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(D) Dhan Yoga Illustrations

The First Illustration

Here the lord the second house the Moon is aspected by Mars (the eleventh lord) The lord of the second house, the Moon, is aspected by the ninth lord, Saturn, who being also the eighth lord will sometime cause obstruction also. The opposition of the ninth lord, Saturn and the eleventh lord Mars is again promising. (Horoscope)

The Second Illustration

The lord of the lagna, Jupiter, aspects the Moon in the Dhanu and it is the combinations of the lagna and the fifth lord. Here both aspect eath other mutually. The second and ninth lord, Mars aspects, the Moon (the eighth aspect) the fifth lord, the Moon in Dhanu, but here the Moon does not aspect Mars. So it is only a partial promise.

The eleventh lord Saturn aspects the fifth lord, the Moon (third aspect) and also the fifth house (the tenth aspect) and it is also a partial promise.

But two notable features of this horoscope is the exchange of the lagna lord, Jupiter and the fourth lord Mercury. Here Jupiter has gone into the fourth house, Mithuna, whose lord is Mercury, while Mercury, the fourth lord has come into the lagna, Meena whose lord is Jupiter. It is known as exchange and is very good.

The second notable features is the exaltation of the eleventh lord, Saturn, in Libra which promises sudden gains (the eighth house is the house of suddenness) and also sudden losses as Saturn is the lord of the twelfth house also, the house of losses. (Horoscope)

The Third Illustration

Here the fifth lord Jupiter (who is also the lord of the second house) is in his own in Meena and is being aspected by the Moon (the lord of luck and is being aspected by the Moon (the lord of luck and wealth, being the lord of the ninth house) from the eleventh house, the house of gains. The Moon and Jupiter aspect each other, completing the promise and it is along the axis, five-eleven, which is an excellent axis for gains. (Horoscope)

The Fourth Illustration

Here the lagna lord, Mars combines with the eleventh lord Saturn in the fourth house, a kendra. He has established a factory successfully and earned in millions. To support it, the second lord, Venus combines with the fifth lord, the Sun, with Mercury, the planet of business. All these aspect the second house of wealth also.

This man has prospered through his own skill, his inheritance and also from his wife’s side. The second house from the seventh house, represents the wealth of his wife. (Horoscope)

The Fifth Illustration

The fifth case is again of a rich man. Here there is an exchange between the lagna lord, Mars and the fifth lord, the Sun. Then the fifth lord, the Sun combines with Venus in the lagna. Finally, the lagna lord, Mars aspects the eleventh house and the eleventh lord, Saturn who in turn aspects (the third aspect) the lagna, the Sun and Venus and returns the aspect of Mars. (Horoscope)

The Sixth Illustration

The sixth case is of a multi-millionaire. Three benefics are in the fifth house. Mutually these are the combinations of the first, second, fifth and eleventh lords for the purposes of monetary gains. (Horoscope)

The Seventh Illustration

Here the fifth Lord, Jupiter and the ninth lord, Mars combine in the sixth house, an artha trikona. The lagna lord the Sun, with Mercury, the second and the eleventh lord in the eighth house again promises sudden gains which happened in the life when he came into a big fortune.(Horoscope)

The Eighth Illustration

This is the horoscope of a very rich man who has earned for himself a lot and is now prospering more through the earnings of his sons. The lagna has Mars, the lord of lagna itself and the ninth lord, representing father also. He was born in a rich family of landlords and he invested his money in various ventures which proved very profitable. The eleventh house has such a big concentration of planets, the house of gains. From the eleventh house these planets aspect the fifth house of children, who too are successful and prosperous businessmen. (Horoscope)

Ninth Illustration

Here the second and the eleventh houses are very promising, there is an exalted ninth lord in the lagna. The second and the fifth lord, the Sun and Mars in the fourth house with the eleventh lord, Venus is still better. The combination of Mercury, the third lord of brothers and the twelfth lord also, gave him a chance to earn a big fortune in foreign country where he has settle down. There he runs his own bank, has many grocery-stores and lives in a ten-million dollar house.

So far the dasha-sequence has not been discussed. This person ran into the major period of the Moon from 1974-84, then the seven years period of Mars upto 1991 and is now running the period of Rahu in the second house. It has been a success story all along so far.(Horoscope)

The Tenth Illustration

Here the lagna lord the Moon aspected by an exalted Mars, the fifth lord from the seventh house cause a Chandra-mangal yoga. The second house is strong, with second lord there combining with the eleventh lord, Venus. The ninth lord, Jupiter is also in his own house. Three planets in their own house ensure a good, stable financial life and sound health. Through hard work this person has built up as story of spectacular success without sacrificing idealism.(Horoscope)


1. Astrologers who miss such combinations are apt to quote from the translations of classics blindly and land into wrong alleys of predictions. The classics throw light on the meaning of planetary combinations which must not be fitted into strait-laced and snap-shot astrological readings.

2. But then, is the other side also. True, some of these combinations are also evil as they cause sicknesses and accidents.

3. The important principle to remember is that planets give multiple effects, they lift, they cause a fall, they give fortunes and they throw your into deepest moods of despair. What a planet does is that is gives happiness and grief rise and fall and laughter and tears, turn by turn.

It is here that the most important element of astrological prediction comes into play through a very close study of:

1. The strength of planets, which a computer cast horoscope gives.

2. What as astrologer must do always is to see the condition of these planets in the navamsha (the one ninth division of a horoscope), which again a computer cast horoscope gives.

3. Then the dashas, major and sub-periods should be seen.

4. Finally, the transits should be examined, if possible an the sarvastaka varga, which is an extraordinary technique of quantifying the strength of transiting planets.

It is for this reason that after going through these lessons , advanced books with their techniques should be learnt properly.