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Rohit (Guest)
Debate getting hotter !!!!
This is in response to Col Gaur's article (US Economic Revival) actually as I was not able to post another review for that article.

This is my second response to this article. I said before too much optimism or over confidence leads to failure. The crisis was a result of that and we are back on the same path. Another point to note is that God has kept the best cards with him. Have someone ever thought why we there is always a debate on the horoscopes of people like our PM or for that matter for BO? What tomorrow holds no one knows - but given what Rao saheb has said in his earlier articles, I am not convinced with Col Gaur. Given the somewhat idea I have of astrology (which is not even basic), I must say that Col Gaur has even turned the concentration of planets in eighth house as a boon conveniently. This article needs a word from the best of the best - Rao saheb.

For Mr Bansal, please note the very first line of the article mentions on the ambiguity on birthtime/ lagna. And please do not say we are arguing - we are all educated and we are debating in a good manner.

vocalmaestro Nelson Del Pino (Guest)
Speaking as an American
My greatest concern for American is for it's spiritual blindness. As an American I see it's important to see others perspective however it is expressed. I'm glad to see Sri Rao speaking out on America's welfare. I believe that the spiritual struggle in America runs parallel with its economic crisis that if America is willing to accept it's place in the world and Obama is willing to lead it, in concert with others, America can be a beacon of spiritual hope to others.
Manoj (Guest)
Can you please suggest the future of china and how it shall rise i am very curious I would be extremely glad if you can do so and i whole heatedly request you to do so
RSN (Guest)
paranoia among the readers
Readers before you state conspiracy theories and the illuminati, don't miss the concept of karma-and more so that one is still not able to specifically and accurately predict the future. Astrology is like a compass always pointing North- however true surrender and devotion can change ones chart and help overcome predicted tendencies. In the end all things are perfect just as they are.
Prasad (Guest)
Afterv 2011, i USA will be having very good time.
After 2011, USA willl be having Mars Dasha. Mars being yagakaraka for Leo ascendant and 10th lord from Moon ascendant, in association with Jupiter - lord of 5th from lagna and Venus - yogakaraka from moon.
dharm (Guest)
not sure if the horoscope is correct
I do not entirely agree with what is stated especially since the downturn was predicted in 2004. It is in 2007 that the crisis began and 2008 the whole world is feeling the effects.If you see situation in other parts of the world is even worse. Europe is in recession, Asia has also started faltering with our Indian stock market down by nearly 55% and currency down by 21per cent. On the other hand US dollar is up by 5 to 35 per cent against all currencies of the world. It may so end up that the effect of US shake up may be felt by Europe and Asia more that the host country
Rohit (Guest)
Astrology stems from Karmas
This article highlights the fact the no one can change destiny. Whether people vote for A or B, the person with stronger horoscope wins. This is life where everyone will have to pay for their deeds. The law of karma applies to everyone. If your boss is stupid, its because of his/her good karmas. If world is going through crisis, its for some people who need to face reality. Hence, no need to blame anyone .....best quality we have learnt in ages is acceptance which makes a better person. At the same time, it prevents people from taking decisive action which is not a good. The bottom line is : Do the right actions and accept what comes your way !! Thanks to Rao saheb for a wonderful article. I salute his mastery over astrology.
Pankaj Sharma Gorakhpur (Guest)
India in Sun Mahadasha
Elsewhere, Shri Rao has mentioned that there are lot of young persons who are seeking US visa for job/education. This scenario would be reversed in Sun MD of India.
A crest jewel !
Shri KN Rao Saheb,
Your article is a crest jewel. I congratulate you on this. I once again apalled to see the pitiable condition of a World's Super Power--USA. In fact, Capital market is the backbone of a country's economy, and if it is broken, then the country's future will certainly be doomed. What is happening in US ? Will this affect globalisation in the world ? How India reacts to it ? I am afraid, India's economic scenario appears gloomy on account of its complete dependence on US rather than evolving its own variety of self-empowerment by properly utilising our abundant resources in stead of wasting them on frequent elections, etc. Let God only save our country. Regards.

Ankit Bhushan (Guest)
Pranam Guru Ji

Once again u have given a broad and in depth analysis,which is what we booming astrologers expect from one of the respected astrologer and citizen of this country.you are the one who had shown me and others also, the right path through your books and articles .Your views and blessings are always welcome.I wish soon i will get your blessing.

Ankit Bhushan
Found: 17
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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