New book by KN Rao: JYOTISHA, the super- science, A Rich Heritage of India's Composite Culture
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It is an Astrological Panorama aiming to give a near complete survey of different techniques of Hindu astrology, which is now spreading, all over the world.

In the true Hindu tradition, it is the Guru (Astrology is the Eye of Wisdom) who taught to his shishya (disciple) different subjects. It was the oral tradition and direct teaching which produced real great classical astrologers for centuries in India.

Times have changed. Teaching of jyotisha is being done and has to be done in modern ways. One of them is through a website. This has its limitations and one advantage. The limitations are it is not possible to know the astrological level, skill and experience of those who read it.

The advantage is that some method and some explanation of astrological techniques that which have not been learnt been properly can be learnt to some extent. They can be understood and applied. Yet, the advantage of man to man personal communication will be missing.

It is necessary to develop technical skill first in astrology. It appears to be dry in the beginning but is enrichment of true knowledge giving sharp predictive skills.

It is necessary to have a good intellectual equipment which means good analytical powers and right information. It is necessary to have moral excellence without which jyotisha becomes sometimes an emotional anarchy for an astrologer and even becomes a curse instead of becoming a pathway to illumination.

Hoping that such a purpose will be fulfilled, this website is being launched.

KN Rao