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Shankracharya Jayendra Saraswati and KN RaoThe news of the death of Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati did not surprise me as for six years at least, as I personally know, his health had been bad, his diabetes was not under control. The three women who had conspired against him, Sonia Gandhi, Jayalalitha and Shashikala each suffered in her own way. Jayalalitha won elections after being defeated for one term, became the Chief minister but suffered from bad health and died a mysterious death. Shashikala is in jail and her claims of leadership is not accepted in AIADMK. It makes her a weak politician. Sonia Gandhi, now suffering from some disease has retired from active politics, has handed over the presidentship of the Congress Party to her son, in the usual familiar Nehru way---dynastic succession. Sonia’s role in the sinister plot to arrest Shankaracharya Kanchi has been mentioned by the former president of India Sri Pranab Mukherjee (See appendix I).
Mouni Baba ( 3rd March came the news of the death of Mouni Baba, three days after the mahasamadhi of Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati on the last day of February. Jayendra Saraswati, born in 1935, was 82 years when he took samadhi. In the case of Mouni Baba we never knew his age as no one knew it and it was guessed that he was ninety three years old when he took samadhi though some newspapers said that he was 108 years old then.

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Asia Time Online - Daily News, Jun 18, '14
Iraq pays price of US sectarian meddling
By Ramzy Baroud
When Bush led his war on Iraq in order to fight Al-Qaeda, the group simply didn't exist in that country; the war however, brought Al- Qaeda to Iraq. A mix of hubris and ignorance of the facts - and lack of understanding of Iraq's history - allowed the Bush administration to sustain that horrible war. ..... The Americans toyed with Iraq in numerous ways. They dissolved the army, dismissed all government institutions, attempted to restructure a new society based on the recommendations of Pentagon and CIA analysts in Washington DC and Virginia. They oppressed the Sunni Muslims, empowered the Shi'ites, and fed the flame of sectarianism with no regard to the consequences. When things didn't go as planned, they tried to empower some Shi'ite groups over others, and armed some Sunni groups to fight the Iraqi resistance to the war, which was mostly made of Sunni fighters.......    But there can be no denying that the US's ignorant orchestration of the mass oppression of Iraqis, and Sunnis in particular during the 2003 war until their much touted withdrawal was a major factor in ISIS' formation, and in the extremist group's horrendous levels of violence.””
Ramzy Baroud’s narration of what is happening in Iraq is the nearest truthful account of the reasons for the irreparable Shia Sunni clashes in Iraq in the month of June 2014 and it seems to have no immediate solution if we look at the horoscope of New Iraq of 28 June 2004.

Some notable points of this horoscope need scrutiny to know why what all this has happened and what the future holds but against the historical background of Shia Sunni conflicts. Nowhere in the world where Muslims are spread which is more than fifty six countries, have Sunnis accepted Shias whom they call heretics or Ahmadiyas now since the days of the sinister legislation against them by Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto. In Pakistan, both Shias and Ahmadiyas are hated and killed by the Wahhabi inspired, Saudi Arabia funded Sunni fanatics led by mullahs. In the post Saddam Iraq, the domination of Shias encouraged by Iran and USA and the suppression of Sunnis could be, if that is a valid explanation, a right reason for the success of ISIS an organization more cruel than Al Quaeda, totally medieval in executing the captured soldiers and dreaming and planning to establish a caliphate in the Syrian Iraq territory undoing the damage done by the Sykes Picot Pact of 1916. In this fanatical scheme majority of Sunnis will always be willing to join these insurgent atrocities, with Sunni countries including the oil rich Saudi Arabia willing to fund it secretly and never openly condemning.

It then is a war with bitterest historical roots of more than fourteen hundred years and unresolvable. Being religious will never get obliterated so long as religion continues to be the opiate of the people in these countries. Let it be understood astrologically.
Iraq Horoscope

Eclipses of April 2014
The eclipses of April 2014 fell on the Moon of the horoscope of New Iraq with Saturn transitting over it and Mars about to join it soon. It is enough indication of simmering troubles growing more and more in the coming months with the possibility of lasting for many months now since Syria now is a bigger training ground for Islamic fundamentalists than Pakistan.

The horoscope of New Iraq
The presence of Mars, as in the horoscope of Israel in the twelfth house, aspecting the third and sixth ad seventh houses is a permanent danger Iraq faces of trouble from its neighbors, particularly from the insurgents of Syria, the strong hold of ISIS. Then, if there is Iran helping the Shias there are Sunni countries, Saudi Arabia and other countries secretly funding ISIS.

All that is needed to keep alive a regional war for months and years exists in the current scenario.

The present mahadasha of Jupiter aspecting the seventh house and the antardasha of Saturn, the seventh lord is showing the war and it is going to last till the end of 2015. The signs are ominous.

Threat to India 
ISIS is the inspiration for Muslim fundamentalists to follow similar insurgent actions in many neighboring regions and with the help of Pakistani terrorists even invade Kashmir. The Kashmir problem along with the horoscope of the region can be discussed later but suffice it to say that his region has run into, astrologically, a war like situation already.

Immediately, it has affected Indian workers in Iraq running into thousands. Greater danger is spiraling oil prices in India since Iraq is the second biggest supplier of oil to India.

US Intervention
Without finishing the unfinished work of Bush , however sinister, the decision of Obama, the US president to withdraw from Iraq without stationing some American troops as he was advised by a general of his, Obama has left behind a legacy as Americans had after withdrawal from Afghanistan in the nineties of the last century giving rise to Osama bin Laden and his Al Quaeda.

The two interventions of USA in Iraq starting from senior Bush, then junior Bush had left unfinished work and now Obama, forced to intervene will be starting a war and getting USA mired in it for a long time. Obama is running the mahadasha of Saturn aspecting both the seventh and tenth houses of his horoscope showing his inability to remain unconcerned with Iraq from where he decided to withdraw the US army prematurely.

In navamsha of Obama, Saturn is again the seventh lord in the sixth hours showing a territorial fight which is going to last for sometime. In the subsequent antardashas Obama is not going to cover himself with glory and may end up with poor ratings like his predecessor Bush. Obama has to be careful as far as his own physical safety is concerned in the coming sub periods of Mars and Rahu.

In the US horoscope (with Simha lagna) the present period of Mars and Saturn which is the seventh lord shows immediate intervention which has to be for many months.

( 18 June 2014)
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