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Mahesh Pant (Guest)
Whither deal?
I only thought why do you base your calculations on BUdh Poornima? Why not on the moment of decision? moment of vote. Politically no one knows whether the deakl will prove to be good or bad in the long run. May be astrologically one could predict the consequences. The time of vote was 19:45 on 22/07/08.
savitri (Guest)
Informative and educational
Respected Sir,
The article provides us with in depth information and linkage of Budha Purnima with India's on-going Nuclear deal. As rated above informative and educational for the children well as ordinary man.
This also gives me an option to broaden my horizon in the field of Astrology and its positive links to our personal as well as professional fields.
R.S.PANWAR (Guest)
This linkage of Buddha Poornima with Nuclear India is a great astrological fact which has been explained by taking India Independence horoscope and Horoscope of Chaitra mass prtipada which we make use in Mundene astrology.The best part is Our hopes are on a debilitated Mars - 6th and 11th lord in debilitation gives good results, and exchange of Mars and Moon. Two debilitated planets can and should usher the deal in. So we may continue to have reasons to celebrate after 20th May 2008. Exchange of Debilitated planets may usher a Nuclear deal Raj Yoga.

Wg Cdr Ajay Sharma (Guest)
The article has been written in red carpet articulacy and it hits the nail right on its head (Tukh!)
This wonderfully written article stands in testimony to the fact, as to how wise, knowledgeable and stately educator of astrology, Col AK Gour is!
Sumit Bajaj (Guest)
Very good information
Respected Sir,
Unbelievable analysis!!! really very informative and new approach of analysis
R.S.PANWAR (Guest)
Budh poornima and nuclear deal
It is more clear from chart of 13-4-08 and 14-4-1998.
second point is hope from debilitated Mars who is 6th and 11th lord and in exchange with Moon
Lalit Gangal (Guest)
thought provoking
very educative
Ashwani Jagota (Guest)
Excellent Analytical compartive study
The article is well described.The analysis on horoscopes for the year 1998 and 2008 produce wonderful unfolding of the events. It seems the nuclear deal is through in near future to address our energy problems.

The role of particular houses and related planets in both horoscopes are being well explained. The way is so simple to understand. This is how we are being taught at BVB.

Neelam Gupta (Guest)
Why are we so weak?
Respected Sir,
“Now our 6th house has debilitated Moon the 2nd Lord - we do not speak; we squeak”.
Very well said. And sure this is what is happening. The article is very interesting and thought-provoking. Now with mercury giving way to Ketu’s antar in India’s main chart, the squeaks may become mysterious. Ketu in the house of international affairs and policies in scorpio, trinal to dashanath venus may sing a different tune now and the government may come out like a Chhupa Rustam. With moon in leo ketu may be explosive in 6H of navamsh.

rampantlion (Guest)
view of nuclear deal from american
the nuclear industry in the usa is trying to tie india into a deal that would mostly benefit the industry in the usa. since either side can cancel the deal at anytime, once the construction begins, the indain government would be helpless to resist doing everything the usa government says, including policy, because the usa could threaten to cancel the project, and india politicians would have to explain the resulting waste to their constituents. not to mention the tremendous cost over-runs that are undoutedly coming, to add to the fact that nuclear power generation is the most expensive way.

america is trying to force india to okay the deal quickly before the indian people have time to read the fine print.

if indian wants to sit at the big table with the world leaders, they should not use this boondoggle for usa industry as an ante. better to invest in alternative energy research.

i find it embarrassing to see m. singh be so pandering to g. bush, who the american public regard as the worst president ever.
Found: 10
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