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aseem bansal (Guest)
Thanks for sharing us the article with us. Indeed we need to do research on how we can use astrology to deal with modern ailments like dementia, tumour, cancer and other.

I analysed his chart. I have few opinions that I wish to express-
8th house is generally known for chronic ailments which are threatening to life or remains for long time with a native. Here Aries (head) lord i.e. Mars is in 8th house indicating some serious ailment to head area or brain. As you said that mars or ketu indicate tumour, so it is clear here based on my analysis. Tumour must have been taking shape in his brain for a very long time. He used to suffer headaches for years before being diagnosed finally. Further Moon is afflicted so this is another contributing factor. She is also afflicted by retrograde Saturn.

Now if we again look at the lord of 2nd house of markesh i.e. mercury, He is in 9th house whose lord is in 8th house. Mercury rules nervous system. May be tumour must be in nerves centres of his brain.

D P Bhasin (Guest)
It is so easy to justify any thing which has happened in the past.The author has miserably failed in his analysis. Prima facie, this horoscope does not show such a dreaded decease, only mental derainment. There has to be some thing else which requires more research.
I am not happy blaming mobile phones for this. As an astrologer, if you had talked of past karmis effect, that would have been more appropriate.

Sorry for the criticism, my first on astrology.


Regards D P Bhasin
rao sahib have made astrology so systematic by pacdare that it becomes so simple to analyze for all astrology lovers

Deepak Bisaria (Guest)
Brilliant! Crisp and clear with conviction. Name any assessment without ifs and buts? In astro-analysis they ought to be more for the basis is information alone. There is no denying the fact the mobiles and their towers are adversely affecting us along with our flora and fauna. Why we emphasise desh, kaal and paatra ? The situation cannot remain the same with changing lifestyles but it can be similar. If tumour of the brain can caused by mobiles today it would have been caused by something else 20 years ago. Astrology cannot be wrong our assessments at times can. We have to apply desh, kaal and paatra judiciously. We have to give due regard to the assessment of the writer as he knows the particular person and situation and not we. Overall an excellent article worthy of inclusion in IOA's Journal of Astrology -July-August issue
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Vinay Gupta (Guest)
Good analysis by Praveen ji,but i agree with the comment of Astrology lover that had there been no cell phones ,could this cancer be averted? No,certainly not.There are clear cut combinations in the chart that conjunction of 6th lord and 8th lord in 5th house .Both are retrograde ,combinely afflicting the Lagna lord who is with 11th lord and Lagna,showing promise in natal chart. Since I am novoice in this field but whatever little I have learnt is that Lagna lord alone is not the saviour because he does not enjoy the Awasiya bal in 9th house, positionally it is a weak lord but the SUN enjoys the Dig bal.In my opinion it is Jupiter who provides him the breaths though he will take ..................... because till date he has survived the M.Ds of 12th lord sitting in 2nd house,planet sitting in 8th house as well as sitting in 22nd Dreshkane and again planet sitting in 2nd house . I feel the days ahead for him are ............................ I earnestly pray God for happy long life to this saviour of humanity.
A good article!
Dear Sir,
Thank you for your multi-dimensional and multi-faceted article on Vedic Astrology Vs. Science. I do fully agree with you that frequent use of Cell instruments by any individual will cause maladies, particularly brain tumour, ear drum damage, etc. in him due to radioactive reactions on one's body. However, according to Holy Scriptures, including 'Bhagavad Gita', one will enjoy or suffer as a result of his past 'Vasanas' (Samskaras), which prompts the individual to resort to such good or bad actions, or by impulsive, which may also be results of past actions. Vedic Astrology truly predicts everything by peeping through the Planet configuration in one's birth chart.
'Jai ho', Gurudevji, for your contributions to the mankind through this subtle subject i.e. 'divine' science' (Vedic Astrology).
Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
A good exposition!
Dear Sir,
I agree with Shri Praveenji's explanations in the article, fully employing Shri Gurudevji's teachings on BPHS and Jaimini Sutras, to correlate Vedic Astrology and Science. However, if I may say so, Vedic Astrology is a divine science and, therefore, it can tell the 'eternal truth'. There is no second thought about it.
Irrespective whether science proves a malady in one's life correctly or not, Vedic Astrology does prove beyond doubt about one's happiness or unhappiness arising out of some disease (malady) by peeping through his past 'karmas" in the form of planet configuration in one's 'Kundli' (birth chart) , which can be correctly predicted by 'pious' people like Gurudevji (Shri K.N. Rao saheb) and his student lineage in BVB. Hence, Shri Praveenji has rightly given the title 'Modern maladies astrologically explained' to his excellent article. Please keep it up, Shri Praveenji.
'Jai Astrology! and Jai Gurudevji'.
Yours sincerely,
Astrology Follower (Guest)
Cell Phone
Good astrological study but is the writer suggesting if there were no cell phones, the person would have avoided cancer? Cell phone theory does not seem to be very scientific as there are billions using cell phones
Jagota Ashwani (Guest)
Good astrological to the point analysis
Awareness about use of mobile phones is to be circulated.
Found: 11
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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