EMERGENCY PARALLELS: India and Pakistan Reviews
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sreeram_srinivas (Guest)
One of the qualification parameters mentioned by rishi Parashara in his magnum opus - BPHS, that the astrologer should be aware of political happenings and the general society around him.

The fact Sri K.N. Rao's posting on website - almost immediately - drawing astro centered correlations between the "two emergencies", reflects the depth of research that has been down by him, settling an example on astro_research guidelines for all aspiring modern day astros.

Surely, Sri Rao K.N. fully compliance to the stated qualities of an eminent astrologer and my sincere appreciation of the same.

These articles are also lessons for all astro_writers in focussing their articles more on astrology than on event{or even self boasting}, yet communicating both in a subtle manner.
maya meenakshi (Guest)
god speak throgh sri k n rao
Each and every leetter and words are
wounderful write up. The almighty write/
speak throguh Sri K.N.Raoji .Evenafter that the politician of india and pakistan never change their dictatorship.
MS (Guest)
Indeed beautiful is what i could say as I remember reading Musharaff's uncertain future article written by Rao saab !! Th e analysis of Mercury in Mrityu Bhaga and also staurns aspect etc has beautifuuly fallen into places the gagging of Press, Media, Internet and all modes of communication !! A very bold and rare preeiction indeed. Drawing parallel with Inidan emergency may not be relevant too as we see as we have come a long way from that almost 32 Yrs. But predicting on the basis of current day situation and Technological, technical advancement Rao saab 's prediction indeed was fantastic !!
Found: 3
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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