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This Dasha method has been tested and verified for nearly 14 years before publishing it for the students of astrology.

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Jaminis Sthira Dasha is an original and fundamental research. A very dependable method has been evolved which has been tested for nearly 14 years by successive batches of the astrology students of Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, the world's largest astrology school. This dasha can be use as a general dasha like Chara Dasha.

This dasha is works very well in pinpointing the fatal periods in a horoscope. But after nearly 14 years of research it was found that even good events of life could be predicted including marriage and ups and downs in career.

The crux of prediction, according to the author, emerges when the significations of the karakas (significators) is kept in mind and their role in the events that have happened are clearly seen.

Product Details
Pages 120
Guide Editor KN RAO
Edition First 2004
Binding Paperback
Level Intermediate to Advance

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