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Besides Vedic Astrology gems dispersed in this volume the book will give you a glimpse of the genuine spirtuality of Indian saints and the knowledge they posses. Uplifting. Our bestseller.

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An absolute must have book from a master astrologer. A must read for astrology and spiritual aspirants. One of our most popular books. How astrology and spirituality is interlinked is told by various saints the author has met over his lifetime.

Astrology and spirituality weaved together in a masterly way.

Books written on esoteric astrology are elementary and defective. They do not even use the navamsha. Here even the use of Vimshamsha (20th division)  has been shown.

Here in this book you will find in the initial chapters, initial chapters only, some secret combinations for understanding the spiritual depths of a horoscope and planetary combinations for the rousing of Kundalini. ¨

This book can otherwise must be read for Rao’s most fortunate interaction with India Yogis and spiritual practitioners who had to go through fires to reach the stage of divine ecstacy—which Rao tells his readers to be prepared. Spiritual life is a walk on razor’s edge. Its ultimate fulfillment is divine ecstacy and salvation.

Product Details
Pages 285
Author KN RAO
Guide Editor -
Edition 1996
Binding Paperback
Level Beginner to Advance

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