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Takes you right from Educational Counseling to choosing the right Profession. Must have book in todays ever changing professional world. Probably the first book of its kind.

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Col. Gaur's attempt in this book is the first major composite attempt by an astrologer to cover the path from Education to Career with a link between the two. A large number of Career patterns are discussed with over a 100 authentic horoscopes

A very timely, very helpul and useful book. This book will help to guide young men and women in their choice of Eduction and Professional patterns.

  • Educational Counseling
  • Professional education leading to specific profession like medicine, engineering,accounting etc.
  • First Salary
  • Periods of Rise in Profession
  • Periods of Distress in Profession
  • Certified professions where one needs have the prescribed education eg. a lawyer. But then all lawyers are not practicing lawyers
  • Bureaucratic careers
  • Techno-Bureaucratic professions
  • Self Employed careers
  • Journalists
  • Fashion Technologists
  • Computer Professionals

A very rich and detailed book with over 100 authentic horoscopes.

Product Details
Pages 224
Author Col. AK GOUR
Guide Editor -
Edition First 2004
Binding Paperback
Level Beginner to Advance

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