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9 October 2007, 10:02 AM

It is not one of those rare and odd occasions in the history of Independent India when we do not have the horoscope of the prime minister of India Sri Manmohan Singh. Coalition politics throws up an unknown candidate as a prime minister as happened when Deve Gowda , Inder Kumar Gujral became prime ministers. So it is now, when we do not have the birth details of the new prime minister of India, Sri Manmohan Singh.

From the national and astrological point of view it becomes important to see how long can a patch work government of coalition last and do the good work it can, do under the stewardship of a prime minister known for his sterling honesty and administrative efficiency.

Yet some indications can be had of coming events from some other astrological factors and data. See first of all the movement of planets in the coming few months of 2004.

Venus Venus leaves Vrisha on July 31 and will stay in Mithuna till 2 September conjoining with Saturn.Afflicted Venus in Mithuna has been a period of strange events, troubles and even major upsets in Indian politics. The period till 2 September is to be watched.

Saturn A major planet which always leaves its mark on national and world politics is Saturn which will transit into Karka on the midnight of 5 September 2004. Saturn here leads to the redrawing of the boundaries of many states in India and even of other countries. Saturn who will stay here for two years and a half will also clear the path for mid term poll is the surest basis for the present government not lasting long enough. But this will happen only Saturn retrogrades into Mithuna in January 2005 and re-enters Karka in May 2005. That is a crucial period to be watched.

Saturn in Karka will not allow an Indian prime minister to stay in power long. It therefore can be inferred that the mid term poll will be conducted under another prime minister but with UPA continuing in power.

A major research on the effects of Saturn in Karka by Sri M.S.Mehta has been published in the book, Finer Techniques of Astrological Predictions Volume One.

The demand for Telengana, Vidarbha and Gorkhaland after the constitution of a States Reorganisation Committee can be anticipated and predicted on this basis.

Jupiter Jupiter, the great benefic will not remain a benefic during this period because it will be afflicted doubly. It will be with Mars aspected by Saturn both in Simha and later, in Kanya. Jupiter will enter Kanya on August 27 and will be afflicted by conjoining Mars and aspected by Saturn. Jupiter will remain afflicted throughout. An afflicted Jupiter becomes malefic according to the principles of various chakras.

Mars Mars will join Jupiter and will remain under the aspect of Saturn as already pointed out. It will happen first on 31 July and later on 16 September.

Indian Independence Horoscope

Though we do not have the horoscope of the prime minister of India, Sri Manmohan Singh we can take some help from the national horoscope of India in which there the dasha of Venus-Saturn-Mars from 9 August 2004.

This Mars will pave the way for some major changes at the centre. And being the seventh and twelfth lord, aspecting exactly the twenty second dreshkona, is not an indication of non-violent events. What is being pointed is that , without being alarmists, we should be prepared for some violent events in the second half of the year 2004, particularly in the period from August to November , with possibly September seeing some climax of it all.

To add to it is the chara dasha in which it is going to be Karka-Dhanu from 13 August with all the planets in Karka falling in the eighth house. The violent nature of Dhanu is well known in Jaimini astrology.

Indian Republican Horoscope

The Indian Republican Horoscope becomes relevant in the context of the many ticklish issues which will cause the president of India to consult legal experts many times in this period. In that horoscope it is the Rah-Ketu period is current now till 26 December 2004. The president of India will be under strain. Some issues will be challenged in courts of law as the dismisal of four governors in the first week of July, which is already before the Supreme Court.

Manmohan Singh's Oath

Already the uncertain period in the turbulent era of coalition politics, with the communists controlling the central government with so much power and no responsibility is showing daily. What then does the horoscope of the oath taking ceremony of Sri Manmohan Singh, the prime minister show ? Peace will be elusive, strikes are visible but worse, even violence which can affect the life of the nation and top men.

Some features of this horoscope should be noticed.
1) Ketu and lagna are in close promity which is always bad in a coronation chart, these days oath taking chart of a prime minister.
2) Then a malefic, Rahu in the seventh house is not praiseworthy.
3) Worst, clearly is Sun, the royal planet in the eighth house.

Venus afflicted by Saturn in Mithuna is bad. To understand the basis of this research, prepare the bhinnastaka of Moon of the Indian Independence horoscope and see zero in Mithuna. Venus as the lagna lord of the horoscope transitting in a blank house of Moon, representing national sensitivity , becomes cause of national pain particularly when afflicted.

Communal harmony will be missing with such a heavily afflicted ninth house. Similarly the afflicted seventh house and afflicted seventh lord will show the difficulties in foreign policy. In the earlier years, India had come closer to USA and Israel. Is the change now towards Arab countries at the cost of Israel-India relations is the one question which will be uppermost in minds.Then the relations with USA may not be as cordial as in previous particularly in the uncertain year of US election.

But planets are pointing towards disturbance, communal in nature with violence leading to some tragedy and also changes at the top level at the centre.

One of the principles of Hindu mundane astrology is to count the number of Sundays,Tuesdays and Saturdays falling within the lunar month. particularly in August, September and October 2004. It is not a happy indication at all when they are four or more as is happening now.

Annual Chart of Independence

Finally see the annual chart of the Indian Independence Chart for the year 2004.

The tenth house has Mars and Jupiter with the eighth lord Mercury showing a change with violence which can hurt the nation because Saturn from Mithuna also aspects it.

Then Venus and Saturn in the eighth house cannot be praised in this context at all. Saturn as the lord of Muntha in the eighth house is what the Tajak school of astrologers never praise and like.

Is the nation prepared for changes with violence is the question we have to ask.
Note: One astrological point that will get tested is also the effect of Venus crossing Sun phenomenon of 8 June 2004. The results of this will be seen in the coming elections of Maharastra and Bihar where there can be some upsets according to our understanding of the Bhadra Bahu Samhita.

( Written on 20 June 2004)

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