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Ragu (Guest)
Is there a probability of war or at the least military strikes within Pakistan by India.

Os it possible to find out who is involved in the Mumbai terrorist attack ?

What is the future of India in case of war ?

Can somebody put some light on these issues astrologically ?
girraj sharan (Guest)
voting power in handsof younger generation
excellent.reference to sun dasa discussed lightly.are we in for autocratic rule as indicated by system of governance for change,i.e presidential system.only in such case youth generation can play its role of popular enlighten us.
Mahesh M Kelkar (Guest)
Terrorist attack A plane Astrology Approach
Respected Rao Sir,
Looking at terrorist attack by plane astrology approach

Date: 26 Nov 2008
Time: 09:24 pm
Place: Mumbai,

Eight House Rahu: Tragic End
Seventh house Venus Jupiter: An indication of local support
Eight & Ninth lord Saturn in third house indication of repeated attack and indicating the direction as East North

P Gurjar (Guest)
We hope India becomes independent again.
Respected Raoji,

I fully support and agree with you on what u have said. I hope India become independent of selfish politician and terrorists.

I also like to cover one more area, which is now ignored by almost everyone, of possibility of attack by terrorist is Biological war. They could also use viruses and bacteria or other such things to attack on India.
Thus, I request you to do a research and try find out any possibility of such act so that we can take necessary precaution before hand.
shankar hegde (Guest)
One big private oil refinary is very close to the border of Pak. Just 15min.aircraft operation or just 5-6 terrorists well trained by pak can destroy it by bombs very easily. Just imagine what will happen to lots of lieves working there & to the economy of India. So far ISI has not tried it. Why?
Sun dasha-Sun bhukti starting from 9-9-09,chara dasha CANCER-Can starting from 14-8-09 for India which all are mainly related to Third house with lot of Jaimini raja yogas & solar eclipse which will take place in july 09 again in the same house, the muntha lord Moon of 62 years varshaphala (afflicted)in the same third house signify what? Next year wether we are going to experience both the extreamities of third house effect?
I request Raoji to throw some light on it.
Shankar G.Hegde.
Found: 5
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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