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This research has been tried on many thousands of horoscopes and in not a single case it has failed. The replication of this technique is100%.

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The book is a 100% success as no such book has ever been written before about the children in Vedic Astrology.Go to doctor later.

The most original book of Rao which can be used to predict when a child will be born, if at all. Replicable astrological principles which will help you decipher the birth of children in a horoscope, the timing of birth, difficult births etc. An excellent must have book for an astrologer.

First apply the technique given in it by using the Vimshottari dasha and the simultaneous transit of four planets, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and the Moon.

The author herein presents the most scientific, replicable and unchallenged research. It is an improvement over the earlier research done by the same author.

The additional pieces of the tested search enable one to :(a) use the Vimshottari dasha for timing the birth of children in normal cases first. (b) use the Vimshottari dasha to determine the abnormal delay in the birth of the first child after marriage.

All this is in addition to the already researched techniques which enable one to predict about timing the birth of the children through transits of planets, mishaps to children and the problems of childlessness and the spiritual remedies to overcome these and the tragedies to the children.

As is the case with the other books of the author, this too is profusely illustrated with horoscopes (including those of Prince William and Prince Henry) and must be read repeatedly in order to be able to master the techniques of prediction.

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Pages 215
Author KN RAO
Guide Editor -
Edition Second 2005
Binding Paperback
Level Beginner to Advance

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