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Found: 22
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Guest (Guest)
Not so sure
I am not so sure about the economic revival of US currently. There's too much debt and too much mess to be cleared first of all for a steady economic growth. Yes, as long as the money is being pumped, the economy definitely seems to improve temporarily, but that would only increase the problems.
aseem bansal (Guest)
Most debatable
Man, this article must be the most debatable one compared to previous ones with some commending it including me and some being critical of it!!!

I hope that it does not stir into a real hornet nest. But what we can do anyway? We are anyway the arguest people in the world.

I have a little question for Malti Madam??? Can you please prove that you are right about his time????...Please don't take my question seriously...I'll be happy to respect your decision on not to answer....
Lover of Astrology (Guest)
Good Statement
I tend to agree with the statement of Meenakshi that America would revert back to its ancient tradition of trading arms. It has already announced sale of F-16s to Pakistan
Vocal Maestro Nelson Del Pino (Guest)
What is true leadership?
Leadership cannot be measured in terms of principles and values but upon making the right decisions. Though, as an American, I share President Obama's principles and values I am not convinced of his resolve. Complacency, complicity and duplicity on all sides is what has led to America's economic and moral crisis but, I believe that America can and will lead the world once again, if only it's leaders stood up for what is right.
Lover of astrology (Guest)
Reading the comments it is clear that the followers of Col. Saab and readers are divided greatly. But is it not surprising that with Tula Lagna Col. Saab could not find out that the President of 9 months is getting a Noble Prize for Peace. Really surprising as Noble Prize is not a small event.
Ajay Sharma (Guest)
Always a pleasure to read Col A K Gours articles!
The pains the author has gone through to weave out such brilliant astrological analysis reveals a fertile, experienced, knowledgeable, logical and systematic brain. It also needs some brains to understand the symmetry of his sequential presentation.

From his opening sentence, the author has lit up a flame to shed light on the subject. And, then he goes on lighting up one light from the other, till he has the entire subject illumed and bathing in its astrological conclusion. He is very brilliant and technically correct in his style and this is exactly what our Mahaguru Sh, K.N. Rao always emphasize upon.- ” to be technically correct in one’s astrological approach and not to worry about the predictions given”.

It is always a pleasure to go through Col A.K. Gour’s articles because there is always something new and more to be learnt from his skillful narrations. His articles can never please those with shallow astrological knowledge or know-how’s – “Bandar kya jane adhrak ka swad!”

Malti (Guest)
Obama lagan is wrong, it means whole prediction is wrong.

Obama DOB - Aug 4 1961 , 19:24 Hawaii

Neelam Gupta (Guest)
Swadoshi to Swadeshi?
Thank you Sir, for demonstrating a simplistic way to judge a complex situation. You have always advocated an out-of-the-box thinking and approach to astrology. The uha-poh-patu in jyotish makes a better sense when we do it with an open mind.

The US economy has experienced its worst crisis since the Great Depression. It is interesting to note that US has been passing through the mahadasha of Moon since 2001 and the crisis started in the HOME MORTGAGE MARKET! Moon is the 12th lord, in Libra Navamsha with 12L of Navamsha Mars, aspecting 2H/6H and Venus in 2H.

There has been an unprecedented rise in household debts in this period. The total value of home mortgages tripled between 2000 and 2007. The ratio of household debt to disposable income, which had increased from 60 to 100 percent in 30 years from 1970-2000, now increased by the same 40 per cent in just 6-7 years. The period of Moon intensifies the debts (spreading from home to other sectors) and financial losses of US banks.

Moon, the 12L in maraksthan ‘softly overkilled’. In Moon-Saturn, in 2006, the signs of crisis emerged which became full blown in the Mercury Antar which the article describes.

The way out is in having greater independence from financial capitalists and the government itself should become the main provider of credit in the economy. Swadeshi is the key word in that sense too. Mars having 4/9 lorship and a yogkarak for America in 11th house with lagna lord, 10L and 5L forms major Rajyogas and is fully capable of pulling out the nation through policy reforms of the government.

While US appears to be on the exit of the economic crisis, what about Obama? Obama, no doubt has a strong chart, and his Sun and Moon antars have been very promising. However, before his yogkarak and strong Saturn, he has more than 3 years to go with dashas of Mars and Rahu placed in 6/8 from dashanath. All planets inimical to lagna. Mars with Rahu is 1/7 lord in 7H in navamsha with Rahu in the 12H. Yogkarak Saturn, the next dashanath too, is transiting in Virgo in 12H, in trine to a moon in 8th for almost the entire period of dasha chhidra. Obviously not a smooth dasha. Will it be a period of daunting challenges for him?

With the start of Saturn’s dasha, it would be his second term, if he is re-elected. What will his Jupiter hand over to Saturn. Is it just an expansive bubble which is likely to burst, or shrink, when a realistic Saturn takes over. Or Obama will manage to lay a solid foundation slab and Saturn will give him another chance to make his landmark structure on it? We ask for more!

O.P.Singh (Guest)
The In-Nobel Prize !
Did any astrologer foresee Obama as the new recepient of Nobel Prize ?
[ One more thing I would like to say that now this Nobel Prize has been degraded up to 'Innobel Price' with a disgusting surprise.]
Anju (Guest)
Very informative article written in a lucid and understandable manner.

Recession continuing until 2011 and it's ripple ongoing impact on other countries, especially Indian exports, is a matter of concern.

I sincerely request Gaur Sir to predict the future for Indian economy too in a similar fashion.
Found: 22
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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