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How to Predict the good and bad period in ones professional life.

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This has been one ofShri Rao’s most popular books. How to make effective and successful predictions for individuals by making using the double transit of Saturn and Jupiter along with the Vimshottari dasha is shown here. Over 17 case studies in depth. Students of Astrology learn a astrological principles with each case study.

If you are sixty years old what changes you can expect since the age of sixty is celebrated in India with special poojas/ceremony. What is the astrological explanation for it ?

(a) Two illustrative examples to show how to understand the working of the principle of replication followed by detailed discussion of the horoscopes.

(b) Clear explanation in a tabular and descriptive form the synthesis between the mahadasha, antardasha and the transits using the examples.

(c) Full length discussion of the horoscope of President Clinton of USA covering many events through the use of varga charts, dashas and the double transits of Jupiter and Saturn.

(d) An in-depth case-study of three predictions in the case of NT Rama Rao, the late chief minister of the state of Andhra Pradesh in South India.

(e) More revelation of the once held secret techniques by the author and a great in-depth analysis of the same.

Product Details
Pages 154
Author KN RAO
Guide Editor -
Edition Second 1995
Binding Paperback
Level Intermediate to Advance

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