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Raghuvansh Swami (South Africa) (Guest)
Military rule in Pakistan over
I was a student of Sh. K. N. Rao ji in 1990-1992. I have always been impressed with his predictions of Mundane astrology. I fully agree with Rao Saheb's predictions. I am of the view that Venus dasha is going to be very prosperous for Pakistan. In addtion, a lady will become prime minister of Pakistan. I guess it will be Benazir Bhutto. Since Dasa will commence in December 2007, elections will be held as scheduled in January. I am not sure that Musharraf will remain president or not. However, I feel that military rule will be over with the end of Ketu Dasa. (Ketu acts like Mars hence it ensured military rule in his Dasa.
Sreeram_Srinivas (Guest)
Continuing with the orginal finding of Sri K.N. Rao on use of mrityubhaga in predictive analysis, one more live example, should convince the unconvinced. The different attributes mentioned by scriptures for Ketu Mahadasha are are evident in the history of Pakistan during this period.

The advent of Venus Mahadasha being 2HL & 7HL should augur well for the prosperity of Pakistan.

Well, the never say die protagonists of Kaal Sarpa Yoga, would surely view the current developments in Pakistan in the context of modern day invention- Kaal Sarpa Yoga effect !!
Found: 2
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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