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Ms. Rachana Sharma (Guest)
I completely agree to the words of divine article.I try to follow the last four lines by god's grace and with the blessings of Rao Sir.It is an eye opener for the younger generation.may god bless all of us.
RP (Guest)
Devine trhuth
Absolute truth by Raoji,. There is so many fake Mahatma on the street so Very hard or trust someone. Now a days a religion is kind of a fashion. Just see in USA every single religion come here build expensive temple and people go over there. You feel like you are at some fashion mall. Where is the true religion?
Mrs Vaidya (Guest)
Be Aware and BEWARE
Ranging from the net to all sorts of media spiritual teachers seem to be pouring....but like sir (KN Raoji) says...great mahatmas shun people...would media and any of these sources interest them??
Swarnashis (Guest)
It is good to understaand only searching for Mahatma will not led to mahatma

To wonder (Guest)
When God leads us to teachers
then we should learn
those that do not
fail while God is watching
life has shameful moments
We all will be tested
Nellie from Bulgaria (Guest)
The article about westerner's search of spirituality shall be read by more westerners, as I really find it full of wisdom and truths.... Sir Rao's wisdom and expressions are remarkable ... again.
As a westerner, I can confirm by my visits in India that the spirtuality is very often used as an excange coin by Indiands and mostly Westerners.
Seclusion, Sadhana, Meditation and Piligrimages are much better ways of self realisation that "the fast and easy GURU's ways".
Me personally I find meeting great MAHATMAS, among which I place Sir Rao as a divine bliss... and unforgetable experience.... but it is desrved really and not desired ONLY...
Ravi (Guest)
Shrila Prabhupada
I do not agree with Mr. Rao. Shrila Prabhupada came to west to preach western world about Sanatana Dharma and has transformed their hearts. Thousands of them all over the world know about Lord Krishna, Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabu and The divine Hare Krishna Mahamantra.
Btk (Guest)
Batuk Bhai
One can be spiritual even when being in the world and its affairs. Batuk Bhai of KNR's friend circle is one such example.
Anupam kr. Datta Roy. (Guest)
cloistered life or normal life with super normal self control?
I agree with Mr.Rao as to the characteristics of the mahatmas. Well, they show us the way we should follow.Let us follow the way and all become mahatma. Then is it for sure that all these mahatmas will have no trouble in this world? Should we not have to fight the negative forces against us then? During the period of Buddha a great number of people , being inspired by Buddha tried to achieve a higher spiritual life, but the nation became weak. May be they were not spiritual in the true sense.
However, I want to know if spirituality absolutely signifies cloistered life, or it may involve normal life with supernormal self control.
S Agrawal (Guest)
Spritual pain
Pranam Shri Raoji Saihb
This one of the ecxellent article, some doctor used the word spritual pain many of us Indain and NRI are suffering from this pain and for this pain we land up to many time to wrong doctor or Vaidh we can find guru but not sadguru. Guru is light word even friend call each other by this name,
We also donot want to see sadguru like we belive in hanuman chalisa and Ramcharit mansas but no respect for Goswami Tulsidasji. He said "Sadguru vaidh bachan vishwasa". His saying saying still valid after many Centuries was he far sighted or saw future ?

Found: 12
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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