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What system and methodology do your astrologers use?

Our astrologers use the Prashari and Jaiming systems of astrology. These are the two most widely used systems of astrology in India. Most of the groundbreaking researches in Parashari and Jaimini astrology have been done by students and astrologers of Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi under the guidance of Shri KN Rao.
The methodology developed by Shri Rao after decades of exprerience is the one followed by our astrologers. Importance is given to Rasi and Navamsha charts. The chart representing specific area of life eg Saptamsha for children is also evaluated. Transit of planets using ashtakvarga system is used to pinpoint the timing of events.
Composite Technique of using Multiple dasha systems to pinpoint an event. Dashas like Vimshottari, Yogini, Chatusheeti Sama dasha, Dwisaptati Sama dasha along with Jaimin Chara Dasha are thoroughly analysed to interpret a horoscope . Horoscope interpretation requires a lot of expreiene and focus of mind.

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