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Mrs.Anonymous (Guest)
Interesting article (though I dont know astrology, tried to read line by line). Just a few thoughts, not about Assange, but something in general..
> Yes, it would be very good if corrupted India is exposed (hoping for a good change to the nation and it's people).
> If everybody's destiny is 75% past life and 25% will-power (which could change destiny either in a good way of bad way - good way through praying God with sincerity), how come many of us normal people, including the many great gurus, pray for the end of corruption and for a change in the bad, inhuman (in the sense child molesters, abusers) and corrupted people, so that the world would become somewhat a better place for the infants and kids and normal people to live in? ( I am doing my part daily).
Sai (Guest)
Respected Sir,


Please predict about split of Andhra Pradesh into Telangana.

What will happen to Hyderabad? Will it become a Union Terrotiry?

Andhra Pradesh was formed on November 1st 1956. Andhra Pradesh lies between 1241' and 22N latitude and 77 and 8440'E longitude

Thanking You



Rajeev (Guest)
Principle of astrology proven to be scientific
Planetary position imprints biological clocks of mammals

Manail (Guest)
Imran Khan and Pakistan
I really like ur articles. cud u plz analyze pakistan future,will there be any free elections in 2013 and will Imran Khan be next PM . His birth data is verifies and authentic
05-oct-1952 11:55 am Lahore pakistan

Sunil Dutt (Guest)
Correct chart
Since he has read Mathematics and Physics, vargottama Mercury[ intelligence]with Ketu in 9H aspected by exalted Mars[ Logic]from 3H, is indicating this. Passion for computers is indicated by Ketu[ Language]. All this is aspected by 5L[ intelligence] and 3[ communication]L.His nomadic nature is indicated by lagna lord in 3H in char rashi with Rahu [ foreign countries] aspected by fast moving Mercury.
Rohit (Guest)
Reality Bites
The previous article by Rao saheb gives me a feeling of his pro-diplomacy stand which I do agree to some extent. However, the question here is the lowly behaviour (which could be expected from 'aam aadmi') of such high profile individuals. It may sound like saying that corruption in India should not be exposed. Although my comments are more news related and not astrology related, one more point I would like to make is that various predictions and prophecies have mentioned about a big war happening in near future but going by the records in astrology, no one has ever mentioned it and only gives a rosy picture (just like mainstream media). Any takers??
Nonetheless, I have highest regard for Rao saheb - You are a legend Sir!

MSShama (Guest)
Pls try Libra lagna
Respected Sir
Please take a look at Libra lagna (2:05pm, time as per mountain astrologer, unconfirmed though). Current dasa - Sani-Rahu-Mercury. Shani in 8th aspected by 6th lord (court case), litigation. Mercury, Ketu in 10th - IT related career. Breaks - Sani in 8th and controversy.
Found: 7
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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