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NAYAN (Guest)
“India’s greed will be a story fitting into the patterns of its episodes of corruption as the eleventh is afflicted. “

This was written by Shri. K.N. Rao in his article on 2nd December when he was illustrating the chart of 6th December, the day on which Jupiter entered it’s own house i.e. Pisces. Shri Rao showed how the the 11th lord of Indian Independence chart was afflicted by the aspect of Mars, which is transiting in the 8th house of the Indian Independence chart.
On the very evening when Jupiter entered Pisces, breaking news came on Times Now about the food grains scam which is believed to be of a bigger proportion than that of 2G spectrum scam. Kudos !!! Rao Saheb Kudos !!! . 2G scam denied that much income to the nation but this scam denied food to the poorest of the poor. It was done across many Governments and worst is many parties in the power claim to be the saviors of the most deprived and debilitated of the most populated state in the country ( Uttar Pradesh ) . It’s a state where 2 out of 5 citizens live below BPL.
The statement made by President Obama on his recent visit to India that “ India has arrived on the world stage “ is laughable. Yes sure, on the corruption index we certainly have . Our C.A.G.R. on this index would be a matter of world’s envy.
I would request the editor to ask Shri. Rao whether things would improve after Mars would change sign? And what are the implications when Jupiter and Saturn aspect each other fully and are seventh from each other. The implications on a nation and on an individual.
Kindly enlighten.

Found: 1
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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