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6 August 2007, 1:31 PM

Bush will bankrupt America: think tank  Washington, Dec 16. (PTI): Charging President George W Bush with drifting towards establishing US global "hegemony" and "imperialism" in Roman, Greek and British tradition, a leading US think tank has said that this will "eventually weaken" and "bankrupt" America. Although the word "empire" is never used by the Bush Administration, its expansive new National Strategy "seems to adopt neo-imperialist notions," Ivan Eland, Director of Defense Policy at the well-known think tank Cato Institute says in a paper.

It is an illusory world we live in where we talk of human rights, democratic values, world peace and such higher values for those collectivities which we call nations. From the days of Alexander, Chengez Khan, Taimurlaine, western imperialisms, Hitler, the cold war days and Stalin and now USA the unforgettable lesson history has taught is that it is the brute be it a nation or an individual who dominates a powerful nation that shatters all higher values and tries to reshape the world as he thinks makes world ‘safe’. The language USA talks in, intimidating the UNO to pass a resolution again Iraq as it dictates, has proven in our time in the year 2002 that a world body is as impotent in promoting anything like international morality and fairness, if it does not suit USA.

In USA it is known as script W that is shaping the world now. This script has well known stages which the world has witnessed umpteen times. See how it has happened recently.

First USA identified what it called the ‘axis of evil’ which have to be what USA defines as evil. It feels that these nations should not be allowed to grow stronger and become a threat to USA. Economically, USA can continue to seek monopolies for haldi (turmeric), basmati rice and even cow urine without ever being dubbed by any nation as world’s biggest one nation axis of evil economically.

USA can put all restrictions on steel imports it if feels threatened and yet ask nations of Asia, historically and culturally developed nations compared to the culturally underdeveloped nations of the west and USA, to relax their own restrictions in the pressure it exerts on these nations through the World Bank and the I.M.F.

Is this reflected in the horoscope of USA and its present dasha ?

In the horoscope, there are as many as five planets in the eleventh house of utter greed aspected by Saturn the war lord of this horoscope and in turn Mars aspects this Saturn.

Five planets in the eleventh house aspected by Saturn and the eleventh lord Mercury retrograde with Rahu in the twelfth give a total of eight planets connected with this house of greed.

And to add to it all the dasha of Moon in seventh house of war here. US imperialism as an American professor has pointed is threatening but bankrupting USA itself. The theory of the professor is far fetched as if USA exploits the rest of the world in promoting globalization it in effect means a larger demand and volume of world’s goods and services than the rest of the world. USA can waste resources but the poor nations must conserve the resources is the logic which this strong eleventh house shows and threatens. The eleventh being the house of legislation also, the economic sanctions, the laws USA passes are all aimed at promoting these avowed intentions and designs of its foreign policy.

The second act of the W script is that USA is acting according to the UN resolution strictly.

The third act will be as can be anticipated now as I write this (17 December, 2002) to find fault with the findings of the chief UN weapons inspector, Hans Blix, if his report does not give to USA the excuse it needs to attack Iraq for which it has already stationed its troops for a desert battle with its dangerous weapons of mass destruction with the unabashed support of its cousin, England. The American poodle, as Tony Blair is now known as, justifies it with vehemence. In this act, the Foreign Secretary of UK, John Straw has already produced another dossier on Iraq to show how dangerous it has become for the world, meaning impliedly for USA.

In 1998, the Australian inspector had vacated Iraq one day before after receiving the signal from USA which had decided to attack Iraq resulting in the killing innocent civilians of Iraq. Will Blix also oblige ?
It is necessary for President Bush to complete the unfinished task of his father and remake, reshape through threats, attacks and selective patronage after American desires and demands.

In the cold war days USSR was creating a balance in the world but now Russia itself, in its present dasha of Mars, will make use of this policy of USA to attack Georgia to safeguard its own interests in Chechnya.

Australia has already declared that it will enjoy right to launch a preemptive strike if it suspects any neighboring country was harboring terrorists.

But if India decides to strike Pakistan for promoting terrorism, USA intervenes on behalf of its friendly and favorite nation.

Some commentators have called USA a second Roman Empire bent on shaping the world after its own desires. What is there in the world to prevent it ? The world has to gulp it down and accept Bush and USA branding anyone as evil and any nation as part of its perceived ‘axis of evil’. If then USA proceeds to eliminate this evil, as it is bent on doing in the case of Iraq, the rest of the world has only to watch it as no one can prevent USA, the most powerful and unchallenged nation in our unipolar world. Till at a future date the proposed Russia-China-India axis emerges, as some Russian politician hopes, this will go on. And that is only a dream at the present juncture of world history and scene.



It will be unabated in remaining part of the dasha of Moon in the seventh house and whole of Mars dasha because of the aspect of Saturn on it.

It is in the dasha of Rahu in the twelfth house that USA will become war weary and face something like the financial results of all these policies. The navamsha confirms all this.

The eleventh house is strong again here with two planets here aspected by three planets while the eleventh lord is in the second house.
USA is determined to reshape the world to suit its own global economic and neo imperialist needs and desires.

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