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Deepak Singh (Guest)
Ramesh it is astrology
A very good article.It Seems that ramesh lives in USA and has to have time,location,date and prof of every thing.
Many a times you can have a indication of direction but not a city.
Very good article and Sir keep it up.
You still need to write a book on Bhrit Hora Shastra with a translation.
Please do so
Ramesh (Guest)
can the predictions be more specific and useful
The next attack in north. Is there a way to specify a city or a state?
girraj sharan (Guest)
2nd part of kethu always painful in indian case as witnessed in main dasa kethu
extensive corruption rightly mentioned.its sad that patriotism is privilege shared by a few.never heard highly placed people punished for complicity.transit of planets in jan/feb weak in sarvastak and eclipse causes anxiety.please throw light for nation loving.
P Gurjar (Guest)
Prediction merely would not work rather put them in front.
Respected Raoji,

I'm die hard fan of yours and learning astrology by reading you books. Since, i'm in mumbai, i could not abel to join BVP.

I just want to suggest not only to you but to all student of BVP to publish each and every research before hand about chances of such acts. Also, to inform such hints to Indian government.

If astrologers could come to you for their personal prediction, then they could also take precautionary measure to remove the possibility of such acts.

I hope my suggestion, would give you some hint about what i mean. I know this is difficult but i know people like come in an era and can do it.

So let do it!!
shankar hegde (Guest)
As usual Rao ji predicted a war like situation well in advance.I predicted for ETv kannada, during the time of eclipses about some scandals in armed forces in our country.Soon after my program telecast a BSF person Mr.Venkatesh from Shimoga Karnataka, revealed to Tv9 that some BSF persons are allowing militants to enter just by taking 200Rs.!
Now the rape in air force hospital,the Purohit case etc. are well known to all
Can a ship drop terrorists to Gujarat so easily?when the system is so corrupt can we go for a small war against Pak? Pak is also having Venus dasha Venus antara.From august libra chara dasha will start for pak.libra is the seventh dasha & venus is the seventh lord the hose of war.Next Hindu new year will start with libra lagna & Sun ihe Ak of Jaimini system as well of the Indian horoscope along with lagna lord venus will be in the sixth house.In july2009 another solar eclipse will affect the same 3-9axis of Indian horoscope.Next varshaphala(62) will moon as muntha&afflicted. The most worrieng factor for India is Gemini -Aries chara dasha which will start in August 2010. The lord of aries is mars falling in third house in mithuna itself who is also lord of 7th house from vrisha lagna of India & he is GK of Indian horoscope!! Can we expect relief so soon? If terrorists & pak army which is not caring the orders of present Pak govt, use nuclear weapon what will happen?
Shankar G. Hegde.i
PM (Guest)
Jupiter, Rahu and Mars conjunction in Capricorn
There will be Jupiter, Mars and Rahu conjunction in Capricorn in the month of Feb 2009, sixth and eighth position with Saturn. Conjunction happening in Capricorn, a sign of democracy and India's sign, what would be implications? Any thoughts?
Rs (Guest)
I support ur opinion

sujat kamal (Guest)
more work is required
Mr Rao

I have learned a bit of astrology from your books which I find very instructive.

Mt Rao It is high time that you lead a team of able astrologers to set out the principles of predicting terror attacks as you and other have done in case of predicting marriage timing, etc

Rajeev (Guest)
Sir, There have been reports that Israel is sending Mossad and USA is sending FBI to assist in the investigations in India.Will they not see it as a golden opportunity to get a foothold here and further their agenda of 'Global War on Terror'.There surely is more to it than meets the eye.
Krishnan (Guest)
We are our greatest enemies
This would appear far fetched, but give it a moment's thought and things become clear. There is an implicit or perhaps explicit deal betweel the Indian political establishment and all sorts terrorists. Indian politicians do not take any action against acts of terrorim on the common man, and in return the terrorists do not harm the politicians. This is the deal struck by the world's largest pimps, the Indian politicians with terrorists of all types. Even if the politicians do not keep any other promises, they will keep up their end of this deal, since the average Indian politician is only motivated by the prospect of enriching himself, or by the threat of physical harm (which the terrorists specialize in). Hence, India will only see action against the terrorists when the terrorists become too ambitious and drop their end of the deal. ie, get a few high profile politicians. This country has no hope till then.
Found: 10
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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