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Deepak Singh (Guest)
Great artice
Majority of his predictions come true. The main this his logic to come to the pridiction
Anupam kr. Datta Roy. (Guest)
Always coming true
As regards the prediction about Benazir I read that when it was written. later it came true. One thing to say here: I saw Mr. Rao first on Aaj Tak TV, and was a keen viewer of that programme on Saturday as I am interested in astrology and wanted to tally the predictions made by him. I remember his predictions on Sachin and Saurav perhaps in '05 0r '06 when Saurav was out of the team. He was talking about the out come of 'Sadesaati', saying that Sachin made great progress during his Sadesaati and Indira Gandhi was prosperous during her first Sadesaati, and that Saurav would play for team India again, and Sachin's Career was not coming to an end immediately. Later I found all these were true. I liked him because of his intrinsic originality amidst the numerous bogus ones. I was in Bengal that time. Now that I am in Noida and read his article regularly I come to know about him more and more every day and I am delighted that I was able to reconize him at first sight. I pay my homage to him for his authentic charecterand remarkable individuality.
vishal (Guest)
make a book out of these articles.
Pls distribute this book at nominal cost to govt & private school students.
Found: 3
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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