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Quite simply the best Primer of Hindu/Vedic Astrology for the beginners.

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Quite simply the best Primer of Hindu/Vedic Astrology for the beginners. The only primer in Hindu/Vedic Astrology which gives you a definite step by step methodology to read a horoscope easily. Plenty of example horoscopes to grasp the astrological principles. 

A Primer of Hindu Astrology for the beginners. a refereseher course for the advanced students of astrology, it was produced for all those people who cannot do manual calculations or have no time to do it, and are dependent on computers.

How they can, after getting a computer cast horoscope, understand their horoscope and others’ is explained here.

The MEMORY TABLET given in this book has helped many understand predictive techniques is described as P.A.C.D.A.R.E.S.

Never take the risk of a horoscopic reading unless you have proceeded to analyse a horoscope under P (placement of a planet) A (aspects of planets) C (conjunction of planets). Then go to the next stage and see how this analysis help you to understand a horoscope in depth. There is a promise of D (dhana or money giving yoga) A (arista or mishaps) R (Rajayoga or yogas to give rise in life) E (exchange of house lords which is significant feature of some horoscopes) and S (every horoscope has some special features which becomes its distinguishing mark).

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Pages 150
Author KN RAO
Guide Editor -
Edition -
Binding Paperback
Level Beginner to Advance

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