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Dr Mrs Chandra Rekha Gogna Ex Research Student BvB (Guest)
Rao sir's prediction came true
I had read women becoming prominent in democracies and mentioned my husband sir has given prediction about Benazir Bhutto in this article. When I came to know about her assassination, I saw her horoscope with Tula lagna and as per Vimshotri she was runnig Ketu\Mer|Mer w.e.f 12\12\07 to 01\2\08.Mer is the lord of 22nd dreshkon/64navamsha\85th Dwadansh all three.
In transit Mar 2nd and 7th lord ( Markesh) aspecting Mer transiting in 3rd house of longevity.

Lagna rising in eastern horizon was Gemini. (Guest)
Timely&accuraee prediction.
Benazir Bhuttos death proved Sri.K.N.Ra0JI data of Benazir chart is extremnmely valid. Secondly, 12th Saturn in her natal chart raised controversies wheather she was killed by bullet bomb proving the authencity of the chart.
Anil Kumar (Guest)
Benazir Bhutto
Respected Sir,
Was it possible that if some one told Benazir not to come back Pakistan at this time as there is danger visible in her chart then she may belive it,if not then it mean it was (her bloody death) predestined was due to her past life karmas, then why some one feel sorry at her?
sreeram_srinivas (Guest)
A failed state like Pakistan who have integrated everything in the country on the lines of Islam religion, particularly the militant leadership, could not appreciate being governed by a woman. The radical interpretation of Holy_Quran, ensured male dominance in society and relegating women to perimeter of the house.
Rajeev (Guest)
Do you see any parallel between the assasination of Zulfikar Bhutto and Benazir?

MS (Guest)
Accurate prediction indeed !!
I was indeed surprised and stunned to hear the death of Benzir and recalled the predictions mad eby you and your team.
But one does feel sad when such tragic predictions come true!! But it alos reposes faith in astrology.Rao ssab's political predictions and mundane astrological predictions rarely go wrong . The effort he took to get the correct horoscope and analyse them shows the enormous dedication and hardwork even at this age along with his team. Such effeort has to be accurate and correct and though Astology is l a difficult science .
Hats off to you Rao saab and your analysis.

I wait with my fingers crossed to watch about Inidan politics and also the Annua lpredictions you will make for 2008- mainly for India and the Islamic world which is so turbulent!!
KUSH (Guest)
When a general becomes a politican its a deadly combination. The general conveniently blames all the dirty deeds on Al Qaeeda including those dirty ones conducted by him as well. The lady from Oxford was a victim of the general and not the Al Qaeda. Just imagine, the suicide bomber managing to penetrate the inner security, the sudden and hurried cleaning of the spot where the incident took place by firebrigades with the intention of destroying forensic evidence

The rule of Lord Krishna is that rouges deserve each other and thats the case with the General and the Superpower. In the process, a decent lady lost her life.
Found: 7
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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