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Deepanshu Sharma (Guest)
Excellent article...., Hats off
Respacted Sir,
As I have already a good experience of your lactures at BVB, New Delhi. I found your explanations always as one of the best. This time too you have written a very nice article.
arvind sharma (Guest)
Thanks !
Respected sir , this articles is very informative and guidance to new researchers in the field of astrology.It is a grat news as journal becoming Bi-monthly it is a great effort and service to whole humanity! thanks for Your guidance sir ?
Bhawna (Guest)
Interesting, covers a lot.

bk (Guest)
more detailed effects of transit jupiter is appreciated.

T.R.Kapoor (Guest)
Aricle is another big hope for patriotic millions
But GURUs wisdom must flow now from class room of a school. For it is the only place where children of ruler and the ruled come together for knowledge which can be an assets for Bharat of Bhavishya. Present lot is too drunk with TAMAS
of sukracharya
M.Arunachalam (Guest)
Jupiter our Saviour
Dear Sir,
Jupiter is there to save us.That is the feeling your article has produced .Announcement about the bi-monthly-a real bonanza.Thank you very much.
aseem bansal (Guest)
Jupiter vs Venus
Hey, the newsletter is a bit scary esp. about enimity between jupiter and venus...I was scared as there is both jupiter & venus along with saturn and sun in libra in 11th in my BC...I will always think both of them as a blessings as since guru MD started few months back, I am loving life more beautifully even after some minor tensions that crop up frequently...I have become more generous and helpful than ever...

Anyway, Sir, your website, is indeed a blessings to those who want to pursue astrology besides their professional lives and help their friends freely....i am 27 and still learning astrology in spare time...

And pardon me for the above egoism comment!!!
vivek Maharishi (Guest)
Not explained the result for other signs.
Article is very good .No doubt.But please explain-what will be the result for 12 signs after change of Jupiter?
anu (Guest)
very informative
good work
Shiva (Guest)
Not much in predictions
Instead of giving large writeup about Jupuiter, if the newsletter contains some clear and specific mundane predictions, it will be useful.
Found: 14
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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