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Research done on over a thousand horoscopes to find astrological reasons for delayed marriage among girls. 25 case studies.

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Such a book is the need of the hour particularly if is remembered that no astrological classic gives a reliable method of timing marriage of girls. To try to explain it away through such fraudulent yogas as Kaal Sarpa Yoga is pure cheating in the astrologer’s bazaar today. Discarding all those fraudulent techniques, at least there are some honest and good researchers, all women researchers in this case, who have come out with a helpful research which can be depended on.

“ We are taking up cases here only of girls of educated parents, themselves educated and placing more emphasis on their careers and therefore delaying their decisions to marry. Right or wrong, the desire to marry late is a great source of agony for the Hindu parents. Astrologers must wake up to this reality and do a new and dependable research to meet this requirement of parents of modern societies in the metropolitan cities.”

The aim of the research in this book is to ascertain the age block in which girls marriage falls. For this purpose the book takes the following:
The base year of calculation is 22 years. Now do the calculations to see in which block of the marriage the girl falls.
  • 22 to 25 years
  • 25 to 28 years
  • 28 to 31 years
  • 31 to 34 years
  • 34 to 37 years
  • 37 to 41 years
  • 41 to 43 years
Marriage over forty is more for companionship and for old age preparation and is not a normal marriage for a girl, particularly in India and among Hindus.

The sample size of this research is over a thousand horoscopes though due to space constraints the book gives only 25 cases studies. No  No Marriage horoscopes have been used in this research which will be a logical consequence of an over delayed marriage.

Technical Analysis
The technical analysis of the data has been done along the following lines:
  • Mostly birth horoscope has been used and navamsha in some cases
  • Main dasha used is Vimshottari
  • Base age has been taken as 22 years for marriage and added to it delaying factors with a mathematical formulae

Product Details
Pages 125
Author Dr.Mrs Sarla Prasad, Dr.Mrs Shri Rama Mishra, Mrs. Shalini Dhasmana, Mrs.Draupadi Rai
Guide Editor KN Rao
Edition 2007
Binding Paperback
Level All levels

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