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This will change your dogmatic and gloomy view of Saadhe-Saati or the dreaded 7 1/2 years of Saturn transit.

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Research on the dreaded Satrun's Transit of 7 1/2 years. Excellent case studies.  Whether the period will be bad, tragic or good is clearly bought out in this research. One need not fear this transit if the horoscope is correctly analysed. Over 25 horoscopes including the horoscopes of well known personalities analysed.

Astrologers frighten their clients in India by mentioning Saadhe-Saati as a period of fatality. Is it so?

  • Can the entire period of seven and a half years be bad?

  • Are marriageable girls getting married during their saadhe saati?

  • Is saadhe saati a period a notable achievements?

  • Is it correct to stick to the dogma that the second saadhe saati is invariably good and the third invariably bad?

Read this excellent in depth research on Saadhe Saati to get answeres to these questions. An eye opening research based upon real world horoscopes.

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Pages 144
Author Group Research
Guide Editor KN RAO
Edition Second 2005
Binding Paperback
Level Intermediate to Advance

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