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Robin (Guest)
Thank you for this
The prayers and well wishes of the rest of the world mean so much to us in the US! I would love to see more detailed predictions from you, and will be searching the site. I study jyotish on my own, and love to keep learning. Thanks again!
SK (Guest)
Mumbai terror attack
Kumar - I wish the theory what you have mentioned would have been so straight forward. Do you think bad karma of Mumbai / Indian caused such a disgrace and heavy deaths of our country men? I am really very sad to see this day.
MS (Guest)
Us election and Economy
US election result and the general recession has been predicted by Rao Sahab many times and they have turned out to be 100 % accurate. But what about road to recovery and the role of Obama in it. Probably Rao sahab should analyse this and give the same 100 % accurate prediction. Many of us want to know astrologically when the Indian/ US Economy will come out of recession and the turn around start . Who better than Rao Saab can give this accurately ?
Kumar (Guest)
Please moderate the comments posting
SK -- This is not a web site to post 'your opinions' of who might have been good for USA.

Its destiny & Karma.

USA has to suffer for the bad Karma's they did in Iraq and for misusing the Financial system. Its as simple as that.
SK (Guest)
McCain would have been better choice
I can't even think of disagreeing with Rao sahab on anything. But with all humbleness and with my limited knowledge I would say McCain would have been better selection in this election on all account. And for George Bush I would say only one thing that he did all the right thing. If he would not have confronted directly Islamic terrorism then what he would have done? Like our leaders where each time any terrorist activity occurs same old statement is given and shown. I would say if at all downfall of USA is destined then it starts with election of Barack. If Indira Gandhi was bad for India in 1978 then now we can see and compare who had been brought forward as an alternative for her by JP. I am really sad.
Found: 5
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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