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Sridhar Saptharishi (Guest)
should consider 2nd house too for 2nd marriage
Here Moon lord of the 2nd is in lagna aspecting the 7th (for marriage) . It is in the star of Rahu which aspects the 9th. Hence, there had been a possibility of a second marriage. 2nd , 9th, and 11th bhavas usually decide on a favourable second marriage.
Neeraj Kaushik (Guest)
More combination for Re-marriage
For quick re-marriage Jup must aspect Ven.
in Jamini astrology, 8th from Upapada lagna is taken for 2nd marriage. In this case Upapada lagna is Capricorn. 8th from it is Leo where Rahu is posited. The dasha scheme is very well explained by it too.

VibhutiGanesh (Guest)
Very little about 2nd Marriage Yoga
This is published in astrological journal and looking to the title of the article, readers would expect much more about combinations that supports possibility of 2nd Marriage. Unfortunately, it is not so here.

One cannot pridict an event to occur with the Dasha/Antardasha alone. It can show the positive period for a happening if substaintiated by strong combinations of planets resonsible for possible event to occur in the life of the native.

I hold a different opinion about Saturn in 8th house. It is a malefic but being a lord of a trik house, its placement again in a trik house would make it positive and even Vipareet Rajyoga Karaka.

- "Venus is debilitated and the seventh lord from Venus, Jupiter repeats the story of this tragic incident" I think when we assess the kundli from Venus, the kalatra karaka, we need to consider the kundli as if Venus is placed in Lagna. Now this way, I am afraid the Jupiter does not repeat the same story...its kendra lord (lord of 4th and 7th) placed in 5th house ( rep. love, para-punya and remedies) with the lord of 5th. How can we lable it as bad ?

renuka (Guest)
good prediction but we need to know much about second marriage also

S.K.Raswant (Guest)
The examination/analysis of the chart for 2nd marriage seems excellent after she explains the dasha/antardashas/transits when the event has taken place. But... before the event, how the astroger arrived at the possibility/advice for 2nd marriage should have been explained more in details. While matching charts for our own kith &,kin, what can be & should be seen in horoscopes to decipher the possibilty of 2nd marriage, assuming the first does not work. In our relations, two twins boys got married on same day, with a few hours difference, one suffered divorce while others's marriage is quite successful. How do you explain this? Does KP PADDHATI help?
Akool Das (Guest)
Attempted Modification
It was observed in the article that the 9th house stood as the pivot point for second marriage and this also hold good because of findings through numerous case studies. I most humbly want to add the probable astrological explanation to it for your invaluable feedback to me towards its correctness or otherwise. 7th house is the house of marriage and for a sharper meaning it could be described as the house for first marriage. 9th house is the 3rd house of 7th house indicating the first younger sibling of the first spouse (first younger brother-in-law or sister-in-law) who is naturally younger to age of the spouse and also expected to take fatherly care of the progenies, if any, from the side of the demised first spouse, also. Going by this connation, my astrological hunch is that 9th house is rightly stood as the pivot point for the 2nd marriage as long as the person proposed to be married in the 2nd occasion is younger to age than that of the demised spouse. Alternatively, if the person proposed to be married for the 2nd time is elderly to the demised spouse, we can have a look to the 5th house, which is eleventh from 7th house and thus, denoting the elder co-born of the demised spouse. Thanks & Regards,

ravi (Guest)
Excellent needed in this age.

Alok (Guest)
Good help to the woman and shown her the ray of hope

doll (Guest)
it is an average artical
d efforgood but combo 4 2nd marriage was missing
Yeoman service!
Dear Ma'am,
Kudos to your WONDERFUL prediction, titled "Predicting a Second Marriage". Being a disciple of Shri Gurudevji (Shri K.N. Rao saheb), you have a done tremendous and yeoman service for a poor woman, who lost her husband, and this will become a 'Guru dakshina' for Shri Gurudevji. Shri Gurudevji's contribution to the society through Vedic Astrology is being transmitted through his disciples like you. It will be a feather in the cap of BVB's faculty headed by Sshri Gurudevji.
Ma'am, please do enhance the credibility of Shri Gurudevj's School of Thought by giving predictions like the above in future. May God help and give you strengt. Such 'pious' and 'sacred' service by you to humanity will ultimately become service unto Lord.
Jai Vedic Astrology & Jai Shri Gurrudevji.
Yours sincerely,

Found: 24
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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