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Ashtakvarga system of Astrology is unique. It gives at a glance the complete picture of a person's Health, Wealth, Finances, Spiritual development, Profession and the Strength and the weakness of the Horoscope. No other system can predict as accurately the result of the transit of planets as the Ashtakvarga does. This is the only book of its kind that gives plenty of solved examples for practice and makes one proficient in the subject in no time.

A mere look at the Ashtakvarga Table shows the height a person can rise to in his profession and gives an exact picture of the dasha scheme. Without Astakvarga it is not possible to know as to why persons like Gulzari Lal Nanda and Charan Singh were Prime Ministers for a short time only as against J.L Nehru and Indira Gandhi who stayed in power for a much longer duration. This system can be used in:

  • Electional Astrology (Muhurta) to choose the most auspicious timing fro marriage, political elections, job interviews etc.
  • Matching of Horoscopes
  • Predict the results of the dreaded Saade Sati (7.5 years of Saturn) with great accuracy.And Much more.....

Ashtaka literally means eight. The eight are the Ascendant and the seven planets. These planets are in transit all the time and change their position with respect to each other.

Certain positions have been defined as benefic and certain positions have been defined as malefic. Ashtakvarga systems lays down principles in details as to when a planet in transit is going to give beneficial or malefic result.

The importance of Ashtavarga in depicting results of dasha/antar dash of planets assumes great importance as it has been proved beyond doubt that even and exalted planet in its dasha is not able to give good result if its is not associated with higher benefic points. Conversely, a planet transiting in a binduless rashi in its own Astakvarga gives extremely bad results. Malefic Saturn in these circumstances culd even cause death.

It should be clearly understood that planets in exaltation, own sign, in Kendra, trikona or in a Upchaya houses or powerful by position in benefic vargas are not are not effective if associated with less than 25 benefic points (as calculated in Ashtakvarga).

This book has been writte under guidance of Shri KN Rao who in a series of articles had highlighted the importance of ashtakvarga by calling them the DOTS OF DESTINY.

According to Shri KN Rao, the world renowned vedic astrologer, "there are three ways by which a man achieves success in this world, number one Raj Yogas and Dhanna Yogas must exist in the horoscope.

Secondly, dasha period must come at the right time. And lastly the extent of such attainment could only be determined with the help of Ashtakvarga synthesized with the transit of Saturn and Jupiter with the main mahadasha."

Contents: How to make Astakvarga Charts, Reductions, Shodhya Pinda, Mandal Shodhana, Interpreting the Horoscope through Ashtakvarga, Ashtakvarga of Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Sarvashtakvarga, Ashtakvarga and Transit, Kakshaya, Indu Lagna and Financial Prosperity, Longevity, Important Principles of Ashtakvarga, Example Horoscopes

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Pages 161
Guide Editor KN RAO
Edition Second Revised 2002
Binding Paperback
Level Beginner to Advance

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