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manisha (Guest)
A very informative article!
A very informative article!
M.S.Sharma (Guest)
Obama's Makara lagna chart
Dear Sir
His current dasa chidra bhukti of Jupiter-Rahu is hurting the country big time and change is what he brings (good and bad). He is lucky that he won during moon bhukti and in 2012 Nov it will be saturn-saturn and he will win again. He rose in Jupiter dasa as Jupiter is in a vipareeta raja yoga. See the case for cancer and capricorn lagnas where Mer and Jup gives this VRY. Nothing good will happen to until Obama moves to Saturn dasa in July 2012 and then two or three good jobs reports of 250K jobs per month, he will get elected.
ratna prakash (Guest)
again a wonderful piece of writing in astrology
it was a great pleasure and satisfaction to read the may newsletter. however the results of placement of sun in different houses and rashis, if given, would have made it more useful.
nevertheless my thnx and regards to bisaria sir for such an excellent piece of astrological writing.
some of my friends / colleagues also like the newsletter because of the lucid language and connecting with the current events so beautifully.
khushdev singla (Guest)
Surya the natural Atma karka
Very happy to write the comment for this newsletter.The journey which began with indepth knowlege of house have taken a new turn by venturing into the deep rooted meaning of planets for us.It is well said in the article that planets are not mere physical enteties , theyare rarther mutidimensional forces,many of these dimensions are still unknown to us.Surya is the natural all other planets it has Aadi Daivik (divine), Adhyatmik (spiritual) and Bhautik (physical) dimension.Article explains all the aspects of sun in a very coherent way.Eagerly awaiting for the next article in this series.Must read for beginers as well as experts.
Monica (Guest)
The story of the Planets Begins
Its wonderful to know about all planets starting with the Royal Sun after the enlightening series on all the houses.
krishnarao (Guest)
better write some more
Article is excellent. But feeling insufficient. Please add some more, like sifferent combinations in different houses.
Thank you
Ankur Agarwal (Guest)
Very good article
Very good article, specially the part discussing the lady being duped by many astrologers.

I also feel personally that mantras with devotion and faith in God can alone help the person.
The karmas in the horoscope are God's will and our past deeds results.
Only through true prayer we can find the courage to face them...
Nothing cancels out in astrology.

Also , the knowledge that you are spreading of doomsday is also required, as many people with weak hearts might find it difficult to cope with this farse , some have committed suicide, is what i have read in newspapers.

God will bless all the good deeds you are doing in BVB,Delhi.
sanjay T (Guest)
nicely compiled information
thankyou very much for a such a great article comprising all the important information about SUN.

regards and sadar pranam to guruji Shri K N Rao.
Sarthak (Guest)
Every bit is exciting.Can we get our money back from tax havens in the dasha of Sun

Manoj Kumar (Guest)
May God always shower his grace on you and BVB family
Dear Deepakji ,
What an article !! I have been reading your news letter, and sometimes very frustrated that the next one takes so long , just wish the months were not 30 but only few days . I on behalf of many , whom I have recommended , request you to kindly make the news letter weekly (at least an online version ) if your time permits .

I have observed about the role of Sun, and I can relate it very much to myself. The Sun`s role in my own horoscope makes me a very egoistic person. But there is a strange modification, I realize all the time that my mind is egoistic and not me, and I get this very helpless feeling that I canít do anything to change my mind . Is there an xplanation ,perhaps a combination that explains this strange situation . Many of my friends asked me to seek a guru to find such answers , but meeting so many frauds , I decided , I had enough .

If I have God`s grace , I will someday live to meet someone like you or Shri Rao , and get an answer to my lingering questions .

For all the service to mankind that Shri Rao ,you and others make , my humble prayers to God for your well being ,

Best wishes,

Found: 14
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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