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ratna prakash (Guest)
excellent analysis of current affairs from the eyesight of the 6th house
the analytical analysis of the current affairs through a particular house (6th house this time) is quite remarkable to say the least, which opens new horizons to the followers of astrology like me.
the mention of countries and corporations competing with one another, reminds me of the preface by nani palkhiwala in his famous book "we the nation - the lost decades", where in he had stated that not only the human beings, but the animals and corporations also behave and have actions and incidents as per the zodiac sign depending upon their dates of birth or of their formationc / incorporation. linda goodman has also stated that the citizens of different states of us display the characteristics of the zodiac sign of those states.
while expressing my gratitude to bisaria sir for coming out with such a useful and meaningful newsletter, may request him to continue with the analysis of the effect of different palnets in the house being analysed in the that newsletter as it is very useful and refreshing to us.
with profound regards.
Ksana (Guest)
Thank you, this article was usefull for me. A bit of new information. But i was expected to get something like the article on 3d house.
Prasad (Guest)
excellent articles
The view about competition and its various non positive aspects is deliberated very nicely.


Yes, when one has LIBERATION from this cycle of birth and death as a GOAL...competition is meaningless

Other articles too are well composed..

a little wider perspective with depth would have been great in analysis of the 6th house

rags (Guest)
Brilliant piece guruji !!

Rohit (Guest)
Nice Article
The article on 6th house is good but nothing in comparison to the previous article on 5th house. Seems like Bisaria ji has written this one in a rush.

Reading the various comments about India and Sun Mahadasha - I vaguely remember that most astrologers were not very happy with the day of independence and said it was not auspicious. Just a thought for discussion. I do believe that astrologers in that era were more knowledgeable than the hundreds we have today (with the exception of a few good people -:)

Another request to Bisaria ji is to bring out an article on retrograde planets and their effects & behaviour.

Thanks for these wonderful newsletters.
Khushdev Singla (Guest)
6th house why such fright......
A well known sociological thinker Lewis Coser and George Simmel have commented the functions of conflict and competition in society. According to them healthy competition is functional for society and keeps its tuned and adapted to positive changes and development.So 6th being a competition house is nothing to worry about.Although it is a dusthanaa but also an upachaya house and hence will guide the development if our actions a in tuned with the higher spiritual principles . What all is needed is a new look towards the reinterpretation of conventional astro principles in light of the modern day society.The above article is a step in the direction
excellent (Guest)
raghav sharma
Brilliant piece Guruji !
rajneesh (Guest)
here 6th house competing with other houses?????
Respected sir,
thodha aur likh dete to hamara b bhla ho jata......i mean few e.g... and when 6th house give fantastic n very bad results etc.. etc..
bhawna singh (Guest)
An interesting article on the 6th house showing its various facets and significations.
Very nice but the last newsletter covering the 5th hose was fantastic, i read that at least five times.I guess the 5th house is far more fascinating than the 6th house anyway.
Found: 9
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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