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Novice (Guest)
Astro analysis with VPs included
Miss Valerie,
Is it possible to analyze the charts of Obama-Biden and McCain-Palin to determine who the next president can be? If Obama's rectified time is used and the VPs are included in the analysis, who has the better chance? Now that Palin is in the race does it change the dynamics in an astrological sense?
Sishya (Guest)
Please post a detailed revised article
Hi Valerie,
I understand rectification is tricky.
Now that we have the exact time please can you post a detailed revised article on the same topic.

Valerie Livina (Guest)
From Valerie Livina
Hello IGovindan,
Yes, it is possible to explain his achievements from 19.24 chart (although it is not as impressive as 13.06)

In the western system, his Jupiter is in antiscia with MC, which is a very powerful position for fame.

In jyotish chart, he has the strongest lagna and 39 (!) bindhu in astakavarga in 11th house. This is what confused me a bit in 13.06 chart: 11th house did not look that strong.

In dasamsa, ruler of 7th is in lagna, 10th is aspected by Venus (ruler of asc), Me is ruling 2nd and 5th - placed in 2nd, this is very good for speeches. Yogas, etc.

There are many indications in this chart as well. It just shows how difficult and tricky might be rectification, especially if there is no direct feedback from the person, with events in the past, to adjust and verify it.

Sri Rao derived a very beautiful chart, indeed.


IGovindan (Guest)
how do we analyze it now
With the correct birth time, what are the astrological explanations for the remarkable successes that Obama has achieved so far?
Valerie Livina (Guest)
Re: Why will Obama
Hello GuruDas KrishnaDas,

You are repeating my arguments regarding the chart for 13:06. It is, indeed, a very impressive chart, and I understand why Sri Rao chose it. It indicates a great leader.

The birth with 19:24 time is far less superior, this is why I updated the ready article with some doubts: my text had already been written when I got the correct time.

GuruDas KrishnaDas (Guest)
Why will Obama be the president ?
Through presidential election in November 2008 to coronation in 2009 Obama will be running Jupiter-Sun. The way these two planets are involved in Rajayogas have already been discussed in another article. Jupiter is no doubt the 6th lord posited in 4th in debilitation but with cancellation of debilitation. Also, Jupiter is being influnced by the Yogakaraka Saturn, 9th lord Mercury and 11th lord Sun who is in Digbala. The Sun in digbala as 11th lord as well as the Moon in exaltation as 10th lord receiving the aspect of Jupiter confirms a king in the making. Note that Saturn is Yogakaraka from both the Lagna and the Moon, and Mercury is 9th lord from the Lagna and 5th lord from the Moon. Both Jupiter and Sun are excellently influnced by Saturn and Mercury. Combined with this the transit of Jupiter to Capricorn in 9th from the birth Moon will influence the 10th house and the exalted 10th lord. And Saturn from Leo is aspecting the 10th lord - a perfect double transit. See how beautifully this trasnsit of Jupiter in 9th from natal Moon will be influencing the natal Jupiter, Sun (whose Dasa-Bhukti are on), Saturn, Mercury, 4th house of Simhasan and also 10th house and its lord. Does the reader now have any doubt on who will be the next president?
Indira (Guest)
the 19:24 birthtime from birth certificate
The birthtime currently circulating as 19:24 comes from the birth certificate posted on This website has been created by the Obama campaign to fight rumors regarding his life and one of them is whether he is US citizen. The birth certificate is intended to prove that he is one.

It was very easy to accept 13:06 as the birth time since it seemed to fit in with the media description of Obama. However, the picture changes with the new birth time--it is hard to square Capricorn lagna with Obama's known personality traits. He, however, is running Jupiter-Moon dasha which is a favorable dasha despite the weakness of the 10th lord.

Vivekadhara (Guest)
Obama for sure will be President
Valerie ji
A pretty well done exercise in comparing the charts . Just from an mundane point of view Obama will be surely president.

1.I had pointed out the same when the comparision between Hillary and Obama was made by Shalini Dasamna ji ...that hillary would not get a ticket , not even the VP one since public mood in Usa is totally different right now.

2.It is the knee jerk reaction of a public that was lied to into a war with iraq for 8 it is running in droves to the most liberal candidate they can find.

3.The public wants a messiah like figure ...whom they beleive is ideal...the truth is Obama is far from ideal ( given the cases against his former advisors rezko, rev wright and so on....)

4.The democractic party participation from grass root workers is almost three times the Republican party.

:) So Obama for sure will be the president ...there are no second thoughts , so the other time of 13:06 probably will stick.

Found: 8
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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