 PM

The Paksh Kundli of 14/12/2020 is coinciding with last summer eclipse which was preceded by a lunar eclipse on 30th November 2020. These planetary combinations in the present state is giving uncomfortable feelings especially from security point of view. Present Farm agitation the state in which it evolved is " crisis about to happen".

Paksha Kundli Dec 14 2020

This Paksh kundli is Cancer sign raising which is 3H of India's natal chart. 3H indicates neighboring countries media and communication. In this paksh significations mentioned will be predominant.

Analysis of Paksh Kundli:— Lagna raising is Cancer which is a moveable sign, watery ie means emotions will be important. Lagna indicates general condition of people. Lagna is aspected by debilitated Jupiter and own house Saturn. Both Saturn and Jupiter are in close degree in a planetary war. Jupiter is winning planetary war. Debilitated Jupiter indicates weakness in wisdom as it is winner of planetary war weakness of wisdom to the extent of becoming a rebel. The old Indian saying fits into this situation " Vinasha kale vipreet Buddhi". However, debilitation of Jupiter is getting cancelled due to sign occupied by Jupiter is conjunct with it.

According to Varahmir's Brihat Samhita " When Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct in one sign and in one nakshatra leads to civil fued". Since the time these planets are have conjunct from 20th November,2020 farmer agitation has flared up.

Eclipse of 14/12/2020: Last solar eclipse of 2020 is occurring on 14/12/2020. This eclipse is happening in 5H of paksh kundli which indicates North West direction. Planets involved in this eclipse is Venus, Ketu, Mercury, Sun and Moon. Mercury is on the same degree as ketu ie 25 degrees. Sun and Moon are on same degree ie 29 degrees. Except Venus all other planets involved in eclipse is in Jyestha nakshatra whose lord is Mercury. Mercury is karak for communication, clarity in communication between both the parties will come once Mercury is out clutches of Rahu and Ketu. Mercury is the Raja of year 2020 and Moon is Mantri. Venus is the lagna lord of Natal chart of India.

Analysis of Sangatha Rashi Chakra : Rahu is in Taurus Mrigshira nakshatra and gradually transiting into Rohini Nakshatra. Rahu/Mars/Saturn in Rohini Nakshatra had seen violent events earlier including wars. 5 planets i.e. Venus, Ketu, Mercury, Sun and Moon are in Scorpio which is a sign of transformation. All these planets are aspected by Mars. Mars is a planet responsible for violent activities. Ketu is involved in this which indicates Sikhs. Two major astrological incidents are happening at the same time. Lunar eclipse and Saturn, Jupiter conjunction in close conjunction. Simultaneous occurrence of these events indicates major changes which involves violence is a strong possibility in this paksh starting from 14/12/2020. This period is sensitive from security of point.

Conclusion: This Paksh Kundli is a special one, Solar eclipse along with Saturn, Jupiter conjunction in close degree. Eclipse happening in Scorpio which is a sign of transformation that too Jyeshta nakshatra , lord of this nakshatra is Mercury. Mercury is lord of this year 2020. Mercury is significator of Communication. Once Mercury is out of clutches of eclipse we can see more clarity in communication where by agitation can be solved by talks. This eclipse is aspected by Mars in Sangtha Rashi chakra which is a matter of concern as it can trigger violence. Even Mars is at 25 degrees which is close to planets involved eclipse.

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